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Cancel/Refund-Booth Space

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Cancel/Refund-Booth Space


    • Cancellation of all or a portion of any exhibit space must be made in writing

    • Event is held RAIN OR SHINE

    • 50% of rental cost will be retained for any cancellation prior to June 24, 2016

    • 100% of rental cost will be retained for any cancellation after June 24, 2016




Person Responsible: Casie




    • There are no refunds for registration packages


    • If registrant is unable to attend, we can send their registration package to them 2-3 weeks after the event. If they registered for a Party Pass there is a $10.00 charge for shipping & handling. Ultimate Pass will be mailed at no additional cost. A request must be made in writing prior to the event for the package to be sent.


    • INTERNAL POLICY ONLY – DO NOT PUBLICIZE: Transfers will be allowed to a new name if registrant is unable to attend. This should not be offered, but can be accommodated if registrant asks. Transferring will only take place if requested at least one week prior to on-site registration opening. Cancel the registration without a refund and put a note in the Comments who the new registrant is. Enter a comp registration for the new person the registration is transferring to and put a note in the Comments who the original registrant was. This way we have all the correct info on the new registrant and do not lose all the contact info on the individual that paid for the registration.



Cart Usage - Vendors

Person Responsible: JC


    • Pushcarts will not be made available as vendors will be able to pull into the parking lot where their booths are located.



Celebrity Appearances - Pawn Stars

Person Responsible: Katie


    • Celebrity Appearance – Pawn Stars

      • Times: Friday, Sept. 30, 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Saturday, Oct. 1, 12:00pm - 2:30pm


LVBF Step and Repeat to be placed at booth prior to first autograph session and removed Saturday evening. Place 22X28 sign at booth on Thursday.



Chop-In Block Road Show

Person Responsible: CJS


Location: North Lot


    • Ongoing throughout rally

    • The Chop-In Block Road Show is an interactive area which will feature the following throughout the Event weekend:

      • Custom Bike Display

      • Product Demonstrations

      • Welding Demonstrations

      • Metal Shaping Demonstrations

      • Sheet Metal Seminars

      • Prizes

      • Featuring Gary Maurer from Kustoms Inc., Joe Mielke from Snap Fabrications and other custom bike builders



Cleaning - Booth

Person Responsible: Jenn


    • Not available


 Cool Zone

Person Responsible: KG


Cool Zone –

North Lot - Under Tent

Will include:

  • Seating

  • Shade

  • Misters

    • 20amp electrical required

  • Board Games


South Lot - Under Tent

Will include:

  • Seating

  • Shade

  • Misters

    • 20amp electrical required

  • Board Games


Sponsored by Zappos

Location: South 9th Street (Next to Western Building)

Will include:

  • Seating

    • Two large picnic tables (provided by Zappos)

    • 6-8 Picnic tables (provided by LVBF)

    • Beanbag Chairs

  • Shade

    • Zappos providing a 10 x 10 tent

  • Oversized games (provided by Zappos)

    • Beer Pong for 8 people

    • Fuse ball for 16 people

    • Operation

    • Battleship (with motorcycles instead of ships)

  • 2 Charging station (provided by Zappos)

    • 5amp electrical required

  • Misters

    • 20amp electrical required




Company: Sunbelt Rentals

Contact: Tom Warner

Office: (702) 644-3555

Cell: (619) 898-5600


Delivery/Install: Wednesday, 9/28/16 12:00pm

Pickup/Removal: Monday, 10/03/16 8:00am


Payment Info





Misters: $450 per mister

x(3) misters: $1,350

Delivery: $70 each way

Transportation Surcharge: $13.30

Tax: $111.11

Total cost: $1816.91



Contractors & Services

Person Responsible:

