Attention: this document is produced as a preliminary report on Kosovo nha based on year 2005 data. The exercise is done for the first time in Kosovo

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Report on preliminary NHA 2005 in Kosovo

Natalja Jedomskihh-Eigo,

June 2007, Pristina
Attention: this document is produced as a preliminary report on Kosovo NHA based on year 2005 data. The exercise is done for the first time in Kosovo. Most of the data is either underestimated or not classified precisely and hence does not describe the real situation correctly.


Acronyms 2


Introduction 3

Consultants’ activities 3

NHA methodology 4

Information sources and knowledge building 5

Existing data sources and their shortcoming 5

General shortcomings limiting the construction of NHA 7

Preliminary data of Kosovo Health Accounts 9

Recommendations 15

Conclusion 16

References 18

Annex I 19

Annex II 20

Annex III 23




Annex IV 27

Annex V 28

Annex VI 36

Annex VII 39

Annex VIII 41



Gross Domestic Product,


Household Budget Survey


International Classification for Health Accounts


Living Standards Measurement Survey


Ministry of Economy and Finance


Ministry of Health


National Accounts


National Health Account


National Institute of Public Health


Non Profit Organisations


Out-of-Pocket expenditures on health


Primary Health Care


System of Health Accounts


Statistical Office of Kosovo


Total Health Expenditures

Data not available


This is a report which includes preliminary data from the year 2005 and description of potential data sources for National Health Account (NHA) in Kosovo. This year was chosen because it was the only year where data on health expenditures from all existing data sources was available. Natalja Jedomskihh-Eigo (consultant) prepared the report after her visit to Kosovo, 15 – 21 April, 2007. The results outlined in this report were presented and discussed at one-day seminar with stakeholders on 26 June, 2007. The report is intended as a discussion document. It represents the first implementation step of NHA in Kosovo to support formation of the Kosovo NHA technical team to lead the future work on health accounts.
This report provides a brief description of existing data, including a review of available sources of information, identification of data gaps and recommendations for improved data collection. It then goes on to present, in tabular form preliminary NHA report based on existing data, with NHA matrices based on international classifications: ICHA-HF, ICHA-HC and ICHA-HP.

Consultants’ activities

This study aims to support the implementation of the KDSP by focusing on strengthening management and accountability in health and providing baseline data against which progress in KDSP implementation is measured. The objective of this consultancy is to conduct a preliminary NHA based on 2005 data. Terms of reference (TOR) are in Annex II.
The consultant examined relevant documents and reports from previous health sector projects in Kosovo. In Pristine the consultant participated in about 10 meetings with government officials, some of which involved other mission participants. The consultant collected data for the year 2005 and prepared preliminary NHA estimates to the extent permitted by available data. She met with the Director of Policy and Planning, Budget Director and Director of Statistics Office in Ministry of Health (MOH). She several times visited Statistical Office of Kosovo (SOK), where she met with different officials for getting data on household budget survey (HBS) and for discussing issues of establishing the NHA technical team in the future. Annex I contains a list of people met by the consultant during the mission.
In Pristine, the Director of Health Statistics at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) demonstrated the record keeping and data collection systems used to routinely record patient activity. This data is not connected with patients’ expenditures and cannot be used for preliminary NHA implementation. Meeting with the Deputy Director of the Treasury has facilitated obtaining data on government health care expenditures. Great support has been provided by the Policy and Planning Unit of MOH. Personal, time and administrative effort was offered to the consultant. Thanks to the unit, meetings with some useful people were organised and necessary data came in time. At the end of the visit the consultant showed and explained the principles of assembling the standard table cells for the NHA to MOH and SOK officials.

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