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‘The reality’ as external memory

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‘The reality’ as external memory

For an ordinary Turing machine to interact with ‘the reality’ means making changes and printing and/or erasing data on the tape of its external memory. For our generalized machine it may take the form of any changes in ‘the reality’: writing texts, producing tools or other material objects, making contracts - in brief, creating any artifacts.
Social reality is filled with objectified relationships between people: things and substances, value systems and political realities, the laws of science and the legal laws that dominate the people, process, shape their activities, divide and unite them. Generations of people keep turning their relations into external objects, which start their independent lives for the generations to come18.

Sign systems and networks

Both informational networks and sign systems can be considered as special cases of our generalized Turing machine.
A network is a generalized machine with the properties that: a) both its input and output are monopolized by a few elements, b) internal exchange of information takes place in a fairly simple manner, and c) the elements can accumulate information about their ‘neighbors’.

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