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Insurance, Malpractice

84:24 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry continue to support the American Dental Association's three classification system for malpractice insurance until such time as evidence has been presented to indicate that there is merit in going to another system."

Access to dental care
Incentives for dentists to practice in underserved areas


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry believes that in order to encourage dentists to practice in underserved areas, the following must occur:

a. The period over which student loans are forgiven must be extended to 10 years, without a tax liability for the amount forgiven in any year.

b. Tax credits must be provided for establishing a dental practice in said areas.
c. Scholarships must be offered to dental students in exchange for serving in said areas.
d. Federal loan guarantees must be provided for the purchase of dental equipment and materials.
e. Appropriations for funding an increase in the number of dentists serving in the National Health Service Corps must be enacted.
f. Active recruitment of applicants for dental schools from underserved areas.”
Legislative agenda for providing



HOD 7/2002

“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry believes that any effort to get the necessary personnel to improve access to and utilization of dental care for indigent populations will be multifactoral and complex, and includes but is not limited to the following items (understanding that these items are not prioritized and will vary from state to state):

a. Take steps to facilitate effective compliance with government-funded dental care programs to achieve optimum oral health outcomes for indigent populations.

i. raise fees to at least the 75th percentile of fees which dentists currently charge

ii. eliminate extraneous paperwork

iii. simplify Medicaid rules

iv. mandate prompt reimbursement

v. educate Medicaid officials regarding the unique nature of dentistry

vi. provide block grants to states from the federal government for innovative programs

vii. require mandatory annual dental examinations for children entering school (analogous to immunizations) to determine their oral health status

viii. encourage education of patients in proper oral hygiene and in the importance of keeping scheduled appointments

ix. utilize case management to ensure that the patients are brought to the dental office

x. increase general dentists’ understanding of the benefits of treating the indigent

b. Establish Alternative Oral Health Care Delivery Service Units
i. provide oral health care, education, and preventive programs in schools

ii. arrange for transportation to and from the centers

iii. solicit volunteer participation from the private sector to staff the centers
c. Encourage private organizations such as Donated Dental Services, fraternal organizations, and religious groups to establish and provide service
d. Provide Mobile and Portable Dental Units to service the underserved and indigent of all age groups
e. Identify educational resources for dentists on how to provide care to pediatric and special needs patients and increase AGD dentist participation
f. Provide information to dentists and their staffs on cultural diversity issues which will help them reduce or eliminate barriers to clear communication and enhance understanding of treatment and treatment options
g. Pursue development of a comprehensive oral health education component for public schools’ health curriculum in addition to providing editorial and consultative services to publishers of primary and secondary school textbooks
h. Increase supply of dental assistants and dental hygienists
i. Strengthen alliances with ADEA and other professional organizations
j. Expand the role that retired dentists can play in providing service to the indigent.”
White Paper on Increasing Access to and Utilization of Oral Health Care Services


“Resolved, that the AGD adopt the White Paper on Increasing Access to and Utilization of Oral Health Care Services.”

AGD opposes limiting political or PAC contributions

87:53 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry opposes federal legislation reducing limits on political action committee contributions to candidates for elected office."

Cash method of accounting, not accrual


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry support the use of the

cash method of accounting, and not the accrual method, where preferred, by dentists engaged in the private practice of dentistry, and be it further

Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry communicate this position, when necessary, to legislative and regulatory entities.”

Community Health Centers


“Resolved, that the AGD recognizes that Community Health Centers can be a component in the effort to increase access to oral health care if the Community Health Center Board partners with local dental societies in order to contract with locally practicing dentists and more adequately identifies and reaches underserved and indigent (defined as 150% of the Federal Poverty Level) populations, and be it further

Resolved, that appropriate legislative activity be pursued to ensure that Community Health Centers are properly funded and function in the manner for which they were intended.”

Deduction for member dues

87:55 H 7

"Resolved, that the AGD support legislation and seek coalitions with other professional organizations that will allow salaried professionals to fully deduct dues to professional organizations without having to exceed the 2% of adjusted gross income now required for deduction of miscellaneous tax deductions."

Dental Lab Disclosure


"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry support legislation that requires dental labs to provide written disclosure to dentists the place of fabrication and the specific composition of all materials used in the fabrication of dental restorations and appliances.”

Federal Trade Commission

88:51 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry has a high priority in urging every member of Congress to join in the adoption of legislation that would restrict the Federal Trade Commission from intervening in state regulated professions."

FTC's efforts to pre empt state laws re corporate ownership


“Resolved, that policy 86:31-H-7 be amended so that it reads:
"Resolved, that in the interest of safeguarding patient care and freedom of choice, the AGD opposes any efforts by the Federal Trade Commission and any other agencies to preempt state laws that prohibit non dentist owned corporate dental practices, and be it further
Resolved, that the AGD supports any efforts to challenge the Federal Trade Commission's and any other agency's statutory authority to preempt state laws regarding non professional, non provider ownership of health care practices."

