Appendicitis Admission Orders

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Appendicitis Admission Orders

Date and time:





1. Admit to: [ ] Acute Care [ ] Day Bed [ ] SCUnit [ ] Telemetry

2. Attending Dr: Younger

3. Admitting Dx:

4. Contributing Dx:

5. Condition:

[ ] Stable [ ] Fair [ ] Serious [ ] Critical

6. VS:

qid with blood pressure sitting and standing.

Weight on admission and each AM.

7. Activity:

Up with assistance.

8. Nursing:

I/O Q shift.

9. Diet:


10. IV:

IV of LR at 120 ml/hour.

11. Meds:

Tylenol 1000 mg PO Q 4 hr prn pain.

Ambien 5 mg, one tablet by mouth at bedtime and may repeat X 1 if needed for sleep.

12. Other Meds:

Morphine 4 mg IV every 30 to 60 minutes as needed for pain.

13. Labs:

CBC, chem 7, LFTs, amylase, lipase, urinalysis (with urine culture if white cells are found in the urine), Sed rate on admission; repeat the chem 7 and CBC daily.

EKG on admission;

Chest x-ray (PA and lateral) on admission.

14. Other:

Call MD if: altered mental status, T 102F or higher, chest pain, pulse < 40 or >130.

15. H&P:

Type up the dictated H&P.

16. Consultants:

Dr. Davis-Please notify him of the admission.

17. X-ray:

CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis without contrast. Please scan the films to the radiologist and have the radiologist call Dr. Davis with the report ASAP. Please do a flat plate and upright x-ray of the abdomen as well.



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