Bid for sanitary sewer service lateral testing and sealing

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A. Intent: It is the intent of City of Naperville, Department of Public Utilities - Water to award Contract for chemical grout sealing of sanitary sewer service laterals to eliminate groundwater infiltration and inflow on sanitary sewer collector mains previously lined with CIPP, HDPE, or PVC. City reserves right to assign quantities of work consistent with dollar amount budgeted.
B. Period of Contract: Proposed Contract shall be in effect for period of 1 calendar year from date of Contract award, with second and third year renewal options.
A. Enclosed with this specification are the following:

1. List of sanitary sewer line segments, including manhole numbers, street names, pipe diameter, segment length, number of laterals, date lined, and name of lining contractor for each segment.

2. Sanitary sewer basin maps showing locations of segments identified for service lateral test and seal work.

3. Avanti International Guide to Successful Chemical Grouting.

4. Avanti International AV-100 Technical Manual.

5. Avanti International AV-100 Chemical Grout Technical Information Sheets and Mixing Instructions.

A. Qualified bidder will have at least 3 years experience in grouting service laterals, and at least 5 years experience in pressure testing and grout-sealing sanitary sewer mainline joints with acrylamide monomer chemical grout. Qualified bidder shall employ experienced personnel, and bid submittal shall include resume of operator who shall be responsible for execution of Work under this Contract. Assigned operator shall have at least 3 years of experience as equipment operator of chemical grout packing equipment, including at least 2 years of testing and sealing sanitary sewer laterals. Assigned operator shall be responsible for all aspects of field operation, including grout mixing and testing, and grouting equipment set-up, testing, and operation, and shall be on site during all phases of Work performed under this Contract. Operator shall personally perform all calibration, testing, mixing, and other critical operations requiring high level of expertise.
B. Bid submittal shall contain at least 5 references, including telephone numbers and contact names, of municipalities or wastewater utilities where bidder has done service lateral grout sealing in past 3 years.

A. Attached to and made part of this specification are the following:

1. Avanti International AV-100 Chemical Grout Technical Manual.

2. Avanti International Guide to Successful Chemical Grouting.
B. If there is conflict between this specification and Avanti International publications, this specification shall govern.
A. City shall make available to Contractor a hydrant meter. Contractor shall pay customary deposit, which shall be refunded in full, less cost of damage repairs, upon return of hydrant meter. Contractor shall use hydrant meter when filling at a City hydrant, but shall not be charged for water used in connection with this Contract.
A. Before starting Work under this Contract, Contractor shall obtain from City representative a list of all sanitary sewer main segments where service laterals are to be tested and sealed. Contractor shall submit written work schedule to City representative. Schedule shall note full or partial closure of roadways to complete Work. Upon approval of schedule, Contractor shall proceed with Work, and shall notify City representative daily of progress and changes to schedule.
A. At least 3 weeks before starting Work, Contractor shall coordinate with City representative to provide general public notice of Work to be done. City shall make arrangements with local press, cable television, and other mass media, and shall bear cost, if any, of advertising. Contractor shall abide by published schedule, and shall notify City representative of deviation. Contractor shall notify local residents and businesses by means of handbills delivered or mailed to each affected residence. Notification shall be delivered no more than 7 days and no less than 1 day in advance of Work.
A. Contractor shall obtain Right-of-Way permits where required by City of Naperville, State of Illinois or other governmental body having jurisdiction, and shall abide by conditions of permit.
B. Traffic control shall be provided as required at no cost to City.
A. Although maintenance easements exist for sanitary sewer collection lines within scope of proposed Contract, it is anticipated that Contractor may require access to public and private property in order to efficiently and effectively complete Work. It is expressly and unequivocally understood that access to private property beyond that prescribed by recorded easements is strictly at discretion of landowner. City of Naperville will make reasonable efforts to secure cooperation of affected landowners, but cannot guarantee access to private property.