General Practitioner's role as gatekeeper for oral health


“Resolved, that the AGD as an organization of general dentists make every effort to inform policy makers of the potential effect increased specialization of dentists will have on the fragmentation of dentistry, especially on rural communities’ access to oral health care.”

Government subsidized health care programs

78:21 H 6

"Resolved, that AGD oppose all programs that allow government subsidized health care delivery systems to compete unfairly with the private practice delivery system, and be it further

Resolved, that the Legislative and Governmental Affairs Council direct their efforts in concert with the appropriate councils of the ADA and their constituent legislative councils to gather and disseminate all information which deals with this issue to the appropriate leadership at the national and state levels, and be it further

Resolved, that the leadership in the profession at national and state levels make every effort to upgrade the information deficit of federal and state legislatures so that they may be fully informed."
Guidelines for dealing with state legislation


“Resolved, that HOD Policy 89:54-H-7 be amended to read:

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry use the following guidelines in dealing with members requesting AGD action on legislation being proposed in their state or when lobbying on an issue is deemed appropriate by the AGD:

  1. Members have the right to know existing policies.

  1. The AGD shall make a reasonable effort to work with the constituent prior to undertaking any legislative activity.

  1. The AGD may intervene in the legislative affairs of a state or province with the oversight of the Executive Committee and the LGA Council.

  1. Members requesting support from the AGD for a legislative position may be asked to work through their constituent.

  1. Constituent secretaries/executive directors and Trustees will be provided with copies of AGD correspondence with their members regarding concerns about legislative issues being considered."

Indigent population, AGD as a voice for the


“Resolved, that policy 2003:15B-H-7 be amended so that it reads:
“Resolved, that the AGD continue to be an advocate for the oral health of the general population, including but not limited to the underserved.

Language interpretation at provider’s expense


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry is opposed to any federal, state or local government mandate that would require a dentist or other health care provider to supply, at the provider’s expense, language interpretation for patients who do not speak English or who have limited proficiency with the English language.”

Legislative or regulatory mandates with inadequate scientific basis


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry oppose any legislative or regulatory mandate affecting the practice of dentistry which is based on principles that do not have adequate scientific basis as determined by the AGD.”

Link between periodontal disease and low birth-weight babies


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry supports legislation that seeks to increase accurate and up-to-date professional and public awareness of the link between periodontal disease in pregnant women and pre-term, low-birth weight babies and the maternal transmission of caries.”

Managed care, AGD’s legislative priorities regarding


“Resolved, that the AGD’s legislative priorities with regard to dental managed care encompass the following:

Patients will have the choice to select a plan with a point-of-service option, with reasonable cost-sharing requirements in premiums and per-service costs provided that those costs are not excessive.

Patients in a plan will be allowed to select their dentist, and change that selection as the patient feels is necessary.
The plan shall provide access to an adequate mix and number of dentists, including both general dentists and specialists, to ensure access to those services covered by the plan C including patients in rural and dentally under-served areas.
The plan shall allow patients with special needs to be referred to appropriate providers including specialists.
The plan shall provide an appropriate appeals and grievance procedure that allows for timely responses to patient and/or provider complaints.
The plan shall provide a dentist, licensed to practice in that state or province where the services are provided, to be responsible for dental treatment policies, protocols, and quality assurance activities.
The plan shall define and disclose limitations on coverage of experimental treatments and provide timely written justification for denial of such treatment to patients.
The plan shall not discriminate in participation, reimbursement, or indemnification against any dentist solely on the basis of his/her license.
The plan shall not prohibit or limit a dentist or other health professional from engaging in communications regarding the patient’s health status, health care, treatment options, or utilization review requirements.
The plan shall not provide any financial incentives to dentists, other health professionals, or reviewers to deny or limit care.
The plan shall provide dentists with reasonable notice of termination and allow the dentist to appeal such a decision and take corrective action if necessary.
The plan shall assume any liability resulting from the plan’s denying or restricting treatment or referral to specialists.”
Mandating preferred provider organizations

84:25 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry oppose any federal legislation for the purpose of mandating preferred provider organizations, or pre empting state laws that regulate preferred provider organizations."

Military dentists, special pay and incentives for


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry request immediate action to stem the exodus of current military dental officers and assure a continuing supply of quality accessions, and be it further

Resolved, that the AGD favor increasing additional special pay, establishing incentive pay for dentists, and increasing Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) scholarship funding.”

National Practitioner Data Bank

90:57 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry work with the ADA to urge Congress and the Department of Health and Human Services to amend the National Practitioner Data Bank so that it will include only information on suspension of license, revocation of license or loss of hospital privileges for disciplinary reasons.”



