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Member Programs

Constituent Services

Academy of General Dentistry
Restructure of regions in 1993

92:29 H 7

"Resolved, that the House of Delegates be given a report on the desirability of restructuring all of the regions of the organization anytime a request for a realignment of the constituents constituting the various regions is considered by the organization."

Component Academies
Developing component Academies

87:47 H 7

"Resolved, that constituent AGD Presidents and Regional Directors be asked to consider the following steps in developing component Academies:

A. Identify areas that could be developed as components.

B. Identify a leader within each area to get a group together.
C. Have leaders set up a meeting with a group of interested GPs.
D. Take a team of three constituent representatives to discuss how components could fill the needs of dentists in area.
E. Make it easy to form a component by providing sample constitution and bylaws.
F. Get group to elect officers.
G. Get signature on component petitions at meeting.
H. Show component how to raise seed money: suggest that organizing group contribute $5 or $10 each.
I. Follow up component development by telephone from constituent AGD.
J. Use CDE as a component development tool."
Dues collected by National


“Resolved that the AGD amend policy 84:39-H-7.
Dues collected by AGD headquarters
84:39-H-7 "Resolved, that the component AGDs be given the option of having their dues collected by the national organization, and be it further
Resolved, that only those components submitting a completed and signed Component Dues Update Form by the July deadline shall be eligible to have their dues collected by the national organization for the coming year, and be it further
Resolved, that components who collect any component dues after March 31 forward the dues payment to the AGD headquarters office for processing.”

Constituent AGD
Constitution & bylaws for components


“Resolved, that constituent academies be advised of the need to have component constitution and bylaws in place, and be it further

Resolved, that those constituents which have missing component constitution and bylaws be followed up at least every six (6) months until such time as all constitution and bylaws have been received, and be it further

Resolved, that effective with the 2000 dues year, the AGD will no longer collect dues for those components which have been in operation at least three (3) years and do not have a current constitution and bylaws on file in the AGD’s Chicago office.”
Delegate selection

91:34 H 7

"Resolved, that the AGD Constituent Academies consider electing their delegates to the AGD HOD with consideration given to appropriate turnover in the delegation so that opportunities are provided for other members to represent the constituent in the AGD House of Delegates."

Dissolution steps

90:33 H 7

"Resolved, that the following steps be taken when it becomes apparent that virtually no activity is taking place within an AGD constituent AGD:

1. That both the Trustee and the Regional Director be advised to make the necessary contacts within such constituents to generate some meaningful activity including meetings and suitable elections.

2. That once the Regional Director and Trustee have certified that they can generate no meaningful activity that a letter be sent to every member of the constituent AGD indicating that the constituent will be disbanded with all members holding direct membership in the Academy of General Dentistry without being a part of the constituent AGD unless a group can be formed to hold a meeting and elect new constituent officers.
3. That if no response is forthcoming within six months of the date of the letter, the constituent will be classified as unorganized and no longer be entitled to representation in the AGD House of Delegates nor collection of dues by the Academy of General Dentistry".
4. Members of unorganized constituents do not pay constituent dues.
5. Unorganized constituents are not eligible for delegate representation in the House of Delegates.
Financial structure for programs

78:29 H 6

"Resolved, that constituent Academies work towards establishing a financial structure that will offer their members more meaningful programs."

Officers' list to be circulated by National Office



HOD 7/2000

"Resolved, that the Chicago office of the Academy of General Dentistry assume the responsibility for circulating to each constituent president, executive director/executive secretary and editor a list showing the officers of every AGD constituent, national officers, regional officers, council chairs and members, and be it further

Resolved, that this list be distributed semi-annually, in October and in April, and be it further

Resolved, that the various constituents and components be encouraged to exchange information and publications with one another as a method of making their own organizations more effective."
Recommendation to create dental care committees

89:51 H 7

"Resolved, that the AGD encourage constituents to become more actively involved in dental care issues, by advising constituents to develop dental care committees for the purpose of addressing dental care issues at the state and local levels, and to provide the viewpoint of the general dentist on dental care issues into the state and local dental societies."

Reduce CDE fees for dentists out of school 3 years or less

89:46 H 7

"Resolved, that the AGD urge its constituents and components to offer continuing education courses at reduced rates to those out of dental school less than 3 years."

Turnover of leadership

90:32 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry recommends that every Constituent and Component include a provision in their bylaws for an election of officers that is scheduled on a regular basis and which promotes appropriate turnover, so that more AGD members have an opportunity to participate in leadership positions within organized dentistry."

International Membership


“Resolved, that all communications to and from international members will be in English only. It shall not be incumbent upon AGD, nor its staff, at any time to translate any materials into or from English. This shall include, but not be limited to PACE materials, CE recording, CE materials, Fellowship Exam, Publications (which will be provided online only), Membership materials, or any web, e-mail or other communication.”


“Resolved, that the dues for the proposed International Membership category be set at the same amount as the full dues paying US members category for 2015. And be it further,

Resolved, that the International Membership Committee in conjunction with the Membership Council analyze the actual costs for the 2014 International Membership members, make any adjustments, and transmit recommendations for the dues rate for the 2016 International members to the Spring 2015 Board meeting and the 2015 House of Delegates.”

Making membership more meaningful


“Resolved, that HOD Policy 78:28-H-6 be amended so that it reads:

"Resolved, that the AGD recommend that its constituents take the necessary steps to make membership more meaningful to their members by:

1. Planning scientific programs and becoming a program provider, and encouraging other groups to provide continuing education within their respective areas;

2. Representing the general dentist within the structure of organized dentistry within the area, and being alert to any action that may affect the interest of the general dentist or of the public being served by the dental profession."

