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The US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) is responsible for execution of the Army SBIR Program. Information on the Army SBIR Program can be found at the following Web site:

Solicitation, topic, and general questions regarding the SBIR Program should be addressed according to the DoD portion of this solicitation. For technical questions about the topic during the pre-Solicitation period, contact the Topic Authors listed for each topic in the Solicitation. To obtain answers to technical questions during the formal Solicitation period, visit For general inquiries or problems with the electronic submission, contact the DoD Help Desk at 1-866-724-7457 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET). Specific questions pertaining to the Army SBIR Program should be submitted to:
Chris Rinaldi

Program Manager, Army SBIR
US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM)


6000 - 6th Street, Suite 100

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5608

(703) 806-2085

FAX: (703) 806-0675

The Army participates in three DoD SBIR Solicitations each year. Proposals not conforming to the terms of this Solicitation will not be considered. The Army reserves the right to limit awards under any topic, and only those proposals of superior scientific and technical quality will be funded. Only Government personnel will evaluate proposals.
The entire proposal (which includes Cover Sheets, Technical Proposal, Cost Proposal, and Company Commercialization Report) must be submitted electronically via the DoD SBIR/STTR Proposal Submission Site ( When submitting the mandatory Cost Proposal, the Army prefers that small businesses complete the Cost Proposal form on the DoD Submission site, versus submitting within the body of the uploaded proposal. The Army WILL NOT accept any proposals which are not submitted via this site. Do not send a hardcopy of the proposal. Hand or electronic signature on the proposal is also NOT required. If the proposal is selected for award, the DoD Component program will contact you for signatures. If you experience problems uploading a proposal, call the DoD Help Desk 1-866-724-7457 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET). Selection and non-selection letters will be sent electronically via e-mail.
Army Phase I proposals have a 20-page limit (excluding the Cost Proposal and the Company Commercialization Report). Pages in excess of the 20-page limitation will not be considered in the evaluation of the proposal (including attachments, appendices, or references, but excluding the Cost Proposal and Company Commercialization Report).
Any proposal involving the use of Bio Hazard Materials must identify in the Technical Proposal whether the contractor has been certified by the Government to perform Bio Level - I, II or III work.
Companies should plan carefully for research involving animal or human subjects, or requiring access to government resources of any kind. Animal or human research must be based on formal protocols that are reviewed and approved both locally and through the Army's committee process. Resources such as equipment, reagents, samples, data, facilities, troops or recruits, and so forth, must all be arranged carefully. The few months available for a Phase I effort may preclude plans including these elements, unless coordinated before a contract is awarded.
If the offeror proposes to use a foreign national(s) [any person who is NOT a citizen or national of the United States, a lawful permanent resident, or a protected individual as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3) – refer to Section 2.15 at the front of this solicitation for definitions of “lawful permanent resident” and “protected individual”] as key personnel, they must be clearly identified. For foreign nationals, you must provide resumes, country of origin and an explanation of the individual’s involvement.
No Class 1 Ozone Depleting Chemicals/Ozone Depleting Substances will be allowed for use in this procurement without prior Government approval.
Phase I Proposals must describe the "vision" or "end-state" of the research and the most likely strategy or path for transition of the SBIR project from research to an operational capability that satisfies one or more Army operational or technical requirements in a new or existing system, larger research program, or as a stand-alone product or service.

The Army implemented the use of a Phase I Option that may be exercised to fund interim Phase I activities while a Phase II contract is being negotiated. Only Phase I efforts selected for Phase II awards through the Army’s competitive process will be eligible to exercise the Phase I Option. The Phase I Option, which must be included as part of the Phase I proposal, covers activities over a period of up to four months and should describe appropriate initial Phase II activities that may lead to the successful demonstration of a product or technology. The Phase I Option must be included within the 20-page limit for the Phase I proposal.

A firm‑fixed‑price or cost‑plus‑fixed‑fee Phase I Cost Proposal ($120,000 maximum) must be submitted in detail online. Proposers that participate in this Solicitation must complete the Phase I Cost Proposal not to exceed the maximum dollar amount of $70,000 and a Phase I Option Cost Proposal (if applicable) not to exceed the maximum dollar amount of $50,000. Phase I and Phase I Option costs must be shown separately but may be presented side-by-side on a single Cost Proposal. The Cost Proposal DOES NOT count toward the 20-page Phase I proposal limitation.

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