Application Questionnaire

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Abu Dhabi

Application Questionnaire

The applicant must answer the following questions in English

Information about yourself:

1.Name, date of birth, nationality

2.Name of spouse, date of birth, nationality and country of residence. If applicable

3.Names of children, date of birth and country of residence. If applicable

4.Names of siblings , date of birth and country of residence.

5.How long have you been living in UAE?

6. How often do you visit your home country?

Information about the planned trip:

1.Which Schengen countries do you plan to visit?

2.For how long you will stay in each Schengen country?

3.Which Schengen country you will enter first?

4.When do you plan to travel?

Information about the reference in Norway: (Private Visits)

1.What is the relationship with the reference living in Norway?

2.His/ Her name is ?

3.For how long has he/ she been living in Norway?

4.Is he/ she married? Children?

5. What kind of job is he/she holding in Norway?

6. When and where did the reference and you meet for the last time?

7. If your reference is not Norwegian please specify why he/she are living in Norway?

Information about your travel plan: (Tourists)

1.Do you have any close friends or family members who are living in Norway?

2.If yes, please state names and reason for their residence in Norway?

3.Where are you planning to spend your vacation in Norway? Name cities and places you are planning to visit.

4. Are you travelling to Norway alone? If not please specify.

5. How much money are you planning to spend during this trip?

Date, Place and Signature:

Postal address:

Office address:

Telephone: +971 2 403 8400

Enquiries to:


Abu Dhabi


Etihad Towers

T3- Level 11

Abu Dhabi


Telefax: +971 2 403 8401

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