Arrive at Dibrugarh Airport. Transfer to standard hotel for overnight stay. Evening free to explore Dibrugarh Town at leisure

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Day 1

Arrive at Dibrugarh Airport. Transfer to standard hotel for overnight stay. Evening free to explore Dibrugarh Town at leisure.

Day 2

After breakfast, leave for Mon (5-6 hours) in Nagaland which is the home of the fascinating Konyak Tribe, who are known for their tattooed faces, wood carving skills, and gun-making. Overnight at basic hotel/homestay.

Day 3

Visit nearby Konyak Villages. Visit their houses, meet the tribesmen, and learn more about Konyak Naga culture. You will also get to visit Lungwa Village, half of which falls in Myanmar. See local crafts and war trophies. Oevrnight at basic hotel/homestay at Mon.

Day 4

After breakfast, visit Chanmoho Village where it is common to see people with tattooed faces. Later proceed to Chiu Village where ancient traditional houses can still be seen, along with local weaves and crafts. Overnight at Mon.

Day 5

After breakfast, drive to Mokokchung (5-7 hours), home to the Ao Tribe. Overnight at basic hotel/guesthouse.

Day 6

Explore Mokokchung and nearby villages. Visit the villages of Impur, Moponchuket, Chungtia and Aliba. Observe the lifestyle of the Ao Tribe, visit their homes, and learn more about their customs. At Aliba, you will see the biggest log drum of Nagaland. Overnight at Mokokchung.

Day 7

After breakfast, drive to Touphema (5 hours), home to the Angami Tribe. En route visit tribal villages, such as Ungma which is one of the oldest Naga village. Also visit homes of Lotha and Rengma Tribe. Overnight at community cottage in Touphema with modern amenities.

Day 8

Explore Touphema and villages around. Visit tribal homes and learn more about Angami culture. Short hikes are possible. Overnight at Touphema.

Day 9

After early breakfast, leave for sightseeing of Kohima. Later in the day, transfer to Khonoma Village where a community based ecotourism project exists and is run by the village council. The village was the first to embrace conservation into their daily lives, and today, the village has a community forest which is home to endangered bird species. Overnight will be in a tribal cottage/home-stay.

Day 10

Full day exploration of Khonoma and around. Interact with the tribe, see tribal architectural houses and take part in village activities. Go for hikes in the community forest.

Day 11

After breakfast, depart for Dimapur (3-4 hours) for a flight back home. Tour ends.

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