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If Eyeconic and ROC are not linked, will the pricing be different?

  • No, the two are not linked.

  • The pricing structure will be different but the doctor can set their own pricing on either.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Eyeconic?

  • Eyeconic is an incorporated entity and a VSP Global company.

Why is VSP developing online retail solutions for eyeglasses and contacts?

  • The online optical market has been experiencing double-digit growth.

    • There are more than 200 online optical retailers, most of them focused on highly discounted products and some of them driving consumers to retail locations.

    • More and more consumers from a specific segment (under 34, higher incomes) are browsing and buying optical products online. Currently:

      • 650% increase since 2007 in online eyeglass purchases bringing the number sold to 1.8 million.1

      • 3.3 million non-prescription sunglasses purchased online.1

5.6 million US adults purchased contact lenses online.1
1Source: Vision Council VisionWatch Internet Influence Report, 2007 and 2010.

When will VSP vision benefit integration be available?

  • Look for VSP vision benefit integration this winter.

What value does this bring to my employees?

Do any of our major vision care competitors, such as Eyemed, Spectera, Superior, or Davis Vision, have any kind of online store component or own any companies that do?

  • Not at this time.

What is eWebExtra?

  • eWebExtra is a tailored solution from Eyefinity that allows doctors to communicate with existing and potential patients through a customized doctor Web site.

  • Each practice with an eWebExtra site has a unique Web site address.

How does Eyeconic support VSP doctors?

  • Eyeconic pays the VSP doctor referred on the order a professional support fee in exchange for the doctor’s promise to provide fitting and adjusting services if requested by the patient. The support fee is paid whether or not the patient actually comes in for fitting.

  • Eyeconic allows practices with eWebExtra sites to have their own online retail solution.

  • In addition to requiring the member to provide a prescription from an eye doctor when purchasing prescription eyewear on the site, we also include a recommendation that they visit their VSP doctor for their fitting, and offer a doctor locator feature on the site.

  • VSP doctors are increasingly aware of the growing trend in purchasing eyewear online. These sites pose a threat to eyecare professionals. But through our partnership, we drive patients back to private practice for their eye care.

You originally announced that would launch by March 2011. Why has it taken so long?

  • During our development and testing of the online optical store, we identified opportunities to improve the system. As a result, VSP Global decided to hold off on launching until we were confident we could meet the needs of our doctors and deliver the best possible customer experience to our members.

Additional Questions?

  • Contact the Sales Support mailbox.
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