A. Contractor shall promptly repair damage to residences, business properties, roadways, walkways, driveways, planted or landscaped areas, vehicles, or other property that may result from operations performed under this Contract. Chemical spills shall be immediately reported to City representative, and shall be cleaned up by qualified personnel in accordance with manufacturer's MSDS and applicable regulations. Cleanup, restoration, or repairs resulting from Contractor's operations shall be done by or on behalf of Contractor at no cost to City.
A. Contractor shall comply with OSHA and other applicable safety regulations, and shall take necessary precautions to avoid injury to public and damage to public or private property. Contractor shall immediately notify City representative of accidents or other occurrences that may have caused property damage or injury to any person, and shall immediately correct conditions that are likely to cause property damage or injury to any person.
A. Upon completion of Work under this Contract, Contractor shall furnish City representative with videotape of Work and required records to document execution of this Contract. Work shall be guaranteed for period of 1 year from date of acceptance. City representative, upon completion of portion of Work, shall release payment, less retention of 10 percent of amount. Progress payments do not constitute final acceptance of Work. Final acceptance shall be made upon completion of all Work assigned during Contract year. Contractor shall submit acceptance proposal to be signed by City representative. Proposal shall list each mainline segment where Work was done, and address of each service lateral successfully grouted. City representative shall sign and date acceptance proposal. Approximately 8 months after acceptance of Work, City representative shall select sanitary sewer mainline segments containing approximately 5 percent of all successfully grouted service laterals for 11-month retest. Eleven months after final acceptance, Contractor shall retest successfully grouted laterals within selected segments, and shall regrout and retest service laterals that do not pass 11-months retest. Work performed in connection with 11-month retest shall comply with this specification. If at least 85 percent of retested laterals pass pressure test, Contract Work shall be considered complete. If less than 85 percent of retested laterals pass pressure test, City representative shall select another group of sanitary sewer segments containing approximately 5 percent of successfully grouted service laterals to be retested and regrouted as required. If retest failure rate exceeds 35 percent, Contractor shall retest all previously accepted Work and regrout laterals that fail eleven-month retest. If Contractor should fail to complete retest within warranty period, warranty shall be extended until retest is completed. If, within 2 years of acceptance of Work, Contractor fails to complete retest, or fails to successfully regrout failed Work, City shall have right to engage another qualified contractor to perform unfinished Work at Contractor's expense.
A. Cleaning and pretelevising shall be included in unit cost of service lateral testing.
B. Recutting service openings shall be paid for at price shown on bid worksheet.

C. Service lateral testing shall be paid for at price per each lateral tested as shown on bid worksheet. Subsequent tests to verify successful grouting, including 11-month retests, shall be included in cost of grout sealing.
D. Grout sealing shall be measured by gallon of grout injected into leaking laterals, and shall not exceed 5 gallons of grout for 1 lateral without prior approval of City representative. Price per gallon shall be as indicated in bid worksheet. No payment shall be made for grout that is discarded, lost, or destroyed.
E. Payment requests shall be submitted monthly, and shall indicate sanitary mainline segments completed, number of lateral openings recut, number of laterals tested, and quantity of grout injected into each leaking lateral. Payment shall be calculated based on quantities completed, and total amount for all Work completed shall be shown on pay request. City shall deduct 10 percent retention from total amount of each pay request, and shall notify Contractor of exact amount retained. Total of all retention shall be released to Contractor upon successful completion of 11-month retest.
A. Upon expiration of original Contract period, City and Contractor shall have option to renew Contract for a second year. Sixty days before expiration of Contract, Contractor shall submit renewal pricing. No unit price shall exceed original Contract price by more than percentage indicated in original bid documents. Neither City nor Contractor shall be obligated to extend Contract beyond initial 1-year period.
A. Upon expiration of second year Contract period, City and Contractor shall have option to renew Contract for a third year. Sixty days before expiration of second year Contract, Contractor shall submit renewal pricing. No unit price shall exceed second year Contract price by more than percentage indicated in original bid documents. Neither City nor Contractor shall be obligated to extend Contract beyond second year period.
A. Complete bid submittal shall include the following:

1. Bid Calculation Worksheet.

2. Resume of Contractor Experience.

3. Resume of Operator Experience.

4. List of References.

A. Avanti International, 822 Bay Star Blvd., Webster, Texas 77598. Phone (281) 486-5600. Fax (281) 486-7300.
A. Avanti International AV100 chemical grout and related catalysts and additives.

