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Texas FFA Board of Directors

Fourth Quarter Meeting

Angelo State University

San Angelo, Texas

June 10, 2011
Board Members Present: Buddy Wallace (Chairman), Zach Brady, Sandra Choate,

David Riley, Russell Thomas, Kevin Swor, Daryl Real, Dr. Randall

Williams, John Steelhammer, Dr. Albert Agard, Gerald Young, Aaron Alejandro, Ron

Whitson (ex-officio).

Board Members Absent: Dr. Gary Van Deaver, Justin Risner
Student Officers Present: Mason Parish, Daylon Koster, Gavin Luckett, Calan Aherens, Katelyn Perry, Leslie Johnson, Tanner Smith, Will Ellis, Colt Gresham, Patrick Byrne
Staff Present: Tom Maynard, Executive Director; Pat Fancher, Budget and Finance Coordinator; Blaze Currie, Leadership Development Coordinator; Tricia Sullivan, Membership Services Coordinator
Guests Present: Barney McClure, VATAT Incoming Executive Director
Call to Order: Mason Parish
Invocation: Colt Gresham
Introduction: CSO – ISO – Shaun Franks, Heston Heller, Kyle Schmidt, Alyssa Sprull, Taylor Shackelford, Payton Gilbert, Shelby Thames, Abby Prouse, Kelly Neuman, Kristi Kelley.

  1. Balance Sheet – This is one of the healthiest balances that we have had at this point in the year. CD’s have been pulled in to pay National Dues.

  2. Income Statement – We have exceeded our budget projection. We will reflect or revenue after next month’s convention. We are in a good position to run ahead of budget projection.

  3. Texas FFA Alumni -

Consent Agenda:

  1. Minutes of 3/28/11 meeting -

  2. 2011 National Officer Candidate Nominating Committee

  3. New Chapter Charter Recommendations

Motion: Real to approve consent agenda.

Motion carried viva voce.


Standing Committee:

  1. Budget and Finance Committee: Sandra Choate – There are no major changes in the budget.

Motion: Swor moved to accept motion.

Motion carried viva voce.

  1. Nominating Committee: Gary Van Deaver (absent) - review of Hodge resume and Marchman resume.

Motion: Real moved to accept nominating report.

Motion carried viva voce.
Special Committee:

  1. Special Committee on State FFA Ethics Policy – Sandra Choate – this policy was developed by the committee. The VATAT BOD looked over the new policy and did suggest additional language. 33.3 (b) (8) – New language should be “Coaching students to gain an unfair advantage in a competitive event, as defined by the competitive event & awards policy”.

Motion: Steelhammer moved to accept ethics policy as written which includes new language.

Motion carried viva voce.
Discussion to be added to minutes per Chairman Wallace and Dr. Williams:

Committee on diversity was overlooked. There needs to be a notebook for each committee that is passed down each year that includes information and topics discussed so the committees can continue to move forward each year. Discussion went further into ISO and CSO documentation so the ISO’s could continue working on prior year projects. This would ensure that projects started with the CSO would continue and not come to a halt due to a change of state officers. The members would also like to see a ‘draft’ of the minutes from the previous board meeting posted on the web in a more timely manner to use as reference of what was discussed. There also was discussion in the March Board meeting about committee notes that didn’t make it in the minutes present in this board packet. Dr. Williams would like to see those notes included because there was vital discussion about the committees. Some committees failed to function this year because they didn’t know what the purpose of the committee was. Bottom line is we need a road map of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Discussion on Committees from March 28, 2011 board meeting concerning committees to be added per Dr. Williams:

Dr. Williams brought to the attention of the Board that in regards to committees, diversity in particular, they have no guidance as far as the vision or goals of each committee. He inquired if there was a manual that laid out the guidelines and there was not a manual that houses information on this commit or any others. Mr. Alejandro stated that for many of the committees, where they come in at the beginning of the committee should be the reference point of what has been accomplished previously in that committee. Many committees have made great strides and that needs to be documented. We need to have some type of a document that has a description of all committees. This should have the charge of what the committee stands for as well as what has been done in the past to know where to go in the future. Chairman Wallace suggested that each committee meet after the first quarter meeting to discuss the parameters and goals for the year.

Unfinished Business: None
Action Items (New Business)

  1. Proposed policy concerning minimum membership for local chapters – reports in board packet reflect chapter who have less than ten members each year for the past three years. Language has been added to Texas FFA Policy Handbook, Section 4.4 (g) to implement a chapter to have at least 6 members in order to continue stay in good standing.

Motion: Dr. Williams to add proposed policy to handbook.

Motion carried viva voce

  1. Proposed Swine Validation fee increase:

Motion: Real Darryl move to accept $1 increase for the fall 2011 swine validation.

Motion carried viva voce.

  1. Discussion: Unified Career Development Event Meet – No action taken

  1. Delegate Task Force – State Delegate Taskforce Recommendations were provided by Gavin Luckett. Committee will be decided upon prior to the end of the VATAT conference.

Everyone agrees on the make up of the task force.

Everyone agrees on the charge of the task force

Everyone agrees on the deadline of January 2012 for the draft proposal.

Motion: Young to accept the proposal of the delegate task force with revisions stating ‘a draft’ proposal by the 2012 deadline.

Motion carried viva voce.

  1. Competitive Event Revision Update – no action taken

  2. Award and Degree Revision Update – no action taken

  3. Items from consent agenda – no action taken

  4. Succession of officers


  1. Convention Schedule

  2. Meeting dates for 2011-2012

Monday, September 12, 2011 – Austin

Monday, January 9, 2012 – Austin

Monday, March 26, 2012 – Austin

Friday, June 15, 2012 – San Angelo


  1. ISO State officer reports

  2. CSO 2011-2012 Recap:

  • Creation of Texas FFA Dialogues.

  • Commercial Contest has been completed and will be previewed at convention.

  • Travel team Facebook page replaced the blog page on the Texas FFA website.

  • Purposeful programs were put in place during this officer term

  • Travel to 628 chapters

  1. Scholarship: selection data reflects the differences between area applicants

  2. Instructional program – update by Mr. Whitson about AFNR course updates.

  3. Development from Texas FFA Foundation

  • The release of the new Justin Texas FFA boot

  • Deep In the Heart movie is expected to draw a lot of attention to the Texas FFA.

Adjourn 12:31 p.m.
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\docs -> Adopted by the Board of Registration in Dentistry, March 6, 2013; Amended June 5, 2013
\docs -> Enhancing the Dental Public Health Workforce and Infrastructure Discussion Notes
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