Actps performance Framework

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ACTPS Performance Framework

Video Transcript:

Animation video promoting the ACT Public Service Performance Framework.

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The ACT Public Service Performance Framework is about achieving results together It’s about starting conversations within teams and with your manager

It’s about asking yourself: “How am I going?”

To bring out the best that you have to offer - you need to know how your work fits in the scheme of things. Not just within your team, but in your directorate and the wider service as a whole.

It’s about shining a light on your achievements as well as identifying areas that may need improvement

Great work performance is not just about the work we do; our tasks or projects, it’s also about the way we do it; our values and behaviour.

Developing your work performance gives you a chance to ‘stretch’; to grow your skills and talents, so you can increase the odds that you’ll bring you’re ‘A’ game - every day.

Its great news if you are a manager or supervisor. We’ll be providing you with guidance and practical work tools to help you have really great work performance conversations with those you manage. So whether you have your manager ‘hat’ on or your employee ‘hat’, you’ll see this process in a whole new light.


Well it’s a part of the overall culture change that is happening now right across the service.

So you get a greater sense of ownership and accountability over your work.

So you feel valued for your skills - and recognised for the work you do every day.

Most of all, we want this to be a two way street so you feel comfortable to start a conversation with your manager so you’ve got the chance to perform at your best.


By stripping some of the ‘formality’ from the process.

By making Performance Management and Development less about the paperwork and all about the good quality conversation between you and your manager.

So lets all get rid of all the standard ideas we may have about performance management. And try to be open to taking on this new approach. Because it’s likely that your workplace; the place that you spend a whole chunk of your day – is about to become even more worker friendly.

So as they say - out with the old – in with the new!

The ACT Public Service Performance Framework.

See performance in a whole new light

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