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Mouthguard Care Instructions

  1. Do not chew on your mouthguard.

  1. Never handle someone else’s mouthguard except in an emergency.

  1. If your mouthguard begins to feel uncomfortable, discontinue wearing it until a dentist has been able to check it and possibly adjust it for you.

  1. When not in use, keep the mouthguard stored in its case. Never store the mouthguard in your pocket, locker or gym bag without its case and never leave on any unclean surface.

  1. Keep the mouthguard out of direct sunlight (i.e. car dashboards, windowsills, etc.). Never boil, microwave or place the mouthguard in a dishwasher in an attempt to sterilize it.

  1. To clean the mouthguard after wearing it, scrub it and the case with soap and warm water. Do not use excessively hot water or the mouthguard may warp.

  1. If you notice an excessive build up of debris which does not easily scrub off the mouthguard, soak it in a denture cleaner, such as Efferdent, for 30-60 minutes prior to cleaning it.

  1. If the mouthguard develops an unpleasant smell or taste, try soaking it overnight in a ½ mouthwash, ½ water solution prior to wearing it again.

  1. Keep the mouthguard away from animals, especially dogs. Mouthguards can quickly become a favorite chew toy for pets.

  1. Air bubbles between the layers of the mouthguard are considered normal and are not a defect.

  1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding wear and care of the mouthguard, please call Dr. Wayne Ostdick at (262) 820-0825.

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