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Chairman: Secretary: Treasurer:

Peter Coote, Susie Tollefsen, Richard Wood,

71 Heath Road, 17 Estridge Close, 15 Oakdene,

Locksheath, Lowford, Gosport,

Hampshire, Hampshire, Hampshire,

SO31 6PG. SO31 8FN. PO13 ODB.
Minutes for the meeting on the 9th July 2008


R. Merry, J. Stokes, Nick Peebles, Mike Irving, J. Evans, Heather, Erica Jenna, S. Harper, D. Faulkner, S. Tolly, P. Coote, P. Hatherley, P. Nail, P. Booth, J. Cardy, J. Van Berkel.


Sue Keys, Ian Pett.

The minutes of the last meeting were signed and accepted as a true copy.
Treasures Report

No report passed to the committee.

County Championships Girls

Under 17’s on the 7th and 14th September at . The girls still need a manager.

Under 16’s have a squad of 17.

Under 15’s have a solid squad of 21 the core of the squad is from last year.

Under 14’s trials begin on the 14th and 28th September.

Under 13’s trials are on the 7th and 21st September.

County Championships Boy’s

Under 18’s trials on the 5th and 12th September.

Under 17’s will have trials after Christmas.

Under 16’s trials 5th and 12th September.

Under 15’s Trials 10th and 17th October.

Under 14’s trials 14th and 21st September from 12.30pm

Under 13’s trials 14th and 21st September in the morning.
Dave Faulkner asked the committee if we thought that a squad of 24 should be considered for the county teams. Some squads have been using a squad of 20 and then choosing a squad of 16 to take to county games with every player selected playing at least 1 county game. The committee have agreed after a very long discussion that a squad of 20 can be selected if the standard is good enough but all players selected must at some point play in the championships. Only a squad of 16 can be taken to each county game.
Junior Development Centres

110 under 14’s attended 3 centres all went well. Goalkeepers went to Winchester and had training fro Ali Birch.

Development Officer

Hampshire games went well.

Level 1 coaching course all attended passed.

Junior League:- all forms have gone out.

Shields and Cups need to be found Heather is sending out emails to find out where they are. Some sort of form needs to be signed so we know who has each cup or shield so easier to collect at end of the season.

It was suggested that the Hampshire cup for boys and girls are played as a one day tournament and the finals played on Hampshire Day.


CRB checks for coaches must be done through England Hockey. Pete C will arranged for the checks to be done.

Kit will be discussed at the next meeting.
David Faulkner will circulate the central calander.
Jem asked if county coaches could be coached by England Hockey it was thought very good idea and Jem will speak to Calum Giles and 7th Nov from 6.30 to 8.30 at Wellington was agreed. Jem will let committee know at next meeting if this is going ahead.
Richard Smith, Rob Moore and Alex Danson have been selected for the GB team for the Olympics.

Jonny Kinder and Simon Faulkner have been selected for England U21.

Rob Wilson has been selected for the UK school Games.

Chris Bristow has been selected for England A.

Next Meeting 8th September 7.30 for 7.45 at The Sporting View.

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