Regional Directors
Allowance and disbursement guidelines

93:19 H 7

"Resolved, that the Regional Directors of the Academy of General Dentistry receive a maximum allotment based on the following formula:

and be it further

Resolved, that the Regional Directors be required to submit an expense voucher to the AGD Executive Director before any funds are dispersed in accordance with AGD policy directly to the Regional Director rather than through the Treasurer of the region, and be it further
Resolved, that an allotment of $24,200 become effective at the beginning of the 1993 94 fiscal year, and be it further
Resolved, that the annual maximum allowance for Trustees be increased from $1,200 to $1,500, and be it further
Resolved, that the Board be authorized to determine to what extent the Trustees and Regional Directors shall be subsidized to attend special conferences provided by the AGD, such as the bi annual Leadership Conference, and be it further
Resolved, that these allowances are to be used for enhancing communication within the Trustees' or Regional Director's region or for communications with the Chicago office."


“Resolved, that policy 99:7-H-7 be amended by addition, so that it reads:
That the Regional Directors of the Academy of General Dentistry receive a maximum allotment based on the following:
Region 1 - $1,700 Region 11 - $1,600

Region 2 - $1,200 Region 12 - $1,600

Region 3 - $1,200 Region 13 - $1,200

Region 4 - $1,200 Region 14 - $1,800

Region 5 - $1,500 Region 15 - $1,400

Region 6 - $1,500 Region 16 - $1,300

Region 7 - $1,300 Region 17 - $1,600

Region 8 - $1,200 Region 18 - $1,200

Region 9 - $1,300 Region 19 - $1,500

Region 10 - $1,600 Region 20 - $1,300

and adjusted annually thereafter up to CPI as determined by the budgetary process effective July 21, 2008 (start of 2008/2009 governance year).”

Can attend all Board meetings at region's expense

76:57 H 11

"Resolved, that the Regional Directors be welcome at their or their regions' expense to attend all Board meetings without the right to vote."


Advanced Education in General Dentistry


“Resolved, that the AGD’s policy statement on Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD and General Practice Residency (GPR) be:
A significant increase in scientific knowledge and technology and the rapid pace of change makes it challenging for dental schools to offer full and well-rounded curricula. Additionally, research has found that the majority of students who consider postgraduate general dentistry programs perceive a lack of experience at the pre-doctoral level relating to clinical dentistry and managing medically compromised patients. PGY-1 programs in general dentistry offer the graduating dental student the following advantages:

  1. Common program goals that include expanding clinical competence and gaining proficiency in general dentistry and ADA recognized dental specialties, enhancing skills in the management of medically compromised, geriatric and pediatric patients, increasing knowledge of dental administrative and business management processes, enabling the critical analysis of the dental literature and building skills for effective communication with patients and other medical/dental colleagues.

  1. An intensive and supervised practice setting with a favorable teaching staff to resident ratio for the transitional experience between education and practice.

  1. Variations in residency training emphasis that provides graduating dental students the opportunity to select programs that offer and focus on those clinical experiences that they wish to become more proficient.

  1. Graduates that earn a recognized credential for future dental practice opportunities, including hospital staff privileges, and residency experiences that can serve as a ‘spring-board’ to consider more focused specialty training.

  1. Enhancement of the attitude of residents toward life-long learning and encouragement for the ongoing pursuit of self-motivated professional growth, including teaching.

  1. An influential impact on general practice patterns and locations, and improved access to dental care for underserved populations.

  1. Appropriate funding and staffing for programs must be identified and committed. “

American Board of General Dentistry
ABGD designation listed in AGD Membership Directory


“Resolved, that those AGD members who are certified by the American Board of General Dentistry be designated as such in the AGD Membership Directory, and be it further

Resolved, that all associate members have their specialty designations listed.”

Advertising the ABGD designation to the public


“Resolved, that AGD support the ABGD designation for public use in a means consistent with AGD’s FAGD and MAGD designations through the use of the terms ‘certified by the American Board of General Dentistry’ or ‘Board Certified by the American Board of General Dentistry.’”

Recognition of ABGD recipients


“Resolved, that the AGD endorse the recognition of those general dentists newly certified in the American Board of General Dentistry who are AGD members by listing their names in the Convocation program, in other appropriate AGD media, and with recognition at the Convocation.”

Recognized by AGD as the certifying body for graduates of post-doctoral programs in general dentistry


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) recognize the American Board of General Dentistry (ABGD) as the certifying body for graduates of post-doctoral programs in general dentistry accredited by the Commissions on Dental Accreditation (CODA).”

Advertising FAGD/MAGD Credentials
Fellow or Master of the Academy of General Dentistry

General Dentist


“Resolved, that the following language be accepted by the Academy of General Dentistry as the appropriate use of the Fellowship and Mastership designations to the public by way of advertising, listings, or office signage:

_______ _______, DDS, BDS, or DMD, FAGD or MAGD

Fellow or Master of the Academy of General Dentistry

and be it further
Resolved, that our members be advised through AGD printed communications that our Principles of Ethics allow general dentists to announce Fellowship or Mastership in the area of general dentistry in their announcement of services to patients so long as they avoid any communication that expresses specialization and clearly write out the definition of the initials, in order to not lead the reasonable person to believe that the designation represents an academic degree.”
Annual Meeting
Number of, to be granted annually

73:11 H 10

"Resolved, that only one Thaddeus V. Weclew Award may be granted annually, but in those instances where two nominees possess outstanding qualities and are of some special caliber, two Thaddeus V. Weclew Awards may be awarded."

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