Assessment form for 200 admissions report

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Medical Council of India

Assessment form for _200__ admissions report

Part A-II

(to be filled by the Assessors)

    1. Type of Assessment U/S 10A-regular/compliance: Letter of Intent ( ) /Letter of Permission ( ) , 1st renewal ( ), 2nd renewal ( ), 3rd renewal ( ), 4th renewal ( ) included in Landscape format (Appendix 1)

U/S 11(2)-Regular/compliance: Recognition ( ), u/s 19 Continuation of Recognition ( )

Name of the Institution


Andhra Medical College



Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam

Telephone No.


0891 – 2561157



Assessment Date

29-2-2012& 1-3-2012

Last Assessment Date:

12 & 13 November 2009

Particulars of Assessors

Name of the Assessors

Correspondence Address

Phone # Off./ Res./(Mobile)


Dr.Parvati Gopal Coordinator, Professor, Division Head,

Dept. of Aerospace


Inst. of Aerospace Medicine Indian Airforce,Vimanapura Post Bangalore - 560017.

Ph.25224131 Ext.3326/9900252278            

Dr.Ajay Gupta


Dept.of Orthopaedics/

Orthopaedic Surgeon,

Maulana Azad Medical College,

Bahadurshah Zafar Marg,

New Delhi-110002.


Dr.Meher Singh Punia Professor,

Dept. of Community Medicine/SPM/PSM,

Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences,





Dept of Anatomy,

Darbhanga Medical College,Lahria sarai,



1.1 The College has following plots of land:

The campus is. 27 acres

unitary/divided into ________parts unitary

Proof of ownership & possession verified from original records at the time of Establishment of medical college/verified

yes / no

1.2 Dean/Principal: ._Dr.G.Santa Rao ______, M.D.,/M.S. with __________ years of teaching experience and __ 11____years of administrative experience. He is also holding the post of Professor in the Department of __ Surgery.
Dean Office is located in ___ first floor ___of the college/building along with the administrative block. Adequate space (as per MSR guidelines by MCI) and other required facilities (as given in the table below) are provided/not provided to the administrative staff.

Office Space Requirement

Space (m)

Comments (Yes / No)

Dean Office

Principal’s Office

100 sq.m.


Staff Room

54 sq.m.

Yes available

College Council Room

80 sq.m.

Yes available

1.3 Medical Education Unit (MEU):

Available as per regulations



Name of the MEU coordinator


Dr.N.Dwarakanath Prof. of Surgery

Dr.Ravi Venkatachelam Assoc. prof. of


Name, Designation & Experience of affiliated faculty


Dr.N.Dwarakanath Prof. of Surgery

Dr.N.N.Raju Prof. of Psychiatry

Dr.I.Jyothi Padmaja, Prof. of Micro

Dr.G.Krishna Babu Prof of SPM

Dr.KVV Vijay Kumar Prof. of Chest Dis

Dr.KV Ram Prasad, Asst. Prof. Anatomy

Dr. I.Babji Syam Kumar, Asst. Prof. NS

Dr.M.Dhanyasree, Asst. Prof. DVL

Dr.Ravi venkatachelam,Assoc. Cardio

Name of the MCI Regional Centre where above training has been undertaken


Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad.

Details of the Orientation programme and Basic Course Workshop undergone by MEU(No. of programmes organized during Academic year, No. of People attended, proceedings (to be verified at the time of assessment)


The M.E.Cell conducts the following programs regularly -

Foundation Course for New Entrants

Orientation Program for 3rd sem

Orientation Program for House-surgeons

Preparatory course for PGs

Teachers’ Training Program.

The M.E.Cell conducted the First State Conference in Medical Education on Jan 22& 23 2011.

The MECell recently had an MCI inspection (Feb.10&11) for considering for granting Regional Centre Status.

Date/s of the above workshops


March 10-12 2010 –Basic Level Faculty Development Prog.

Mar 29-31 2010- HS Orientation Prog.

Aug 1-3 2010- Freshers’ FoundationProg.

Aug. 4 2010 -3rd sem Orientation Prog

Sep 23&24 – HS Orientation Prog.

Oct 21 2010 –HS Ethics Awareness Prog.

Jan 22& 23 2011 -1st State Conference on Medical Education

Mar 15 2011 –HSEthics Awareness prog

Mar 28&29 2011 –HS orientation Prog.

May31June 1&2 2011PGs’ Orientationprog

Aug 1-6 2011 - Freshers’ FoundationProg

Oct 2011- HS Orientation Prog.

Details & Duration of Workshops in Medical Education Technology conducted by MEU


A 3 day Basic Level Workshop is conducted by the M.E.Cell on the lines of the MCI recommended program.

Details of faculty who have undergone basic course workshop in Medical Education Technology at the allocated MCI Regional Centre


The following 8 members have undergone training at the Regional Centre, Gandhi MC, Secunderabad on June 27-29 2011. Drs. N.Dwarakanath, KVV Vijay Kumar, G.Krishna Babu, P.Saroj, I.Babji Syam Kumar, M.Dhanyasree, KV Ram Prasad & Ravi Venkatachelam.

