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Dr Anthony Rode MBBS(Hons.), FRACP Dr Chatura Jayasekera MBBS(Hons.), FRACP

1 Chum Street, Bendigo

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Prepkit-C contains - 2 x PicoPrep 15.5g sachet and 1 x GlycoPrep-C 70g sachet.

(can be purchased from any chemist or our rooms)
The success of your examination depends on the bowel being as clear as possible.

Individual responses to this preparation vary. The preparation may cause multiple bowel movements within two to three hours of taking the first dose. Please remain in easy reach of toilet facilities.


  • You must stop taking the following medication: Iron, anti-inflammatory or anti-diarrhoeal drugs.


  • Stop taking codeine and Imodium. If in doubt, please consult your Doctor.

  • Stop eating grain bread, or anything with seeds in it.


8:00 AM Have a light breakfast (2 slices white bread with honey/vegemite and tea/coffee).

12.00 Have a light lunch (Plain sandwich/Eggs, plenty of clear fluids).

  • Dissolve Glycoprep in ONE litre of warm water and put in the refrigerator to chill.

Eg: water , apple/pear juice, black tea or black coffee ,clear fruit cordial, [lemon] and plain jelly (no red , green, or purple colouring) ,clear broth, and bonox.

  • During the afternoon drink at least 4 large glasses of water.

4:30 pm

  • Add ONE SACHET OF PICOPREP in 120ml water. Stir and drink. Drink 4 glasses of clear fluid.


Drink one glass of the GLYCOPREP solution ( which you prepared earlier) followed by a few mouthfuls of water every 15 to 20 minutes until completed. If you become nauseous, slow down intake. Drink 4 glasses of clear fluid in addition to the solution.

Drink lots of clear fluids after this time.
You may find that your anal area becomes quite sore. We suggest applying a barrier cream such as Vaseline, or Zinc and Castor oil.

Add ONE SACHET OF PICOPREP in 120ml water. Stir and drink. Drink 4 glasses of clear fluid
You must fast (nothing to eat or drink including water) for four (4) hours before the procedure.

 Medications may be taken with a sip of water.

 Oral contraceptives may not be effective after bowel preparation, taking extra precautions for the rest of the month is advised

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