Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing

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Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing

Use the following resources to complement what you are able to find using Google. Please also look at the resources listed under the Automotive Technology heading.

Visit to find names of famous people connected with auto body history to enter into Google.
H. Jay Hayes (You will need to scroll down the page for this.)

Biography of Diana Fawcett

Automotive Technology
Visit to learn more about the inventors who helped to create the auto industry.
Nicholaus Auto

Gottlieb Daimler

Karl Benz

The Duryea Brothers

Henry Ford

Rudolf Diesel
Charles Kettering

Banking, Marketing, and Retail

Adam Smith
Mayer Amschel Rothschild
Ben Bernake

Ray Kroc
Bernard Madoff
Martha Stewart

Oprah Winfrey

Lillian Moller Gilbreth: Founder of Modern Management

Business Automation Technology (It should be fairly easy to find biographical information on all figures in this category).

Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Linus Torvalds
Steve Wozniak
Grace Murray Hopper: Pioneer Computer Scientist

Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace: Founder of Scientific Computing

Carpentry/ Cabinet Making

Harold Sterns: Carpentry in Northfield, Massachusetts, 1799-1856

enter 29999013873161 when prompted

Historical Carpentry in Europe: Using Toolmarks to Determine Historical Methods

enter 29999013873161 when prompted
Famous Early Members of the Carpenter’s Company

Norm Abram

Hugh Herland

Matthew Banckes,M1
Sympson the Joiner


Go to and enter “make-up artist” or “hairstylist” “biography.” Use the quotes; they will narrow down your results. Use the sites below to compliment what you find on your own.

How These Famous Hair Stylists Got Their Start: Ken Paves, Mary Ann Valdes, Rita Hazan, Robert Hallowell, George Carroll

Face Value: A Portfolio of Max Factor Assignments from the 1940s to the 1960s

Makeup and Make Believe: Max Factor’s Life of Beautification

Carmindy’s Bio

Dental Assisting

Check this site to view a biographical hall of fame in Dentistry:

View this site for an overview of Dental History:
Hesy-re: The Dentist in Egypt

Pierre Fauchard: The Father of Modern Dentistry
William Thomas Green Morton,M1

Lucy Beaman Hobbs

Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman

Ida Gray Nelson Rollins

Edward Hartley Angle

Alfred C. Fones

Irene Newman

Juliette Southard

Frederick S. McKay

Design & Visual Communications

William Morris

  • Click on link.

  • When prompted, enter NVTHS for your user name, and 01886 for your password.

Herbert Bayer: A Study of Bauhaus Typography

Adrian Frutiger

Paul Rand (Visit this site for the pictures!)
Saul Bass

Edward Tufte
Hoefler & Frere-Jones (This site is very cool.)

Electrical Technology
Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Edison

Alexander Bell

Michael Faraday

George Simon Ohm

Electronics/ Robotics
Take a visual journey of robotic history at . This site lists many of the big names in robotics, which you can use to conduct your own biographical searches on Google.

James McLurkin
Akhil Lemelson

Daniel DiLorenzo

Engineering Technology

For biographical resources on famous engineers, or for a more comprehensive list of engineers to look up, visit
Wilbur and Orville Wright

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

Sir Isaac Newton

Richard Phillips Feynman

Pythagoras of Samos

Albert Einstein

Health Assisting/ Early Education and Care
Florence Nightingale
Linda Richards
Visit to conduct an individualized search on women in medicine.
Elizabeth Blackwell: The First Woman Doctor

Machine Tool Technology

Eli Whitney

Lucian Sharpe
Henry Prentiss

James N. Herald

Plumbing and Heating

For more information on the history of plumbing, visit and enter “history” as your search term.

Thomas Crapper: Myth and Reality

The Men Who Built Boilers

The Men Who Made the Water Closet

Greatest Plumbing and Heating Inventions (Prior to 1975)

Culinary Arts/ Hotel Restaurant Management

Use the resources below in addition to what you are able to find on your own.

Emeril Lagasse

Gordon Ramsay

Anthony Bourdain

Thomas Keller

Ming Tsai

Alice Waters

Ana Sortun

Ruth Reichl

Television and Media Broadcasting/ Theater Arts

The sites listed below are worth looking at in addition to whatever else you may find.

Check this link for some cool profiles!

Oded Balility

A Complete Listing of the Associated Press’ Pulitzer Prize Winners

Check for a complete list of all Pulitzer Prize Winners.
The site for the Tony Awards, located at, is a good place to look for biographical information on the big names in theatre.

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