Afirma Biopsy Procedure Supplies needed

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Afirma Biopsy Procedure

Supplies needed:

Preparing the samples

  • Each collection tube needs a label with the patient’s initials on it. (see sample form)

  • There will be 4 passes on each nodule during the biopsy. The first and third passes need to be flushed into the FNA protect and the second and fourth passes need to be flushed into the CytoLyt solution.

Sending in the sample:

  • If you have multiple patients you will only need one shipper box.

  • Each nodule will get a small plastic bag and all samples for one patient will then be placed into the silver shipping envelope along with the requisition form and the insurance form.

  • Wrap the shipping envelope with the bubble wrap that comes in the shipping box and place it (or them) in between the 2 cold bricks in the Styrofoam box. Seal box and call Fed-Ex for a pick-up. If the biopsy is done on a Friday the shipping box will need a Saturday shipping label.

If you need any further help there is a step by step booklet in the filing cabinet that you can look at.

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