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Andrew Mangan Video Transcript

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Andrew Mangan

Speech Pathology
Helping Children be better understood
Andrew: I suppose when I finished school I got into education and I had a year off and sort of reassessed everything and I decided I wanted to do business. Looking back on it now I think the reason I did business was because I wanted to be rich and that kind of thing. At the end of my business I sort of reassessed again and I thought I want to do something that I enjoyed and I enjoy helping other people. I had a couple of friends who were doing speech pathology and I sort of got into what they were studying.

I think the motivation levels are definitely through the roof compared to business. It’s just so much easier to study something when you are enjoying it. There is a lot of statistics out there that sort of suggest speech impediments or speech difficulties are a lot more regular than the average person would think. I come into it sort of not understanding that, how common speech impediments are. I suppose that’s come back do we want to make them better? So yeah, if you can sort of do that I think, it sort of, gives you a bit of a warm feeling. So yeah, it is sort of something that I hope to do.

Just having that support that you know is there. Having the friendships that you build, to sort of get through the study together because it’s not always easy.

Since I’ve moved into speech pathology I’ve had an idea of opening up my own little private practice, but I think that would be a few years down the track.

It’s just exciting knowing what we are learning now is going to be put into practice in a few years time.
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