B. Avanti Root Barrier 50W.

A. Contractor shall use state-of-the-art equipment capable of performing Work detailed in this specification. Equipment shall be maintained in proper working order for safe, efficient, and accurate operation. Gauges shall be calibrated as needed to assure accurate test and performance data. Equipment shall be modified or replaced as needed to achieve optimal performance under field conditions encountered in this Contract.
A. Work performed under this Contract shall conform to manufacturer's recommendations as outlined in the following:

1. Avanti International AV-100 Chemical Grout Technical Manual.

2. Avanti International Guide to Successful Chemical Grouting.
A. Contractor shall clean sanitary sewer main as needed to facilitate performance of Work specified in this Contract. Cleaning shall be performed with high velocity hydro-jet machine. Debris cleaned from sanitary sewer maim shall be intercepted at downstream manhole and removed by vacuum or other method approved by City representative. Debris removed from sanitary sewer shall be disposed of at City site to be designated by City representative. Contractor shall take necessary precautions to avoid causing blockages in sanitary sewer main, and to avoid discharge of sewage and sewer gas into building connected to sewer main segment being cleaned. Contractor shall assume responsibility for clean-up and restoration of damage to public or private property caused by cleaning of sewer mains. Cleaning sanitary sewer mains to facilitate Contract Work shall be considered incidental to Contract, and shall be done at no additional cost to City. In the event Contractor should encounter debris or other materials that cannot be removed by cleaning as described above, Contractor shall immediately notify DPU representative.
3.4 PRE-TV
A. After preliminary cleaning has been done, and before starting other Contract Work, Contractor shall inspect lateral connections with 360 degree pan and tilt color camera to determine whether laterals can be tested and sealed. Contractor shall provide City representative with videotape and written inspection report indicating work needed to make service lateral ready for testing and sealing. Televised inspections shall be considered incidental to Contract, and shall be done at no additional cost to City.

A. Sanitary sewer mainline segments that were previously lined with CIPP, PVC, or HDPE may have service lateral connections that were not fully reinstated. If service lateral is partially blocked or flawed due to incomplete removal of lining materials from service lateral opening, and if blockage is likely to interfere with testing and sealing of service lateral, or if blockage or flaw is likely to cause accumulation of debris in service lateral, Contractor shall cut, grind, or otherwise remedy defect through use of robotic cutting tools that are compatible with existing lining materials. City representative shall approve corrective Work before execution. Service lateral reinstatement Work shall be charged at unit prices indicated on bid proposal sheets.
A. Before start of testing and grouting, Contractor shall select lateral injection packer of appropriate size and configuration for laterals to be tested, and shall make necessary adjustments to ensure successful completion of test and seal process.
B. Contractor shall perform Barrel Test as described in Avanti International Guide to Successful Chemical Grouting. Barrel Test shall use section of pipe with lateral leg long enough to fully extend and inflate lateral plug. Controls and gauges shall be calibrated in accordance with manufacturer's instructions as required to establish and verify correct and accurate operation of equipment. Equipment that cannot be accurately calibrated or cannot be made to operate correctly shall be retired from use and replaced with fully operable equipment.
C. Contractor shall adjust distance and relationship between camera and lateral packer to attain optimal control of process in order to correctly position packer for operation in sewer line.
D. Contractor shall perform Pipe Wall Control Test as described in Avanti International Guide to Successful Chemical Grouting to verify performance of packer inside of pipe. If packer fails to hold a pressure of 10 psi for at least 1 minute, operator shall determine reason for failure and make necessary adjustments to achieve successful Pipe Wall Control Test. If successful test cannot be achieved, Contractor shall notify City representative immediately.
E. Contractor shall maintain written record of equipment testing and adjustments, including date, time, and location of tests, and information necessary to prove performance of equipment, materials, and procedures.
A. Transportation, storage, handling, mixing, and testing of materials shall be in accordance with Avanti International Technical Manual for AV-100 Grout and other applicable instructions and procedures as indicated by manufacturer. Before mixing grout, operator shall make note of factors affecting work, and shall mix and make appropriate adjustments for field conditions, including but not limited to air temperature, underground temperature, grout batch temperature, mix water characteristics, groundwater characteristics, and pipe material. Materials shall be fresh and free of contaminants, and shall be in manufacturer's original sealed packaging. Mixing, heating, storage, and pumping equipment shall be clean and in proper working order. Contractor shall provide, at no additional charge, additives necessary to achieve optimal results, and shall incorporate Avanti Root Barrier 50W into grout mixes. Operator shall test each batch of grout above ground in accordance with Avanti International Guide to Successful Chemical Grouting, and shall make appropriate adjustments to achieve optimal gel time as required by field conditions. Materials, either raw or mixed, that do not comply with manufacturer's guidelines shall not be used, and shall be disposed of in lawful manner. Operator shall maintain written record of each batch of grout, including date, time, temperature, and location of mixing, quantities of ingredients, and times and results of gel tests. Similar records shall be kept for grout that is disposed of, including date, time, and quantity disposed of, method of disposal, and reason for disposal.

