Assessing dental education and practices regarding patients with special needs: a pilot study proposal

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The main costs for include personnel, materials including surveys and analysis equipment, and travel expenses.

2.2.1Personnel Budget

Table 2. Personnel Salary


Time Requested

Rate per hour

Number of Weeks Requested


Project Manager

5-10 hours/week



$10,000 - $20,000


20 hours/week




Dental Student Assistant

3 hours/week




Total Personnel Budget


The Project Manager (PM) will devote 12-25% time to this project for a time period of 80 months. The PM responsibilities will include: overseeing the project’s daily operations, ensuring completion of deliverables prior to their deadline, and assisting with the development of the project study design. In addition, the PM will also oversee the dental student assistant to supervise communication between dental schools, recent graduates, and study personnel.

The Statistician will devote 50% time to this project for the first week of the study, one week in the middle of the study, and two weeks at the end of the study to complete data analysis. The Statistician will assist with the development of the data variables, analysis, and manage all study related data. The Statistician will assist the PM in the development of data collection techniques which include but are not limited to the surveys.

The dental student assistant will devote 3 hours/week for the duration of the study. They will receive either credit hours toward their dental school graduation requirements for the time devoted to this project or be paid $10/hour for their time.

Personnel Fringe benefits will be calculated at 31% of total salaries, coming out to a total of $7688.

2.2.2Supplies Budget

Table 3. Supplies Budget


Cost per Item


Total Cost

General Office Supplies

$580 per year

2 years










Printer ink

$14.99 each



Computer and Software

$2000 per computer



Mailing Supplies


$28.69 per 500 envelopes



Mailing Address Labels

$12.79 per 250 labels




$0.49 per envelope



Total Costs


General office supplies will be used by the research team and related to research purposes. Surveys were developed targeting dental school curriculum and recent graduates attitudes, beliefs, and practices. Surveys will be printed on standard letter size paper and placed in pre-stamped, pre-addressed standard envelopes. As mentioned in design of the study, it is hopeful that the initial survey can be mailed with alumni mailings, decreasing the mailing costs. However, the budget plans for a scenario with the research team paying for mailing costs both ways.

2.2.3Travel Budget

In order to effect change in dental education, a presentation at the annual meeting of the American Dental Education Association is a necessary expense for discussing this data.

Table 4. Travel Budget







Hotel (5 nights x $150/night)


Meals (6 days x $50/day)


Conference Fee


Total Travel Budget


2.2.4Total Budget Requests

The total direct cost of the pilot program including personnel ($24,800), fringe benefits ($7,688), supplies ($6,927.54), and travel expenses ($2,550) comes out to a total of $41,965.54. To calculate indirect costs, direct costs are multiplied by 0.50 which comes out to $20,982.77 (Indirect Costs, 2007). Adding together indirect and direct costs, the total cost of the pilot program is $62,948.31.
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