“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry supports the continued existence and current structure and mission of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, and be it further

Resolved, that the AGD will take appropriate steps to lobby in support of NIDCR.”

Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry supports the use of scavenging equipment for nitrous oxide, and be it further

Resolved, that any additional regulation of nitrous oxide be based on valid scientific documentation.”

Prohibit fee capping of non-covered procedures
2013:315-H-6 “Resolved, that the AGD encourage and support federal legislation to prohibit fee capping of non-covered procedures by federally sponsored dental insurance plans.”
Prohibiting latex use without documented scientific evidence


“Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry be directed to oppose any legislation or regulation that is not based on documented scientific evidence of significant general risk to dental patients or workers which would prohibit the use of latex or latex-containing products in the dental office.”

Protect dental insurance as a fringe benefit

81:24 H 7

AMENDED 2008:306-H-7


“Resolved, that policy 81:24-H-7 be amended so that it reads:
"Resolved, that the AGD work to ensure that legislation would not adversely affect an employer's decision to provide dental insurance.”

83:24 H 7

AMENDED 2008:307R-H-7


“Resolved, that policy 83:24-H-7 be amended so that it reads:
“Resolved, that the AGD resist efforts being made by third party dental benefits programs to prohibit payment based on the specific technique used by the dentist to render treatment for the patient.”

Public disclosure of information in National Practitioner Data Bank


“Resolved, that the AGD oppose public disclosure of National Practitioner Data Bank information because it has the potential to provide misleading information about physician and dentist competency.”

Public Health Service Surgeon General


"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry recommends and supports continued and ongoing Congressional funding of the Office of the Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service in order to fulfill the mission of administration and oversight of the Commissioned Corps of the USPHS,

and be it further

Resolved, that the AGD supports the appointment of the Surgeon General from the ranks of the Commissioned Corps of the USPHS in keeping with existing legislation that provides for this result."
Sales tax on professional services   AGD opposition

87:63 H 7

"Resolved, that the AGD recommend that its constituents work with ADA and Canadian dental societies in opposing sales taxes on professional fees and services."

State over federal regulation of the dental profession

82:30 H 7

"Resolved, that the AGD supports the principle that in any regulation of the dental profession the dental health interests of the public are better served by the state rather than federal regulation."

Student Loan Interest Deduction

87:54 H 7

"Resolved, that the AGD support legislation seeking reinstatement of the full tax deductibility of interest payments of student loans."

Tax credit in states with reimbursement rates below 75th percentile


"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry seeks a tax credit not to exceed $5000 for dentists participating in the Medicaid program in states where reimbursement rates are less than the 75th percentile, and be it further

Resolved, that the credit be calculated on the difference between the state Medicaid reimbursement rate and the most recent ADA Annual Fee Survey 75th percentile schedule for the region."

Tobacco Cessation Treatment


“Resolved, that treatment for tobacco cessation including appropriate medication is within the scope of dental practice, and be it further
Resolved, that constituents be encouraged to lobby state and provincial legislatures/dental boards where restrictions exist.”

Tobacco settlement earmarked for health care


“Resolved, that the AGD support having monies from the settlement with the tobacco industry be earmarked for health care and be it further

Resolved, that this position be communicated to constituent AGD presidents who should work with state dental associations to see this is implemented in their respective states.”

Water quality during routine dental treatments should be appropriate


“Resolved, that the AGD supports the use of appropriate water quality during routine dental treatments.”

By credentials

92:33 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry encourage the American Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association to advocate a position that will encourage the various states or provinces to allow graduates of dental schools accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Dental Schools to be licensed by credentials in other states or provinces by meeting these criteria as a minimum:

1. Having successfully passed the National Boards and

2. Having passed a State or Provincial Board of Dental Examiners exam and/or a regional licensure exam
3. Having satisfactorily completed a jurisprudence and/or law exam if required by that state or province and
4. Having satisfactorily complied with the state or provincial law and Principles of Ethics of the state or province in which the individual is currently practicing."

94:19 H 7

"Resolved that the Academy of General Dentistry actively support licensure by credentials by providing assistance to any region or constituent requesting support in promoting the issue at the state level."

Malpractice Insurance and Litigation
Defending their capabilities to render dental procedures

81:12 H 7

"Resolved, that members faced with problems of defending their capabilities to render certain dental procedures be advised to seek help from local general practitioners to serve as expert witnesses on their behalf, and be it further

Resolved, that the AGD assist individual members in need of credentials by providing them with letters which may indicate any of the following points:

A. The fact that the individual has been a member in good standing of the AGD since a specific date.
B. The number of hours of continuing education on record in the AGD's central office for the member.
C. Verification that the individual has achieved Fellowship or Mastership status in the AGD.
D. Any of the individual's activities as a member, including the committees he has served on and the offices he has held in the AGD."
Mandated Health Benefits
AGD policy on

87:51 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry opposes federal and state laws mandating health and related benefits because such laws may increase health care costs, reduce employers' incentives to hire full time staff members, increase a trend toward underemployment of auxiliaries, and reduce incentives for employers to provide health care benefits since such laws place solo and small group practitioners at an economic disadvantage, and be it further

Resolved, that Congress and the states should explore alternatives to government mandated benefits, including favorable tax incentives that encourage employer expansion of health care and related benefits."

