Angie Parlionas — Meet the Gal Behind the Gloss

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Angie Parlionas — Meet the Gal Behind the Gloss

A shiny, lip-smacking, marvelous mouth doesn’t happen overnight. Enter the guru with a

goal to gloss every girls’ kisser, coast to coast: YOYO Lip Gloss founder, creator and producer, Angie Onassis Parlionas.
Raised in a family with deep roots in business and entrepreneurial ventures, this born-and-bred New Yorker honed her own skill set during both her undergraduate and graduate studies at St. Johns University, where, as a top student with a stellar GPA, she earned a BA and, later, her MBA in Executive Management. A pioneer and leader both in and out of the classroom, Angie’s experiences on campus led to the birth of her famed new invention, YOYO Lip Gloss.
A fan of makeup since age five, Angie knows her way around a vanity. Thus, it didn’t take long for her to realize a void in the cosmetics arena: the lost lipgloss. (Every girl knows the frustration of being unable to find her favorite gloss, only to finally discover it hidden in her tote, drawer or gym bag.) This revelation birthed Angie’s genius design of a gloss that can’t become a lost lip product (and is always easily found). It clips onto anything – from belt loop to shoulder strap, locker to Louis clutch – so you’re never at a loss for your gloss.
Together with a team of experienced, energized chemists and makeup manufacturers, Angie coined and claimed an end result … YOYO Lip Gloss. With key concept in tow and a recently-published case study to follow suit, this young entrepreneur travels worldwide to help and encourage business students follow their dreams.

Stay tuned: don’t just stop at the gloss! Let YOYO makeover your entire vanity. By spring 2010, welcome SPF-boasting retractable lip balm, blush, eye shadow and nail polish – all packing the cute, chic appeal that’s uniquely YOYO, plus incredible, high-quality ingredients.

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