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Celebrity / Production Coaches & Location Services

13044 North 19th Place, Phoenix AZ 85022

Bus (602) 334-1330 Fax (602) 795-5027 Cell (602) 568-7290


Production Company ______________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________


Phone ______________________ Fax ______________________ Cell ______________________

Email ___________________________________________________________________________

Shoot Dates _______________________________ Location ______________________________

Agency ___________________________________ Product _______________________________

Rates $ ________ /10hrs (portal-to-portal) OT $ _________ /10-14hrs $ _________/ +14hrs

# of Coaches Booked ___________

Additional Equipment Required______________________________________________________


CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Production Company agrees to provide certificate of insurance showing a minimum liability limit of $1,000,000 (one Million USD) naming Apex Location Services, LLC as additional insured/loss payee for hired auto/non-owned vehicles/physical damage of equipment/vehicles at least 24 hours prior to call time on the day of principle photography. Failure to do so shall render this agreement voidable.

CANCELLATION: Production Company agrees to pay full base daily rate when coach is cancelled within 24 hours of the above start date; full base daily rate when coach is cancelled during shoot for the following day.

LOSS & DAMAGE: Production Company is solely responsible for any loss and/or damage to the motor home or additional equipment incurred during the shoot.

SAFETY: Any individual engaging in an action considered unsafe, as determined by any representative of Apex Location Services, LLC will render this agreement voidable.

PERSONAL ITEMS: Production Company acknowledges that crew and talent are solely responsible for all personal items left on the motor home.

PAYMENT: Invoices are due and payable upon receipt. Invoices will be provided to Production Company at the end of the day on the last day of the shoot. Payment can be made by cash, cashier’s check, travelers check, or company check.
Signature of Authorized Agent ____________________________________ Date _____________
Name ____________________________________________Title ___________________________
Phone ______________________ Fax ______________________ Cell ______________________

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