Board of managers public session meeting minutes thursday, january

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The regularly scheduled Board of Managers meeting was held at Veteran’s Affairs office located in Dover, Delaware. Mr. McDonald called the meeting to order at approximately 10:05 a.m.
Mr. McDonald announced to the attendees that Mr. Earl McCloskey had retired and Lt. Calhoun would now be appointed as the Secretary for the Board to replace Mr. McCloskey.

Those in attendance included:


Leann Summa Family Court

Capt. John Potts Newark PD

Lt. Fred Calhoun III NCCPD

Phillip Winder DOC

Michael McDonald DSP

Sec. James Collins DTI

Nancy Dietz DYRS

Marian Bhate ODS

Mark Hitch JP Court

Proxy for Marianne Kennedy

Peggy Bell DELJIS

Ray Sammons DELJIS

Kelly Knutkowski DELJIS

DAG Lisa Morris DOJ

Anthony Spiezio

Isabella Kaplan

Gary Coy

Robert Rizzo

Jim Hudson

Kerry Reinbold

Racquel McIntosh

Gwen Griffith

Albert Loyola

Todd Reavis

Tania Culley

Earle Dempsey


A motion was made to approve the November BOM public session meeting minutes by Ms. Bhate and seconded by Mr. Hitch. All approved. Motion carried.


  • Lutheran Senior Services Dover- Lutheran Senior Services was requesting access because they provide low income housing to seniors and they conduct extensive screening for visitors and want to ensure federal regulations to Section 8 Rules. Lutheran Senior Services currently uses Lexis Nexis and the public Wanted Persons website to screen visitors. Mr. Coy stated that they have problems where individuals will park and report to Probation and Parole.

  • The public website only helps with selective warrants and under federal law, Lutheran Senior Services is required to check criminal records. For out of state offenders, they use the sex offender website, Lexis Nexis, and Mr. Coy also goes to the courthouse to get data when needed.

  • Ms. Bell added that DELJIS will draft an MOU similar to Arbor Management and then whoever they designate to have DELJIS access will have to complete DELJIS training and a background check.

A motion was made by Capt. Potts to grant Lutheran Senior Services of Dover DELJIS access and seconded by Lt. Calhoun. All approved motion carried.

  • New Castle County Section 8- New Castle County Section 8 had a similar request for access as Lutheran Senior Services Dover.

A motion was made by Lt. Calhoun to grant New Castle County Section 8 DELJIS access and seconded by Ms. Dietz. All approved motion carried.

  • Delaware Transit Corporation DART Office of the Public Carrier- Mr. Albert Loyola was present to request DELJIS access that they need. The access they currently need resides with the DMV, and the management of the Office of the Public Carrier will be with the Delaware Transit Corporation effective on Monday. Ms. Bell advised that the agency originally had DELJIS access but when the agency was moved to DART they lost their DELJIS access.

A motion was made by Capt. Potts to grant DELJIS access to DART seconded by Ms. Summa. All approved. Motion carried.

  • Office of the Child Advocate-The department has had DELJIS access since 2006, but their agency is growing and as of September 2015 they have taken over Child Abuse Deaths and Near Deaths Review. As they grew, they took a position with the Child Death and Near Death who had LEISS access and the person that has moved to their office needs that access.

  • In reference to pending House Bill 248, there is an investigation coordinator position in which the coordinator will monitor and track all criminal complaints of child abuse. HB 248 is still pending but Ms. Culley anticipates that the legislation should pass within the next 6 weeks.

  • Ms. Bell advised that the bill mandates DELJIS access and DAG Morris advised the Board that access can’t be legislated. Ms. Culley will look to have the line removed today.

  • Ms. Culley advised that they already have two people in her office that need LEISS access. Ms. Bell advised that once an agency is granted DELJIS access the agency will tell us what they need, and the agency regulates access internally.

A motion was made to by Secretary Collins to grant the Office of the Child Advocate DELJIS access and seconded by Ms. Dietz. All approved motion carried.


  • Case #20150757-A motion was made by Lt. Calhoun to enter into Executive Session pursuant to 29 Delaware Code §10004 to discuss criminal files and criminal records, the disclosure of which would constitute an invasion of personal privacy, and/or to discuss documents excluded from definition of public record where such discussion may disclose the contents of such documents, including pursuant to §10002 (I)(3)(5)(6)(9) and seconded by Mr. Winder. All approved. Motion carried.

The Board returned to Public Session.
A motion was made by Ms. Bhate to restore DELJIS access for the Appellant in Case #20150757 with the condition that the Appellant must return and complete DELJIS security training, re-sign the DELJIS Rules and Regulations, log all DELJIS usage for 3 months and the Appellant’s access will be monitored for 6 months seconded by Secretary Collins. One opposed eight approved. Motion carried.


    • IT Consolidation- Secretary Collins provided an update of some of the projects DTI is working on. The department has been working with the private industry on broadband expansion across the state to serve underserved areas in Sussex County throughout the state to provide economic development advantages in this area.

    • There is a fiber run from Wilmington to Georgetown and this infrastructure will allow connectivity options so Sussex County will have a fiber ring with greater bandwidth for approximately the same cost or less. Related to that, there’s been a proposal from DOE to standardize access to bandwidth across the states for schools, since some schools have more money to buy bandwidth compared to other schools.

    • DTI provided an update of the initiative of the E-Star system which is the time and labor tracking system. The E-Star system is at the end of user acceptance testing and the pilot agencies testing this program are DTI, DOS, DOC, DYRS, and DHSS.

    • Secretary Collins thanked Ms. Bell and the DELJIS staff for working with DTI and DNREC on moving boat registrations off of the mainframe to the cloud.

    • DTI provided an update from their major project quarterly reviews for E-911 which is on schedule and the CAD system which they are monitoring closely.


