Appendix a individual syllabus specifications for each proposed

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Individual syllabus specifications for each proposed new paper


New Testament Greek


Course description
Candidates will be expected to show knowledge of Greek grammar, syntax, and vocabulary (as set out in J. Duff’s The Elements of New Testament Greek) and its importance for the exegesis of the New Testament, with particular reference to a selection of texts from Mark’s Gospel that are in parallel with the Lukan set texts from the Introduction to the Bible paper. Passages from the text (which will be that of the United Bible Societies, 4th Edition) will be chosen for translation and grammatical comment.


To enable students to understand the essentials of New Testament Greek grammar and syntax, to acquire a basic vocabulary, and to be able to translate gospel texts and comment on grammatical points raised by them.


Students who have successfully completed this paper will:

  1. have mastered elementary New Testament Greek as set out in J. Duff’s The Elements of New Testament Greek

  2. be able to translate and comment on select passages from the Gospel of Mark

  3. be able to answer questions on elementary Greek grammar

  4. be able to translate simple English sentences into Koine Greek. Teaching is delivered through intensive language classes.

Assessment is by three-hour written examination.

Biblical Hebrew
Course description
This first-year paper introduces students to the basics of the Hebrew of the Hebrew Bible, through a guided study of Biblical Hebrew grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, and of three chapters of prose text from the Hebrew Bible (Genesis 12, 15, and 22). The examination will include passages from these chapters for translation and comment, as well as questions on elementary Hebrew grammar, simple Hebrew sentences for translation into English, and some simple English sentences for rendering in Hebrew.

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