Awakening Your Inner Poet

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Awakening Your Inner Poet
TJ Leonard
CRA 2012

TJ Leonard, EdD.

Middlebrook School – Wilton, CT

Sacred Heart University – Fairfield, CT

In this packet you will find an abridged set of information that was provided today. To access the information below, as well as additional resources, please visit:
1. Empower Yourself and Your Students
“People often ask me when did you become a poet? That’s not really the right question. The question is, when did you stop?”

---- William Stafford

2. Explore Perceptions
3. Explore Theories and Research
4. Read Poetry
Books of Poetry:

The American Poetry & Literacy Project, (2006). How to eat a poem: A smorgasbord of tasty and delicious poems for young readers. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, Inc.

Kennedy, X.J. (1999). Knock at a star. New York, NY: Hachette Book Group
Shihab, N.S. (2008). Honeybee: Poems and short prose. New York, NY: Greenwillow Books
Shihab, N.S. (2005). A maze me: Poems for girls. New York, NY: Greenwillow Books
Books About Teaching Poetry:

Atwell, Nancie (2006). Naming the world: A year of poems and lessons. Portsmouth, NH: Firsthand.

Heard, G. (1999). Awakening the heart: Exploring poetry in elementary and middle

school. Portsmith, NH: Heinemann.
Heard, G. (1989). For the good of the earth and the sun. Portsmith, NH: Heinemann.

O'Connor, John (2004). Wordplaygrounds: Reading, writing and performing poetry in the English classroom. Urbana, IL: NCTE

5. Watch or Listen to Poetry

6. Destroy Myths
Cheney, M. (2002). Expanding vision: teaching haiku. English Journal, 91(3), 79-83.
7. Stop…
Found Poetry:
Hobgood, J. (1998). Finders keepers: owning the reading they do. Voices From

the Middle, 5(2), 26-33. (Read Write Think PDF Instructions)
Black-Out Poetry:
8. Stop Over-Analyzing
Visible Thinking

9. Use the Common Core to Support Your Good Work
10. Explore Poetry in Public
Connecticut Poetry Calendar:

Wednesday Night Poetry Series:
Central Park Zoo:
Poets House:

the old pond – the smell of iron

a frog jumps in, as I come down the s tairs -

sound of water winter evening

-- Basho -- Lee Gurga
starry night first snow

biting into a melon turning out the light

full of seeds to see
-- Yu Chang -- Lidia Rozmus

After weeks of watching the roof leak Broken bowl

I fixed it tonight the pieces

by moving a single board. still rocking.

--- Gary Snyder --- Penny Harter

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