National Practitioner Data Bank

94:17 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry recommends limiting access to the National Practitioner Data Bank to those persons and entities originally authorized to report to and query the data bank by the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986."

AGD efforts to control regulations relating to infectious waste control

89:57 H 7

"Resolved, that the AGD work with the ADA in negotiating with OSHA and other governmental agencies to make regulations involving infection control, hazard communication and infectious waste less onerous and more economical for the general public and the dental profession."

AGD influence in adopting guidelines

89:52 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry work to influence the formation of OSHA guidelines that would protect the privacy and quality of patient care during the time of office inspection, and be it further

Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry request the ADA to include the following points in its negotiations with OSHA:

1. Inspectors should allow normal office operation to continue during inspection.
2. Inspectors should not interfere with patient care.
3. Inspectors should not attempt to speak with a dentist who is engaged in direct patient care or consultation with a patient.
4. Inspectors should not invade or in any way compromise a patient's privacy or confidentiality.
5. Inspectors should not make comments to a dentist, staff or other inspectors within patients' hearing."
AGD supports the ADA’s position on OSHA’s anticipated rule on Workplace Safety & Health



“Resolved, that the AGD support the ADA’s position on OSHA’s anticipated proposed rule on Workplace Safety & Health Programs as outlined in the letter written by Dr. William S. TenPas and attached to this report as Addendum A.

The AGD specifically supports an exemption in any final OSHA regulation on Workplace Safety & Health Programs for both small employers and low risk employers.”

Worker safety regulation, opposition

93:30 H 7

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry work in conjunction with the American Dental Association to oppose any OSHA worker safety regulations that are not substantiated by scientific documentation."

Patient Records
Confidentiality of

78:22 H 6

"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry support the principle of maintaining the confidentiality of patients' dental records, and be it further

Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry considers the compulsory in office audit of dental offices to be an invasion into the confidentiality of patients' dental records."

Pediatric Dentistry


"Resolved, that the Academy of General Dentistry supports the adoption of the following revised definition of the specialty of pediatric dentistry:

'Pediatric dentistry is an age-defined specialty that provides primary, comprehensive, preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, and may also include the treatment of those with special health care needs.'"

Peer Review Committees
For general dentists

77:11 H 6

"Resolved, that the peer review mechanisms of organized dentistry be the sole factor in determining whether a dentist is qualified to perform a particular dental service, and be it further

Resolved, that the AGD vigorously oppose the formation of lists of dental services which might indicate that a general dentist is not qualified to perform certain procedures."

Quality control review by

76:30 H 11

"Resolved, that the AGD endorses quality control review in the United States only by peer review committees established by ADA constituents and rejects the concept that quality review is the prerogative of prepayment programs."

Post Graduate Training
Availability for all recent graduates

92:36 H 7

"Resolved that the Academy of General Dentistry support, with the American Dental Education Association, the development of one year postgraduate training programs accessible to all dental school graduates, and be it further

Resolved, that the program(s) incorporate the following concepts:

a) that the program should be in the category of post graduate education with an appropriate stipend, and should not be a fifth year of dental school with potential for increased student indebtedness.
b) that the program should prepare a dentist for private practice, incorporating both clinical skill enhancement and practice management training.
c) that the Commission on Dental Accreditation should develop and implement appropriate standards and criteria for such one year postgraduate training program, including the definition of credentials required of program directors.
d) that program(s) be developed with sufficient flexibility for operation in the offices of selected practitioners, indigent care centers or public health sites.
e) that participants in post graduate training at public health sites be eligible for debt repayment programs, and be it further
Resolved that the AGD's position be communicated in writing to both the ADA's Commission on Dental Accreditation and to the American Dental Education Association."
Public Information
Monitoring dental health messages to the public


“Resolved, that AGD monitor dental health messages communicated to the public in an effort to see that the interest of the general dentist is properly reflected.”

Radiographs/Diagnostic Imaging
Dental assistants must be properly trained to use

80:23 H 7

"Resolved, that AGD recognizes that dental assistants should be properly trained to safely utilize radiological equipment, and be it further

Resolved, that AGD recognizes the need to have dental radiological equipment appropriately monitored in order to ensure the safety of the public, and be it further

Resolved, that AGD encourages the ADA to establish a comprehensive radiological safety program."

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