Barricades/Traffic Control

Barricades/No Park Signs

Company: Master of Barricades

Company: Master of Barricades

Contact: Jason Woods

Contact: Jason Woods

Phone: 702-791-2008

Phone: 702-791-2008

Cell: 702-265-2116

Cell: 702-265-2116





Cleaning Crew

Bike Rack

Company: ConvExx

Company: Trench Plate Rental

Contact: George Turton

Contact: Linda Weyl


Phone: (702) 791-2838

Cell: 702-417-6158

Cell: (702) 491-9409



LVBF Contact: Jennifer Carr

Onsite Contact: Mike




Electric Carts/Scooters

Company: Full Circle Events

Company: Ahern

Contact: Rudy Lekar

Contact: Gene Blakeman

Phone: 702-746-2702


Cell: 702-882-2388

Cell: 831-334-7870







Company: Tiberti Fence

Company: Full Circle Events

Contact: Dorian Vaugnh

Contact: Rudy Lekar

Phone: 702-382-7070

Phone: 702-746-2702


Cell: 702-882-2388





Food & Beverage

First Aid

Company: Gold Spike

Company: Guardian Elite Medical Services

Contact: Laurie Dorough

Contact: Sam Scheller

Phone: 702-476-4923

Phone: 702-262-2262


Cell: 702-274-9442






Headquarter Hotel

Company: Full Circle Events

Company: Golden Nugget

Contact: Rudy Lekar

Contact: Matt Shevlin

Phone: 702-746-2702

Phone: 702-386-3858

Cell: 702-882-2388

Cell: 702-415-7509





Photography - CBS/AII/Baddest Bagger

Photographer - Event


Company: Photography by Tonya

Contact: Jack McIntyre

Contact: Tonya Harvey

Cell: 610-636-5848

Cell: 702-812-8515






Company: BearCom

Company: Experient

Contact: Bea Goolsby

Contact: Helen Burgess

Phone: 702-252-7555

Phone: 240-439-2417

Fax: 702-795-0547





Sales Tax Permit


Company: State of Nevada

Company: Century Security

Contact: Department of Taxation

Contact: Mike Callaghan

Phone: 702-486-2300

Office: 702-262-7851

Fax: 702-486-2373

Cell: 702-860-1383







Company: Versagrafix

Company: Steve Beyer Productions

Contact: Phillip Williams

Contact: Steve Beyer

Phone: 702-476-4607

Phone: 702-568-9000


Cell: 702-283-1990






Company: Swisstrax

Contact: Jesse J. Stolp

Phone: 760-347-3330ext. 103

Mobile: 760-347-3343




Company: Bell Transportation

Contact: Laura Villafana

Cell: 702-904-3844

Temporary Restrooms

Temporary Staffing

Company A Company Inc.

Company: Eastridge

Contact: Suzanna Garvey

Contact: Ran Zookin & Susan Sperry

Contact: Suzanna Garvey

Phone: 702-568-9000


Fax: 866-422-9599


Cell: Ran 702-544-0224


Cell: Susan 702-218-6618





Company: Full Circle Events

Company: Ice Now

Contact: Rudy LeKar

Contact: Nolan de Graaff

Phone: 702-746-2706

Phone: 702- 448-2695

Cell: 702-882-2388

Cell: 702-448-2695




Call: 702-448-1235 for orders



Trash - Dumpsters & Receptacles


Company: Republic

Company: ATM Providers

Contact: Laura Patterson

Contact: Pete Carr

Phone: 702-812-0313

Phone: 702-454-1115







Company: Sunbelt Rentals


Contact: Tom Warner


Phone: 702-644-3555



Cell: 619-898-5600





Trash - Tilts

Company: Safe Keepers

Company: Century Cleaning

Contact: Don Trimmer

Contact: Coe Powers

Phone: 702-873-7233

Phone: 702-376-8180







Country Line Dancing

Person Responsible: KG


Location: South Stage

Date / Time: Saturday, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Band: South 65

Instructor: Ada Denton

Country line dancing lessons are free to everyone.

Some tables will be removed from South Lot Stage area at 7pm between Miss LVBF and Line Dancing to create room for dancing.**




Ada Denton

CEO Central Valley Events Unlimited



**Put signs on tables Saturday by 3pm to let people know the tables will be moved**



Credit Card Processing


Credit Card Authorization Information – MasterCard and VISA


    • Dial: 1-800-291-4840

    • Automated system will prompt you for the following information:

      • A specific Merchant Number

      • My assigned Merchant Number is 0000100022896

      • Card number; exactly as it appears on the card

      • Expiration date on card

      • Amount of Purchase in dollars and cents

    • Write authorization code on sales draft.


Voice Authorization Information


    • VISA/MC Voice Authorization # 1-888-550-2265

    • Discover Voice Authorization # 1-800-347-1111

    • American Express Voice Authorization # 1-800-528-2121

    • Customer Service/Supply Orders Voice Authorization # 1-888-228-2448

    • Merchant # 84870011190200


GoPayment Procedures (using your phone or tablet)


    • Download the mobile app

      • Search “GoPayment” in the app store or google play.

      • Email:

      • Password: LVBF2015

    • Insert card reader into headphone jack (if you do not have a card reader, proceed to next step)

      • It may ask you what type of card reader. Choose the picture that matches.

      • It may ask for access to your headphone jack. Click Yes.

      • Card reader works best if headphone volume is all the way up.

    • Enter Amount.

    • ENTER A DESCRIPTION in the optional description field. This is important so we know where to apply the payment.

    • Click Next.

    • Click Checkout.

    • Swipe credit card (if you do not have a swiper, click Scan Card or Key Enter Card

    • - you must enter zip code and CVV and then click next)

    • Ask purchaser to sign

    • Click Charge.

    • Ask purchaser if they would like a receipt.

      • If yes, click Send Receipt.

        1. Enter email address and click Send Receipt.

      • Click Done.



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