Adding a New Dental Provider to rpms & dentrix for edr

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Adding a New Dental Provider to RPMS & DENTRIX for EDR

May 2012

When the DENTRIX system is initially installed, all of the active Dental providers in RPMS are uploaded to DENTRIX. If, at a later date, additional Dental providers need to be added, then there is a specific process to accomplishing that action in order to ensure that the DENTRIX system will also be updated with the new Dental provider. Following the instructions below will ensure that the Dental provider is added successfully to RPMS and be available to DENTRIX. Under no circumstances should a Dental Provider ever be added directly to DENTRIX. If this occurs, PCC visits WILL NOT be created properly in RPMS. To add New Dental provider, the steps are as follows:

  1. New Dental providers need to be added via the AVA Add/Edit Provider menu. This menu only allows you to add the Dental provider – it does not allow you to add an NPI for the provider. A required MFN-M02 message (Provider Update message) to DENTRIX will not be triggered without a NPI being present. If no MFN-M02 message is generated then the new Dental provider will not be added to DENTRIX. To ensure that the message is triggered, proceed with Step 2 after adding the new provider. Below is a sample AVA ADD/EDIT PROVIDER menu:

AVA Person/Provider Edit Menu

IACT Inactivate/Reactivate Persons & Providers

PERS Add/Edit New Persons
PROV Add/Edit Providers <<<– Choose this option

Enter NEW PERSON's name (Family,Given Middle Suffix): Dental,Provider

Are you adding 'DENTAL,PROVIDER' as a new NEW PERSON (the 2669TH)? No// YES

NOTE: Menus are set up differently on different systems and your menu may not look exactly like the menu above. In addition, you may or may not have this AVA menu available to you as it requires the AVAZPRV security key. If that is the case, then contact a member of your local IT staff for assistance.

  1. Now that you have added the information for the new Dental provider you must add a valid NPI. To do so, back out of the AVA Add/Edit Provider menu by simply hitting the return (Enter) key and add the NPI for the new Dental provider via the Add/Edit NPI values for Providers option. The AVA menu for adding the NPI

NPI Add/Edit NPI values for Providers [XUS NPI ENTER NPI FOR PROVIDER]

“might” not be on the same menu as the one used to add the provider and their information. In fact, there is a possibility that it is not on any menu and must be added by your local IT staff. To complete the process for adding a new Dental provider, after you have added the NPI for that provider, proceed with Step 3.

NOTE: Although there is no security key for the AVA NPI menu, you may or may not have access to it, or it may not currently be available for everyone to use. If that is the case, then contact a member of your local IT staff for assistance.

  1. This is the final REQUIRED step to ensure that the Dental Provider update message will be sent to DENTRIX. Go back into the AVA Add/Edit Provider Menu shown in step 1 and retype the TITLE of that Dental provider. Now, back out of the AVA menu, or simply press the return key until you are again at your main menu, and the new Dental provider message will be sent across to Dentrix.

The reason for this step is because the way that the IHS AVA menus are written, the required message trigger for the provider update message will not be created until an edit/change in the provider’s information is performed. This final step (Step 3) performs that edit and triggers the message.

Now that Step 3 is complete, this will complete the entire process of adding a new Dental provider to both RPMS and DENTRIX. Have someone on your Dental staff verify in the DENTRIX system that the provider is now available by taking the following steps:

  1. Login to the CENTRAL clinic

  2. In the Office Manager go to Maintenance| Practice Setup| Clinic Resource setup

  3. Check for the new providers in the provider section in the middle. The provider ID number will be listed as the NPI number entered into RPMS

  4. If the provider is not listed in CENTRAL clinic, contact Henry Schein Technical support at 800-372-4346; you will need to provide your customer name and customer number

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