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General Info
Talk for Writing is currently looking for schools that are already using Talk for Writing to good effect and would be in a position to train other schools in the approach. Successful schools will be listed as Talk for Writing Training Centres on the Talk for Writing website.

If your school is interested in becoming a Talk for Writing Training Centre, please consider the criteria below. If you feel that your school meets the requirements, complete this form and email it to Nick Batty at Should you have any further supporting evidence that you would like to include, attach this to your application email.

Name of headteacher making the application:

Email address of headteacher:

Name of school:
Address of school:

Key criteria

Supporting evidence – please continue on separate sheets of paper if required

  • Talk for Writing is written into the school’s development plan and understood/supported by all the school’s teachers, teaching assistants and governors.

  • Talk for Writing underpins the school’s approach to teaching and learning across the curriculum. Progress from cold text to hot text, via oral imitation of model texts, innovation through shared writing, and invention/independent application can be seen in all classrooms from reception upwards, underpinned by daily word and sentence work.

  • A visitor can see the approach is embedded based on what is displayed in the classrooms and corridors e.g. washing lines.

  • The lead teacher for the approach is experienced at running effective training within school and other schools.

  • All teachers at the school can articulate why Talk for Writing matters.

  • Pupils understand and can talk about the approach. Writing in their books shows obvious progress, making the Talk for Writing sequence clear both in English lessons and across the curriculum.

  • There is an in-school system to evaluate the impact of CPD run within school and other schools.

  • The school continually updates and refines its approach to Talk for Writing.

  • School data shows how the approach has helped increase progress and raise standards over time.

  • There is no ‘satisfactory’ (or below) teaching; there are good/outstanding teachers at both key stages – who are willing to allow visitors to observe Talk for Writing in action.

  • The Head Teacher and senior leaders are passionate about Talk for Writing.

  • The school recognises the central role of reading to language acquisition and literacy and is building a school community that reads.

The school agrees to

Tick to agree

  • Visit at least two existing Talk for Writing Training Schools prior to being accepted as a Talk for Writing School

  • Maintain The Talk for Writing non-negotiables (see below)

  • A Talk for Writing representative visiting the school to validate the application and for occasional monitoring

Organisation and planning

All training schools recognise that to be successful you should:

Tick to agree

  • be realistic about what you can accommodate whilst guaranteeing high quality

  • recognise that this will create extra work for the office team (e.g. booking applicants, chasing non payers etc.) and plan accordingly

  • plan for the basic practicalities, e.g. parking, food, etc.

Commitment once enrolled as a Talk4Writing Training School

All Talk4Writing Training Schools agree to:

Tick to agree

  • visit one other Talk4Writing Training School per year to share experience and develop expertise (1 day)

  • the headteacher and key trainer attend the yearly Talk4Writing Professional Day (1 day)

  • send the key trainer to each of the three sets of Talk4Writing conferences per year to help update practice. (The place will be provided free and the delegate’s travel costs will be covered.) (3 days – 1 day per term)

Financial commitment

All training schools agree to:

Tick to agree

  • charge the set rate for training (currently £1000 per day + expenses)

  • pay a fixed percentage of all income earned through Talk for Writing related training to Talk4Writing (currently 20% of earnings)


Note: This form has been co-constructed with existing Talk4Writing Training Schools and may be revised annually in the light of experience.

September 2014

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