Bench Showing Your Dog

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Bench Showing Your Dog
Bench showing your dog is an art in competition and is a way to evaluate your dogs to ensure the structure of the dog is in proportion as it should be. The first thing you need for bench showing your beagle is the proper equipment which can be found in many pet catalogues. You will need a show lead and a show collar, these items are important to enhance your dogs gait as they are shown. If at all possible take handling classes with some experienced trainers. The main thing that will make you loose a competition is due to your own errors. You will need to learn the ring etiquette so to speak and it is best taught in a handling class which usually is once a week at $5.00 to $8.00 per class. This is highly recommended to reduce any bad habits you may have and to give you a better understanding of what I am trying to relay to you in this article.

The show lead is a thin lead with a very small snap and the collar is a thin collar with a small “O” ring. This item appears not to be strong enough for your beagle but is very effective when placed properly on the dog. The show lead as well is strong enough to handle your dog when you are using the collar in the proper position, but is not strong enough if the collar is not used as it should be.

To set up the collar properly you are going need to have the show collar big enough to slip over the dogs head, but not to long for they tend to slip down out of position easily when to long. Before placing the collar on the dog you need to make the collar into a “P”, it should look like the letter “P” going over the dogs head. Not the letter ”q”. When set in the letter “q” it does not tighten up as you will need it to do it seems to catch on the chain itself.

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