American Dental Education Association

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American Dental Education Association

Council of Sections

I. Contact Information

Section name: Section for Dental Assisting Education

Name of individual completing this report: Linda Stewart

Institution: University of North Carolina School of Dentistry

Section office held: Councilor

Phone: 919-966-3064

Fax: 919-966-9853


Date of annual report submission: May 22, 2008

  1. Mission Statement

The mission of the American Dental Education Association Section on Dental Assisting Education is to ensure the highest quality allied dental education by adhering to accreditation standards as put forth by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. In so doing, it will help ensure the safety of the public, enhance community dental health, promote nutritional and tobacco cessation awareness and foster and implement dental disease prevention programs.

To meet this mission, members of the Section on Dental Assisting Education will conduct self-assessment and evaluation, analyzing feedback and assuring continuous quality improvement both in the content and effectiveness of the dental assisting programs the section represents.

  1. Goals and Objectives

  1. To support Open Membership and active participation through formal and informal communications with professional colleagues.

  1. To encourage and support section members as they take on leadership roles within the section and/or councils within the organization.

  1. To enhance communication within our membership and with non-member institutions by publishing and distributing an annual electronic newsletter.

  1. To fully support and participate in any Council of Sections initiatives pertaining to the section throughout the year.

  1. To plan a successful section educational program for the 2007 Annual Session.

  1. To collaborate with the Section Liaison, Consultant and Vice President for Allied Dental Programs toward meeting the section’s goals as stated.

  1. Accomplishments

The Section on Dental Assisting Education continued to enjoy an increase in membership and active participation.

Ethel Campbell began her term of service to the Council of Allied Program Directors Administrative Board as Member-At-Large.
Linda Stewart served on the ADEA Council of Allied Program Directors Task Force on Collaboration, Innovation and Differentiation. This Task Force has drafted “Competencies for Entry into the Allied Dental Professions” along with a draft for a more specific roadmap that will be introduced at the 2008 Allied Dental Program Directors Conference.
Carolyn Breen, Donna Estes and Pam Wood served as delegates for the opening and closing session of the House of Delegates.
Section Officers attended the Joint Meeting of the Administrative Boards of the Council of Allied Program Directors in addition to CADPD and Section meetings.
Members of the Section on Dental Assisting Education are pleased to anticipate more responsibility, collaboration, and involvement as a viable section within ADEA. Members look forward to an enhanced working relationship with the Section for Dental Hygiene Education as additional leadership and collaborative projects present themselves.
Dialog between the American Dental Assistants Association, DANB, CODA and Section officers continues. We are proud to report that Diana Sullivan, who just completed her term of service as a CODA Commissioner, presented our educational program “Timely and Innovative Curriculum to Address Current Issues and Future Trends in Dental Assisting” at the 2008 Annual Session.
Through a special grant from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey we were able to fund our speaker’s expenses to attend the 2008 Annual Session.
V. Membership and Attendance

  1. Total membership for the section as of April 2008. 437

  1. Total attendance at the section’s 2008 Annual Session educational program: 21

  1. Of this total, the number who are section members: 15

  1. Attendance at the section’s 2008 members forum: 16

  1. Section Structure (previously submitted)

VII. Financial Support

  1. Organizations (and contact persons) providing financial support for section activities: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  1. Purpose of the support (program, reception, newsletter, etc.), number of participants and recipients, and other details: Program Speaker

  1. The amount of funding or type of in-kind support: $750

  1. As of December 31, 2007 our section’s balance was $3,678.46

VIII. Section Communications (Newsletter Attached)

  1. List each means the section uses to communicate with its membership and with others:

  1. electronic - email, ADEA, Section and ADA List serves, Electronic Newsletter (attached)

  2. print - not used this year

  3. meetings - Allied Program Directors Conference, Annual Session, Allied Summit

  1. Provide the names and contact information for the coordinators of each activity.

Newsletter: Linda Stewart

Jean Welles

Annual Report Linda Stewart

Meetings Carolyn Breen

Celeni McKenzie

  1. Meeting Minutes:

ADEA 2008 Annual Session

Members Forum on Dental Assisting

Monday, March 31, 2008

Dallas, Texas

Time: 3:00.

Meeting of Members Forum on Dental Assisting called to Order by Chair Elect, Dr. Carolyn Breen, filling in for Colleen Bradshaw, who was unable to make the meeting.
Introduction of the Officers was presented as well as recognition of special guests, which included Patrice Renfroe, Cheryl Westphal and Linda Hanlon.
Dr. Breen was introduced by Linda Stewart, Section Counselor. Last year’s meeting minutes were distributed and approved with no additions or corrections. Due to the absence of Colleen Bradshaw, Dr. Breen noted that there would be changes in the written agenda.
Discussion of our section viability was initiated by the officers of the by our section officers. Linda Stewart, in collaboration with Council of Sections Liaison Michael Landers and Carolyn Breen, discussed strategies to enhance group attendance and active participation. Because ADEA is the only organization that represents dental assisting educators, we have a strong need and interest in continuing to have some voice within its organizational structure. The following list was created as part of our proposed action plan:
A) Personal calls - personal contact thru phone calls to new

members listed on paper

B) Mentoring – provide clarification to new members on the

administrative structure of ADEA and help new members better

understand how they can contribute in various leadership roles
C) Multiple E-mail blasts - ADEA list serve; e-mail communications

announcing upcoming annual sessions, conferences and related

section and professional news updates

  1. Utilizing the electronic newsletter to reach out to new members, survey

their needs and interests and outline the benefits of ADEA

membership. ADEA structural overview could be incorporated into our

Those members present during this discussion rallied positive feedback and support for the ideas generated.
In other important topics of discussion, voiced is the concern of non-accredited programs springing up across the United States. Student-consumers are often uninformed about the advantages of enrolling in an accredited program. The need for standardization in education and credentialing continues to be a major concern for dental assisting educators and will be addressed at the upcoming Program Directors’ Conference and future annual sessions.
X. Section Program Evaluation Summary
The Section’s educational program was well received by attendees. The information was relevant and applicable to both university and community college-based dental assisting programs.
XI. Feedback to the Administrative Board
The Section for Dental Assisting Education continues to enjoy growth in membership and active participation at various levels within ADEA. Our members were well represented at the 2006 Allied Summit and have been active in post-summit activities. Collectively, we hope that through collaboration with other professional organizations, we can improve the quality of education being offered in dental assisting programs across the country. Our thanks to Monique Morgan, Linda Hanlon, Trish Nunn and all the ADEA staff for helping us throughout the 2007-08 academic year.
XII. Attach all other relevant documents. None other than Newsletter

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