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GlaxoSmithKline’s Science Education Strategy

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a world leading research-based pharmaceutical company with a powerful combination of skills and resources. Our mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. One way that GSK contributes to improving the quality of human life is through our commitment to excellence in science education.


The GSK Science Education Strategy addresses two goals areas of the U.S. Department of Education’s Mathematics and Science Initiative: Engaging the Public and Improving Teacher Knowledge.


The GSK Science Education Strategy is a portfolio of activities with two purposes:

The activities in the portfolio are balanced to meet the needs of a particular geographic area of implementation. The programs in the portfolio are a mixture of student participation, professional development of science teachers and interactions with scientists, in both formal and informal science settings. GSK may provide leadership, scientist’s time, in kind support and/or financial contribution, as appropriate for each program. The portfolio undergoes periodic evaluation.


Giving Science Context:

Through the involvement of GSK scientists with students and teachers and by supporting student-participation programs, GSK contributes to the development of student knowledge, understanding and technical/interpersonal skills in science. Students are motivated to become aware of and to choose science careers. Student contact with scientists in science settings helps put science into context. Gaining science context in real world settings and through the integration of science with other curriculum areas such as, math, language arts and social studies, adds relevance to student learning.

Enhancing Science Teaching:

High quality science instruction is a key to increasing student achievement in science and for closing the minority achievement gap, as intended by the Science for All Children model developed by the National Science Resources Center (NSRC) with support from National Science Foundation and other sources. The interaction of GSK scientists with teachers boosts the relevance of science to science teaching. GKS contributes funding support and leadership to the science-related professional development of teachers.


By managing activities as a portfolio, GSK can ensure that local needs are considered and that we are supporting science education in a coherent manner. Implementation of this strategy has resulted in more efficient use of time and resources. Specific accomplishments and results are shared in the descriptions of individual programs.


GSK will continue to evaluate and refine our portfolio of science education activities. We will continue to develop our communication plan around the importance of high quality science education. We will participate in local, state, regional and national conversations on achieving high quality science and mathematics instruction for our students.

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