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DECA’s Board of Directors has developed the following official dress standards for the Career Development Conference. Students, advisors, and chaperones must follow the dress code.

Two (2) points for each dress code infraction will be deducted from participant’s total score.
Professional attire acceptable for official DECA activities include:


Business suit with collar dress shirt, and necktie or

Sport coat, dress slacks, collared shirt, and necktie or

Dress slacks, collared shirt, and necktie

Banded collar shirt may be worn only if sport coat or business suit is worn

Dress shoes and socks


Business suit with blouse or

Business pantsuit with blouse or

Skirt or dress slacks with blouse or sweater or

Business dress

Dress shoes

Nylons when wearing skirts and dress
Inappropriate attire, for both men and women, includes:

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