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Site Based Discussions: The Discussion Database allows users to discuss topics directly from the Discussion Database site. Users can post replies to topics which are visible to all members of the web by using the ‘reply’ button. The main page of the site makes it easier for members to track recent discussions by listing both recently created topics and recently updated discussion threads separately.

  • RSS Feeds and integration with Office Outlook 2007: Users also have the capability of viewing discussions from within an RSS Reader such as that provided with Office Outlook 2007. Instead of forcing users to visit the site track updates, Windows SharePoint Services sends updates to Office Outlook 2007 clients at intervals set by the IT administrator. Team members can use Office Outlook 2007 to forward the discussion to an email address, or can click the ‘view article’ hyperlink to access the Discussion Database site and post a reply. When synchronized for offline capabilities, Office Outlook 2007 also allows users to read the posts to the Discussion Database while offline, helping productivity improve when a user is out of the office.

Site Lists and Libraries

Discussions: This discussion board is used to house all the discussions held on the site

Discussion Categories: The discussion categories help group related discussions and can be chosen by team members as they create new discussion topics.
Customizing SharePoint Sites and Templates

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 is a Web site development and management program that provides powerful tools to build, customize, and contribute to Windows SharePoint Services sites using the latest Web design technologies and established standards in an IT-controlled environment.

Use Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to create and deploy interactive solutions without having to write code. Automate business processes, such as document approval, custom event notification and other collaboration tasks with the workflow designer. Create reporting and tracking applications using data views and forms to easily gather and aggregate data from outside your site and from lists and document libraries on the Web.

Extend your solution by building advanced interactive Microsoft ASP.NET pages. Insert and edit controls with the same powerful activity menus and control property grids previously found only in the Microsoft Visual Studio® development system.

Technical Dependencies

The Discussion Database application template has the following technical requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0*

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (optional)

*Review Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 system requirements for additional information:
More Information

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