Amalgam Procedure team approach

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Amalgam Procedure




Select and prepare all armamentaria

Prepare the treatment room and escort the patient in to be seated

Place anesthesia

Assist in administration of anesthesia and placement of isolation

Pass mirror and explorer

Examine the treatment site

Exchange instrument for opening bur in high-speed handpiece

Open the preparation

Place HVE and a/w syringe to maintain clear field of operation

Prepare explorer to pass

Exchange explorer for handpiece

Examine site with explorer

Insert outline and resistance form bur in handpiece and exchange handpiece for explorer

Create outline resistance form

Maintain clear field of operation

Exchange hand cutting instruments for handpiece

Receive and use hand cutting instruments to place bevels and remove unsupported tooth structure

Exchange slow-speed handpiece with caries removal bur for hand cutting instruments

Remove caries

Maintain clear field of operation

Exchange explorer for handpiece

Check preparation for complete caries removal with explorer

Exchange retentive bur in handpiece for explorer

Place retentive grooves

Maintain clear field of operation

Exchange explorer for handpiece

Place cavity medication

Prepare cavity medication and exchange placement instrument for explorer

Keep 2x2 gauze and medication in transfer zone for operator access

Exchange instrument for explorer

Use explorer to remove excess cement

Maintain clear field of operation

Exchange prepared matrix retainer and band for explorer

Place matrix retainer and band

Pass cotton pliers and wedge

Place wedge interproximally

Exchange explorer for cotton pliers

Evaluate placement of retainer, band, and wedge

Mix amalgam and receive explorer

Fill amalgam carrier and pass

Place amalgam preparation

Exchange carrier for condenser and fill carrier - The exchange of the amalgam carrier and condenser continues until the preparation is overfilled with the HVE in the area to remove excess pieces of amalgam

Exchange anatomical carver for condenser

Initially carve restoration removing gross amounts of excess

Maintain clear field of operation

Exchange carver for explorer

Remove excess from marginal ridge area

Exchange explorer for cotton pliers

Remove wedge

Receive wedge

Remove retainer

Receive retainer

Remove band

Exchange smooth surface carver for band and cotton pliers

Carve smooth surface

Exchange carver for explorer

Check smooth surfaces with explorer

Prepare anatomical carver & exchange explorer for anatomical carver

Refine anatomical carving

Maintain clear field of operation

Exchange explorer for burnisher

Burnish the restored surfaces

Exchange the burnisher for explorer

Remove flash

Remove flash with HVE

Remove isolation

Assist in removal of isolation

Exchange articulating paper and paper holder for explorer

Check articulation

Exchange holder for carver

Remove excess with carver

Exchange carver for articulating paper

Check articulation

Receive instruments

Carve or burnish as necessary

Remove debris, and provide full mouth rinse

Provide postoperative instructions, and dismiss patient

Record treatment on the patient’s chart

Follow OSHA guidelines for cleanup

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