April 19, 2012 Contributors’ Note

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Matti Hart


April 19, 2012

Contributors’ Note

Breaking Nails

Hed: Who We Are this will work, but maybe we can think of something more... original.

Subhed: Chris Baker
As a young boy, Chris dreamed of one day writing for a women’s magazine. OK, maybe not. But he’s enjoyed the experience regardless. He’s learned the ins and outs of Pinterest (even though he still doesn’t quite get it) and can now point out the Dominican Republic on a map. As art director for this inaugural issue, Chris sweated out every page of the magazine and can recite the stories nearly line for line. So if you’re ever looking for a snarky way to please your man, Chris is the guy to call.
Subhed: Amber Brenza

Preferring bunches of basil to bouquets of flowers; Amber is essentially a 1950s housewife — albeit a forward-thinking, childless, husbandless one — in a 24-year-old’s body. Having already exhausted her love of superficial women’s magazines in high school, Amber has graduated from following the latest hair and style trends to covering other, more practical topics. But practicality hasn’t stopped her from making her feisty views (avoid echo w/ Chris’ snarky, above, and opinionated, below) known (“Shove It!”). Watch her channel that domestic side (“Finders, Keepers”) while keeping opinionated and current (“Nail-Breaking Picks”).

Subhed: Matti Hart

When there’s no BN editing to be done, Matti can be found outside with the dog, inside reading up on the next thing she can bake, make, or plant, or at her dirty job selling cow feed and chainsaws. Luckily, her May stories also involved plenty of dirt (“One-Crop Wonder”), do-it-yourselfing (“That’s Pinteresting”), and decidedly un-dainty hobbies (“Straight Shooters”). What’s next on Matti’s to-do list? Convincing you of the merits of Carhartt clothing. Right after she finishes filling out her pistol license application.

Subhed: Yuhan Xu

By developing Breaking Nails, Yuhan has helped create something very rare: a women’s magazine she would actually like to read. She has no patience for the desperate voice of gossip rags or the man-hungry pages of Cosmo. While researching stories for Breaking Nails she rediscovered kindred spirits in the courageous historic “Women We Love,” and heard (avoid echo with rediscovered, above) a modern tale of bravery, starring Kaitlyn Malkiewicz, while editing “Mi Mujeres”. Yuhan helped create a guidebook fit for her own life and, she hopes, for yours.

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