Drs.N.Dwarakanath & Ravi Venkatachelam have also attended the One day Coordinators meeting on Jun 30th 2011.

Feedback evaluation of workshops and action taken reports on the basis of feedback obtained (comments in the Annexure I)


The 8 members were sent to Gandhi MC for Basic level workshop to fulfil the MCI requirements. The Cell has been active since 1995 in conducting training progs. And has faculty trained at NTTC JIPMER (Ravi Venkatachelam, GKrishna Babu & KVV Vijay Kumar). It is awaiting Regional Centre status by MCI.

It is designated as the Regional Centre by the NTR University of Health Sc. For Medical Education and also as the Zonal Centre for the University CME programs.

(append ABOVE DeTAILS as annexure-I, to be filled by the mc and verified by assessor).

1.4 Continuing Medical Education :

No and Details of CMEs/workshop organized by the college held in the past 1 year


list enclosed in annexure.

The College regularly conducts PG CME program every 1st Saturday.

Further the NTR University of Health Sc. has launched the Zonal PGs’ CME program in all broad specialities – 4-5 CMEs in each subject by rotation.

The College has conducted 43 University Zonal CMEs for PGs in 2011.

Details of the credit hours awarded for the past one year

(details / comments in ANNEXURE II)

Each Zonal CME carries 5 credit hours.

1.5 College Council : Append as annexure-III

Name, designation, contact no. and address of the President & Secretary.


Dr.G.Santa Rao, Principal is the President of the College council. The Vice Principal (Administrative) Dr.N.Kalpana Subramaniam is the Vice President. Academic Vice Principal Dr.NN Raju is the Secretary-Convenor.

Other members include :

Dr.DSS Girijavani (Library Vice Pres.)

Dr.N.Ramakrisnha (Sports Vice Pres)

Dr.P.Muralikrishna (Magazine vice pres)

Dr.B.Uday Kumar (Cultural Vice Pres)

Dr.G Krishna Babu (Canteen Vice Pres)

Dr.NB Vijay Kumar (NSS vice pres)

Dr.P.Subba Rao (Coop stores vice pres)

Dr.Siva Kumar (Commn. & IT Vice pres)

Dr.N Dwarakanath (ME Cell Chairperson)

Dr.I.Jyothi Padmaja (Research ForumCP)

Dr.S.Abbaiah (Academy of Med.Sc.)

Dr M Vijay Gopal (Rasamayi)

Dr.P.Himakar (NCC)

Dr.Madhusudhana Babu (Warden HSPG)

Dr BV Ramachandra (Mens hostelwarden)

Dr Aruna (Womens hostel warden)

Composition of the Council (HODs as members & Principal / Dean as chairperson)

All HODs are members of the college council.

No. of times the College Council meets per year (min 4) :

- once a month

Details of college Council meetings where students Welfare was discussed & Action taken report (details/comments in annexure II)

list enclosed

1.6 Students Union (optional):

Name, contact no. & address of the President & Secretary


P.Shanmukha Babu Students General Secretary. 9030806713

Shahina Akhthar – Assoc. Gen. Secretary

Append as annexure-III

1.7 Pharmacovigilance Committee: Present/Absent Present- list enclosed

If present, append record of activity as ANNEXURE IV (Composition, frequency of meetings, minutes of the meetings & action taken report to be checked and appended)
1.8 Examination Hall-cum-auditorium:




1600 sq.m.

1600 sq.m.




(as provided in appendix 2)

1.9 Location & arrangement of building for



in the campus

Para clinical


In the campus



Andhra Medical College & King George hospital are in the same campus (Chest, Ophthal, ENT, Psychiatry are in separate buildings about 3 km. from college)

1.10 Lecture Theatres:

Medical college

150 seating capacity reqd.


120 seating capacity reqd.

250 seating capacity reqd.



6 are available with each 240 capacity


Type (Gallery)

Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No

3 galleries 3 flat.


Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No


A.V. Aids (LCD / / VPS/ OHP)

Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No


Facility for E-class

Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No


1.11 Library
Staff available


Dy.Librarian – Mr.Madhava Rao

Deputy/Assistant Librarian

Yes – two



Working hours

9 AM – 9 PM

Open on Sundays and Holidays

Reading room is available.

Append as annexure-V the list of books and journals.

1.12 Common Room for boys : Capacity ____60 ___ Attached toilet ____ yes __

Common Room for Girls: Capacity ____ 60 ____ Attached toilet ___ yes ____
1.13 Central Photography cum AV Aids: Available Yes/No.

Staff available – 8

Equipments camera, projector, enlarger, & processor
1.14 Hostel: Location – within campus/ at a distance of __1/2_____kms. From the college.







Toilet Facility

Adequate/ Inadequate

Mess (Y/N)

Adequate as per norms: Y/N


 Four blocks


 Double occupancy








Double occupancy





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