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Senses Night Ideas

Activity/Game Description



Craft: Benham's Top

Game: Blind Cricket

Use a ball with a rattle in it. The batter is blindfolded. The bowler holds out the ball and calls when they are going to bowl.

Ball with rattle inside, cricket bat

Activity: Confuse Your Noodle

You have to be able to read to perform this challenge -- called the Stroop Effect -- which was first described in 1935 by psychologist J. Ridley Stroop. Using coloured markers, write the names of these colours as a list on a sheet of paper: red, yellow, green, blue, red, blue, yellow, green, blue, red. When you write down the colours, make sure you write each using a pen colour that's different from the colour the name indicates. For instance, you might write the word "blue" in red ink. Then ask the kids to name the colour ink used for each word. It's tough because viewing the written word interferes with the brain's ability to process information about colour. The child who reads with the fewest errors wins.

Paper, coloured markers

Activity: Drawing
Blindfold the Joeys or get them to close their eyes. Give them each a piece of paper and a pencil and get them to draw a scene as you describe it to them

Paper and pencils.

Game: Feeding
Two teams, one blindfolded. The team blindfolded walk (guided) to the other team and proceed to feed them a couple of marshmallows from a bowl that each blindfolded Joey is holding. When “feeding” is completed, teams change over.

Bowls and marshmallows, scarves to be used as blindfolds.

Game: Help Your Partner
A course is drawn or indicated with a long rope, coloured wool or chalk – curves, zigzags, straight lines, corners, a river etc. In twos: facing one another and holding hands, Joey Scouts are placed along the course with spaces between each pair. One partner is blindfolded. On “GO” the pairs move forward (all in the same direction) along the obstacle course. When all appear to have reached their starting positions, the blindfold is swapped over and the pairs go back the other way, so all have a turn at helping and guiding as well as being the blind person needing help.

Rope, scarves to be used as blindfolds.

Game: Kim’s Game
Set up tray with items. Give each Joey a piece of paper and pencil. Get the Joeys to study the tray for a few minutes, then cover up the tray and get them to write down or draw all the items on the tray.

Tray with items, tea towel, paper and pencils.

Activity: Let's Eat

Blindfolded Joeys are asked to pour a drink without overflowing their cup. They are then asked to eat their lunch, sandwich and drink, without taking off their blindfold.

Blindfold, water, sandwich

Game: Seeing Red (and Green and Blue)
Hide different coloured objects around the hall prior to the game. Print on small pieces of paper a colour, and then put them in a hat for Joeys to grab. In a short time span (until a Leader says “stop!” the Joeys must find as many as they can.

Strips of paper with a colour printed on it, coloured items

Game: Where is Joey of the Week?

Hide a small picture of our Joey of the Week somewhere in the hall. Joeys enter the hall and when they have located the picture they come and sit down in the circle.

Hide a small picture of a Joey of the Week somewhere

Game: Who’s Missing
Joeys hop around the hall. On a signal, all lie down with eyes closed. One Joey is covered up with the blanket and on signal, the other Joeys sit up and guess who is missing.



Expose Your Nose – use old spice jars for this activity. Place the items in the jar and have the Joeys try and identify the smells.
Alternatively - have 2 identical items in each jar and have the Joeys match the smells.

Jars with different smells to identify - e.g. onion, garlic, mint leaves, vanilla, vinegar, chocolate, coffee, tea etc.

How Sweet It Is – different concentrations of the same smell are placed in the same amount of water in separate containers. The Cubs have to organise the smells by level of smell concentration

5 containers, water, smell concentrate

Onion Trail

Take an onion and cut in half - now wipe along trees etc. to make a trail for the Joeys to follow.


Smell Cards

A bit like "scratch and sniff" cards, these smell cards could be used for memory or matching type games. Collect a number of dried herbs, spices or flowers that have a strong smell. Glue some of your "smelly" items on index cards or cardboard. Make sure that you don't completely cover the "smell" with glue.

Cardboard or index cards, dried herbs, spices or flowers, glue


Game: Barnyard
Write and/or draw different animals on slips of paper. Each animal name appears on 2 slips. Put them into an ice-cream container. Get the Joeys to pull out one piece each. Joey Scout makes the noise of their animal and tries to find their animal pair. When they have found their pair they sit down.

Prepared slips with animal names and pictures

Game: Blindfold Tag

Put a bell on one Joey or Leader. Blindfold the rest of the Mob. The person with the bell moves around while the rest of the Mob tries to find them. (make sure any dangerous obstacles are removed from the playing area)

Bells, string, blindfolds

Craft: Clucking Cup

Plastic cups, string, sponge, cardboard, wiggle eyes and glue

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