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Frequently Asked Questions –Rx verification
Where did you get this prescription?

  • All prescriptions are provided by consumers shopping on Eyeconic.

What if I’d rather not confirm or release my patient’s prescription?

  • You can decline to verify prescriptions. But in the interest of creating the most positive patient experience possible, we would encourage you to confirm or release your patients’ prescriptions.

  • If you choose not to verify prescriptions, federal law allows Eyeconic to fill prescriptions where verification is attempted but not confirmed by the prescribing doctor within a designated period of time.
I never confirmed the prescription. Why did you fill it?

  • To provide the best consumer experience, we moved ahead to complete the transaction. While we are allowed by federal law to fill a prescription as long as we follow the federal rules on verification procedures, it is always our preference that the prescribing doctor verify within the designated period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions –Fitting, Adjustment, and Redos
What is the return policy?

  • Eyeconic is committed to high customer satisfaction, and it’s reflected in the return policy on the site.

  • We accept returns on all orders on Eyeconic within 30 days from the ship date of the order.

We want your patients to be thrilled with their purchase—if not, we’re happy to give them a refund or exchange. And we cover the shipping on any returns, whatever the reason.

  • Did the shopper type in the wrong prescription? They send the lenses back and we replace them. They just need to cover the cost of the new lens.

  • Did we make a mistake? We guarantee 100% accuracy! We’ll either replace the lenses at no charge or give the shopper a 100% refund.

In the future when Eyeconic offers frames for sale--

  • Does the shopper want to return non-defective frames? For most shoppers, there will no cost to return a frame they don’t like. For the rare shopper who orders and returns multiple non-defective frames, there will be a 20% restocking fee.
Who is filling the prescription?

  • Initially, Eyeconic prescription eyewear orders will be filled by VSP Labs-Sacramento.

What happens if a frame my patient bought breaks while I fit it?

My patient comes into my office because they can’t see through the lenses. What do I do?

  • Check to see that the patient ordered the correct prescription on Eyeconic.

  • If they ordered based on the prescription you provided, but still can’t see with their new glasses, have your patient call us at 1-855-EYECONIC.

Can I use my own lab for redos?

  • No.

My patient is in my office looking for support with their purchase—can I call on their behalf?

  • Since it is your patient who placed the order on Eyeconic, we recommend your patient call us directly at 1-855-EYECONIC.

Frequently Asked Questions –Using EYECONIC in my practice
How can I leverage Eyeconic in my practice?

  • You can refer VSP members to Eyeconic if they are inclined to shop online or are asking for their prescription to shop elsewhere.

  • Once you can create your own custom storefront with eWebExtra later this year, you can direct all of your patients to your own storefront.

  • For further assistance, please call the Eyeconic Customer Service Team at 1-855-EYECONIC.

Frequently Asked Questions – Eyeconic and Reorder contacts
Won’t contact lenses be available on Eyeconic? If so, would it be a separate transaction from going into reordercontacts.?

  • Yes, we will have contacts on Eyeconic.

  • Yes, there would be different transactions for ROC and Eyeconic.

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