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Dollond, John. A Letter from Mr. John Dollond to Mr. James Short, F.R.S. concerning an Improvement of Refracting Telescopes. Philosophical Transactions 48 (1753-1754) 103-107. (achromat)

Dollond, John. Letters Relating to a Theorem of Mr. Euler....Aberrations in the Object-Glasses of refracting Telescopes. Philosophical Transactions 48 (1753-1754) 287-296. (Short, Dollond, Euler, re: achromat)

Dollond, Peter. ....Apparatus applied to the equatorial Instrument for correcting the Errors arising from the Refraction in Altitude. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 69 (1779) 332-336. (doublet, sliding elements)

Dollond, Peter. ....Improvement Made by Mr. Peter Dollond in His New Telescopes. Philosophical Transactions 55 (1765) 54-56. (with letter from James Short). (triplet achromat)

Dollond, Peter. Some Account of the Discovery made by the late Mr. John Dollond, F.R.S., which led to the grand improvement of Refracting Telescopes. London: J. Johnson, 1789. 15pp. (achromat)

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Donnelly, Marian. A Short History of Observatories. Eugene: U. Oregon, 1973.

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Draper, Henry. On the Construction of a Silvered Glass Telescope, Fifteen and a Half Inches in Aperture, and its Use in Celestial Photography. Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge 14 (1864). Review: T.W. Webb, Intellectual Observer 7 (1865) 368-373.

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Dretske, Diana. William Buffham's Telescope and Microscope. Rittenhouse 12:3 (1998) 94-96.

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Dunn, R.B. High Resolution Solar Telescopes. Solar Physics 100 (1985) 1-20.

Duval, H.J. The Greatest Telescope in the World. Metropolitan Magazine 3:1 (January, 1896) 11-16. (Clark)

Dyson, Frank. Large Telescopes. Transactions of the Optical Society 24:2 (January 1923) 61-68.

Eddy, John. The Schaeberle 40-ft Eclipse Camera of Lick Observatory. Journal for the History of Astronomy 2:1 (1971) 1-22.

Edgecomb, D.W. Notes on the Invention of the Telescope. Popular Astronomy 7 (1899) 184-193.

Edgecomb, D.W. On the Performance of a 6 1/4 inch Binocular Telescope. Popular Astronomy 10 (1902) 523-31.

Edgecomb, D.W. Reflectors. Popular Astronomy, #18 (April 1895) 366-370.

(Edgecomb) Ashbrook, Joseph. Something about a Connecticut Amateur. Sky & Telescope 47 (Jan. 1974) 26-27.

(Edgecomb) Description of display at Boston Mechanic's Fair. (Boston Commonwealth, October 19, 1895, 'Science' column by John Ritchie.)

Edwards, John. 1. Directions for Making the Best Composition for the Metals of Reflecting Telescopes. 2. An Account of the Cause and Cure of the Tremors particularly affecting Reflecting Telescopes more than Refracting Ones. Selections from the Nautical Almanac. London: Commissioners of Longitude, 1813. pp207-226. (1, republished in Journal of the Franklin Institute 5, 1828).

Eggen, Olin. The Australian Commonwealth Observatory. Sky & Telescope 15:8 (June 1956) 340-343. (Mt. Stromlo, shops, Askania 7 inch vertical circle)

(Ekstrom) Amelin, Olav. Daniel Ekstrom: Maker of Scientific Instruments in 18th Century Sweden. From: Giorgio Dragoni, Anita McConnell and Gerard L’E. Turner; ed. Proceedings of the eleventh International Scientific Instrument Symposium, Bologna U., Italy, Sept. 9-14, 1991. Bologna: Grafis edizioni, 1994.

Elkin, William. Researches with the Heliometer. Transactions of the Astronomical Observatory of Yale University. Vol. 1, Part 1 (1887-1904) pp. v-10. (Repsold Heliometer)

Ellerman, Ferdinand. Silvering the 100-inch Hooker Telescope. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Leaflet 52 (May 1933) 5-8.

Ellery, R.L.J. Account of the Building in Progress of Erection at Melbourne for the Great Telescope. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 17 (1868-1869) 328-329.

