Amendment Procedures

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Amendment Procedures Effective as of 2/10/15

Please review the following information and the amendment process that is to be followed and share with your teachers. This information is resulting from a meeting with Nancy Woolcock, Diane Taylor, Christopher English and Nima Pewitt.

Amending IEPs: Florida Rule 6A-6.03028 Provision of Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and Development of Individual Educational Plans for Students with Disabilities

(3)(k) Changes to the IEP. Generally, changes to the IEP must be made by the entire IEP Team at an IEP Team meeting and may be made by amending the IEP rather than redrafting the entire IEP. However, in making changes to a student’s IEP after the annual IEP meeting for a school year, the parent and the school district may agree not to convene an IEP Team meeting for the purposes of making those changes, and instead may develop a written document to amend or modify the student’s current IEP. If these changes are made to the student’s IEP without a meeting, the school district must ensure that the student’s IEP Team is informed of those changes. Upon request, a parent must be provided with a revised copy of the IEP with the amendments incorporated. ………

Amendments in ENRICH: Follow these steps to complete an amendment.

  • Meeting Notice or written documentation of parent agreement to amend the IEP without the full IEP team.

  • Add Action: Select “Prior Written Notice” (not IEP amendment)

For Reason: Select “IEP Amendment” (This option will have on the printed document - Due to: IEP Amendment to clearly indicate that this is amending the current IEP.) Select NEXT.

  • Form will open. Put in the appropriate dates and parent/guardian name.

Fill out the appropriate information in each of the 5 text boxes. Use the test assistants. Complete each prompt as needed to describe the changes.

  • Under “Action Proposed with explanations of Why Proposed” select the following (and fill in as appropriate):

The IEP Team met on _____________ (date of amendment meeting) and recommends the following amendment(s) to the current IEP _______ (date of current IEP).
Part One: Describe the amendment to the IEP, including what is currently on the IEP and what changes to special education services, related services, supports for personnel, modifications, accommodations, supplementary aids or services or any other changes that are to be made: __________

Part Two: Document any related changes to the following resulting from the amendment: Initiation date of amended service(s): Frequency of amended service(s): Location of amended service(s): Person(s) responsible for amended service(s) implementation:

  • Under “Actions Refused with explanation of Why Refused”:

In the text assistant select the Not Applicable option unless the amendment includes a Refusal. If a refusal is involve, type in the appropriate response.

  • Under “Options considered and Reasons Rejected”:

Type in any other considerations included in the meeting to amend the IEP with an explanation of the reasons rejected. If there were no other consideration other than the ones in the Action Proposed with explanations of Why Proposed box, you can state no other considerations were reviewed at the meeting.

  • Under “Basis for Determination”:

In the text assistant select the first or second, or if appropriate, both options and provide the related information.

The basis for the proposed action considered by the team includes a review of records in:


The basis for the proposed action(s) considered by the team includes evaluation/reevaluation information, including assessments, records and other relevant information related to the areas indicated below:

  • Under “Other Relevant Information”:

In the text assistant always select the last option for the signature lines to appear on the printed copy. An amendment will always need signatures.

  • Always select the option that indicates how the parent will receive their copy of the PWN.

Parent received this notice in person: Date__________________

Parent received this notice by mail : Date__________________

Parent received this notice by visiting teacher: Date__________________

Records will be taken home by Ida on ________ (date)

  • Complete form.

  • Unless the parent requests a copy of a completed revised IEP, this PWN form is the only documentation needed. If the parent does request a completed revised IEP, then the current IEP must be amended to reflect all the changes made through the PWN Amendment.

If the parent does not request a copy of a completed revised IEP, after the meeting the team needs to amend the current IEP in ENRICH so future reports will provide accurate information.

After the meeting:

If the parent did not request a copy of a revised IEP, after the meeting do the amend IEP process to update the current IEP with the new information. This will allow you to run accurate reports.

Please refer to the ENRICH training in Moodle. You can sign up in the PDS


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