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    1. Beading & Jewelry Books

      1. Bibliography compiled by
        Lu Peters, © 2007-2011

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Artist’s website at
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Beading & Jewelry websites Ashley Akers, Jewelry Artist innovative bead and found objects jewelry (information) (fibers, beads, found art supplies) Art Jewelry, Bead and Button, and Beadstyle Magazines Beading, Beads, Stringing, and Jewelry Artist Magazines online classes and Astarte’s Mega-Zine craft magazine bead shop in Williamsburg, VA annual expo in Santa Monica unusual beads supplies for beading, weaving and basketry Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine DVD workshops on mixed media subjects Corrections for patterns in the Interweave Books supplies Interweave Press links, giveaways, challenges Berger Beads, 413 E 8th St., Los Angeles, CA 213-627-8783

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