Ellery, Robert L.J. History of the Williamstown Observatory. pp.i-x; Astronomical Observations Made at the Williamstown Observatory, Melbourne, 1869. (ADS WOP v1 pp8-17) Diagrams of meridian circle; observatory plan (ADS WOP v1 pp228-233). (Troughton & Simms transit; T&S transit circle; T&S altazimuth; Airy's zenith sector; 4 1/2 inch T&S equatorial; 1864, equipment moved to Melbourne Observatory)

(Elliott) Bristow, H.R. Elliott, Instrument Makers of London: Products, Customers, and Development in the 19th Century. Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society 36 (1993) 8-11. (12 inch to 45 inch astronomical telescopes, opera glasses)

(Elliott) Clifton, Gloria. An Introduction to the History of Elliott Brothers up to 1900. Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society 36 (1993) 2-7.

Ellison, William Frederick Archdall. The Amateur's Telescope. Belfast: Carswell, 1920, 1932. 107pp.

Emerson, Myron. Amateur Telescope Mirror Making. N.Y.: Carlton, 1969. 93pp.

Emerson, William, 1701-1782. The elements of optics,. in four books. London: J. Nourse, 1768. 244pp.,111pp. 28 plates. MicNews Microfilm A7173 reel 7801, no.01. (pp170-223).

Engberts, E. Descriptive Catalogue of Telescopes in the Rijksmuseum voor de Geschiedenis der Natuurwetenschappen (National Museum of the History of Science), Leiden. Leiden: Rijksmuseum, 1970.

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(The Equatorial of the Paris Observatory). Scientific American 49 (Dec. 15, 1883) f.c.-372.

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(ESO) Some Snippets of History. The Messenger #109 (Sept. 2002) 12-17.

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Evans, David S. and J. Derral Mulholland. Big and Bright: a history of McDonald Observatory. Austin: U. Texas, 1986.

Evans, D.S. The New Cape Reflector. The Observatory 84 (Oct. 1964) 222-224. (Cape of Good Hope, Grubb Parsons 39 inch Cassegrain, prime focus Palmer corrector lens)

Evans, J.W. The Coronagraph. pp635-658. The Sun. Gerard Kuiper, ed. Chicago: U. Chicago Press, 1953.

Evans, John. The Sacramento Peak Observatory. Sky & Telescope 15:10 (Aug. 1956) 436-441. (16 inch singlet coronagraph, J. Baker design. 15 inch singlet objective by James Gagan, Boston ATM. 6 inch coronagraph. 4 inch coronagraph. 2.5 inch flare patrol camera.)

Everett, Harry. Optical Telescopes. Bradford: Bradford Astronomical Society, 1986. (84pp).

Fahy, Thomas P. Richard Scott Perkin and the Perkin Elmer Corporation. n.p., 1987.

Faraday, Michael. On the manufacture of Glass for optical purposes. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 120 (1830) 1-57.

Fassero, James. Photographic Giants of Palomar. L.A.: Westernlore Press, 1952. 72pp. (Reprint: Giants of Palomar, drawings prepared by R.W. Porter. n.p.: California Institute of Technology, 1983. 64pp.)

Faulhaber, C. Construction of Large Telescopes. pp163-170, Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution for 1904. Washington: 1905.

(Fauth) Astronomical Instruments in Course of Construction (by Fauth & Co.) Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 3 (March 1891) 113.

(Fauth) Sandhurst, Phillip, et al. The Great Centennial Exhibition, 1876. pp389-391, 481-483.

(Fauth) Schmidt, R. Lists of Equatorial Refractors; of Meridian Circles & Transits, Oct. 1981, NMAH.

(Fauth) Saegmuller, G.N. Astronomical Instruments in Course of Fauth & Co. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 3 (1891) 113.

Fecker, J.W. Requirements in the Design and Construction of the Large Modern Telescope. Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 24 (Sept. 1930) 297-304, plates 10-20.

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Federer, C.A. New National Observatory Dedicated at Kitt Peak. Sky & Telescope 19:7 (May, 1960) 392-397. (diagram 36 inch, model 50 inch space telescope)

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(Fifty Years of Purple Mountain Observatory.) 1985.

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(The First Application of the Telescope to Astronomical Measurement) The Observatory 44 (Oct. 1921) 312-313. (micrometer)

(The First Telescope: Was it Leonardo's?) Optical Spectra. July / Aug. 1969, pp122-123.

Fischer, Daniel. A Telescope for Tomorrow. Sky & Telescope 78 (Sept. 1989) 248-252. (NTT 3.6m Zeiss)

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Fitz, H. U.S. Patent 44,483 Sept. 27, 1864 Photographic lens.

(Fitz) Abrahams, Peter. Henry Fitz: 19th Century American Telescope Maker. Journal of the Antique Telescope Society #6 (1994) 6-10.

(Fitz) Bates, Ralph. Henry Fitz-American Telescope Maker. Sky & Telescope, Nov. 1941, p18.

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