Selection of Nominating Committee Chair-The Board appointed Lt. Calhoun as the nominating committee chair who will announce the slate of officers at the next meeting. The elections will take place at the March meeting.
The current Board members are none who have expiring terms:

    • Mr. Michael McDonald as Committee Chair

    • Ms. Marian Bhate as Vice Committee Chair

    • Lt. Fred Calhoun as Secretary

The next scheduled BOM Meeting will have a ballot to accept nominations, elections


  • Automated System Usage Statistics- Ms. Bell reviewed the system usage statistics report with the attendees.

  • Project Status Report- Ms. Bell reviewed the Project Status Report with the attendees.

    • AFIS Upgrade- This item will require mugshots to be moved to the AFIS Server. Changes are required to get mugshots from AFIS instead of Faces, adding new fields to AFIS interface to send SBI number changes back for manually entered prints and applicant prints. DELJIS will have to change the interface from FACES to AFIS. This will have impact on LEISS and E-ticket applications. SBI Case Management changes are being tested. Working on connecting to the new oracle database for photos to finish web service. End to end testing of live scan interfaces for criminal and applicant prints are in progress. This item is scheduled to go live for February 8.

    • CAD Interface- Complaint data is automatically being sent to NCCPD without issue. Working on resolving issues with E-crash data.

    • Data Exchange with Adjoining DOC- This item will develop an interface between Delaware to share arrests with adjoining states and pass data between Probation and Parole. Pennsylvania has signed agreement. Participating states Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Responded to spreadsheet of additional fields for interfacing with new portal that Delaware will send. Programming in progress.

    • DOJ Intake Scheduling- This is a new item that will add new AG unit for New Castle County intakes for consumer protection. We will need to create a new AG unit and add to the intake hierarchy after DUI in LEISS, as well as move firearm unit before arson unit in the hierarchy.

    • E-Warning Access- This item will provide access to e-warning in warehouse. DIAC is requesting access to e-warning once operational in warehouse.

    • Gun Involved- This item will have a DIAC shooting flag for crime reduction. This field has been added to the file to indicate if person is struck. This will be in the new LEISS release.

    • IDR Checkpoint- This item will add a field to IDR indicating checkpoint. This field has been added to file to indicate stop was at a checkpoint. This will be in the new LEISS release.

    • LEP Limited English Proficiency- This item will capture if English language is the main language used at a police incident. We need a field added to the incident to see if the police needed an interpreter at the scene in order to determine what happened. This will need to be incident based. This item will be in the new LEISS.

    • SB 59 Changes- This item will provide driving card privileges for undocumented immigrants. There will need to be fingerprints and photos taken of applicants when they come to SBI and print appointment ID/applicant case number on receipt which will be used in the new web service where DMV can deploy to check photo of person when they come into DMV to get license. SBI Case Management changes to allow SBI to make appointments for Dover site, adding applicant case number to forms, and new English/Spanish forms for DPC are in production. Working on getting access to oracle database where the photos are stored to get web service working that will send photo to DMV when person comes in for driving privilege card. This law goes into effect 12/28/2015. Changes are included with live scan AFIS changes that are currently scheduled to go live February 8.

    • SB 32 Changes- This change will no longer suspend licenses for FTP mail-ins. DELJIS met with DMV to discuss how they want to handle sending the fail to pays to DMV without suspending and automatically updating DMV when paid. Have met with JP Court to determine rules for VAC payments and given draft letter changes/additions. It was determined by DOJ that this will include Alderman mail-ins as well. The public site will allow the option to go on a payment plan of 3 monthly payments. One missed payment will generate a FTP letter. If a fine isn’t paid within the next 14 days, a late fee will be assessed to the case. They have 14 more days before DMV will be notified of non-payment if not paid. Law goes into effect 1/30/2016. Bill introduced to change effective date to 4/1/2016. Programming in progress for court changes to address the non-suspension of licensees and ability to collect monies for mail-ins. Payment plans will become option for mail-ins.

    • SB154 Changes- This item will change drug misdemeanors to CCP Jurisdiction. CCP wants to create new drug calendar for these new drug cases they will start getting in October. Program changes have been completed and tested for New Castle County. Sussex County wants to use calendar also. Code was added for Sussex County and is being tested. Calendar is to start January 2016. Program changes moved to December 2015. This item has been completed.

    • Video Equipment- This item will record the type of videos in LEISS. We need to track in-car camera via body camera and share field with partner agencies. Text block to describe video available will be added to the new LEISS.

    • Web Views- This is a new item will enhance the views of photos. We will enhance the web view to display mug shots and the applicant photos when returning photos for the users to review.

Mr. McDonald asked if there was any update of the NDEX submission. Mr. McDonald hasn’t heard if it’s working or not. Ms. Bell said that she would check for him.


The DELJIS JFC Hearing will take place at Legislative Hall on February 3, 2016 at 1:00 p.m.

There was discussion of the costs of the billing breakdown and the costs of SSL accounts. Secretary Collins advised that he would give Ms. Bell that breakdown.
DAG Morris referenced to HB 248 about the language that Office of the Child Advocate would hire an investigative coordinator and that coordinator will have access to DELJIS which conflicts with Chapter 86. Chapter 8 has a process of how an individual agency and or person would obtain DELJIS access and the Board should have a say on the limit of access and what individuals are granted DELJIS access based on their business need.
Mr. McDonald requested Ms. Bell to write a letter to DOJ requesting that a member be appointed to the Board, since Mr. McCloskey has retired and is no longer on the Board. The Board also discussed presenting Mr. McCloskey with a plaque for his service as a Board member.


There was no comment from the public.


A motion was made by Lt. Calhoun to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Ms. Bhate at approximately 12:02 p.m.

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