A. Testing of service laterals and associated pipe joints shall be performed in accordance with Avanti International Guide to Successful Chemical Grouting. Equipment manufacturer's instructions shall also be followed, and conflict shall be resolved by contacting Avanti International and equipment manufacturer. In the event that operational conflict cannot be resolved, equipment shall be replaced with equipment that is compatible with Avanti grout. Lateral plug shall be inserted into lateral, so as to create isolated void area that includes lateral connection tee and first 18 inches to 24 inches of service lateral. Packer sleeves and lateral plug shall be inflated to seal off void area, and void shall be pressurized to 10 psi. If designated pressure cannot be reached, or if air pressure in void drops by more than 2 psi within 15 seconds, lateral shall have failed test. Service laterals that are actively leaking from visible point source shall not be tested, and shall be presumed to have failed pressure test. Operator shall observe and verify that packer is properly positioned and inflated so as to perform valid testing.
A. If service lateral fails pressure test, or is presumed to have failed due to visible active leaks, service lateral shall be grouted. Grout components shall be injected into void in proper proportion, and at a pressure sufficient to force grout mixture out of pipe through leaks. Injection shall be terminated when void pressure reaches 10 psi, or when 5 gallons of grout have been injected, whichever comes first.
A. After service lateral has been grouted, and sufficient amount of time has elapsed to assure complete setting of grout, pressure test shall be performed again to verify effective sealing of leak. Packer shall be deflated until void pressure equals zero, then reinflated and lateral connection retested. If service lateral fails verification test, it shall be grouted a second time and shall be retested to verify effective sealing. Joints that fail to meet specified test criteria shall be resealed and retested until test criteria can be met. If service lateral is still not sealed after injecting 5 gallons of grout, Contractor shall consult with City representative for further action.
A. Each service lateral that is grouted shall be inspected with 360-degree pan and tilt color camera to ensure that it is not blocked with residual grout material. Residual sealing materials that extend into pipe, reduce pipe diameter, or restrict flow shall be removed from service lateral. Lateral flow shall be verified after successful sealing of each lateral. With lateral packer in position, inversion tube shall be retracted and air pressure injected into lateral. Should pressure build in lateral and not drop to approximately zero in a few seconds, packer shall be moved off connection and connection viewed with 360-degree pan and tilt color television camera. With camera viewing connection point, attempt shall be made to obtain water flush by occupant. If no water is viewed during this procedure, it shall be assumed building sewer is blocked with grout. Service lateral that is blocked with grout shall be reopened by whatever means is necessary, with prior approval by City representative, and at no additional cost to City. If excessive residual sealing materials accumulate in service lateral or sanitary sewer main line, pipe segment shall be cleaned to remove residual materials.

B. Contractor shall attach notification form to door of each home or building for which laterals have been grouted. This notification to occupant shall indicate date on which service lateral was grouted, and that occupant should contact Department of Public Utilities at (630) 305-5263 if blockage of sanitary flow occurs. Contractor shall supply necessary notification forms, and shall submit sample copy to City representative for approval before use.
A. Work shall be video taped during air testing and sealing operation. Videotapes shall be submitted to City representative for review and permanent record. Videotape shall display date, time, mainline segment ID number, footage to lateral, void pressure, and quantity of grout pumped.
B. Contractor shall maintain written records of the following:

1. Set-up, adjustment, calibration, and testing of equipment.

2. Mixing, testing, and disposal of materials.

3. Test pressures, times, and results of service lateral tests.

4. Quantities and packing pressure of grout injected into leaking laterals.

5. Retest pressures, times, and results for verification of successful grouting.

C. Records shall be made available for field inspection by City representative, and copies shall be submitted before payment for completed Work.
D. Before starting Work, Contractor shall submit blank copies of record forms proposed for use in documenting performance of this Contract, and shall make changes necessary to facilitate complete and accurate documentation, as determined by City representative.


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