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Title- Combined Seldinger Transcervical-Transoral Cork technique for difficult Sialolithiasis

Authors: Basheeth N1, Murphy M2, Sheahan P1

1. Department of Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery, SIVUH, Cork

2. Department of Radiology, SIVUH, Cork


Sialolithiasis or stenosis is the cause of 90% of all obstructive salivary gland diseases with stenosis of stensen’s duct found in 15-25%.We presents a technically challenging case of parotid sialolithiasis which required a modified seldinger technique to retrieve the stone.

Case History

A 63 year old female presented with recurrent left parotitis. CT neck and Sialography showed sialolithiasis with difficulty in passing guidewire per-orally. Ultrasound guided percutaneous access to parotid duct followed by intra-oral duct dilatation and calculus retrieval.

Clinical Significance

This technique is useful in cases, refractory to calculus retrieval using routine sialendoscopy or lithotripsy and it obviates the need for external parotid exploration. It is helpful in retrieval of intraductal stones adherent to strictured parts of the stensen’s duct and helps in enlargement of ductal stenosis.

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