Accreditation requirements for pediatric dentistry programs

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    1. Provide the following information:

  1. Name of Institution

  2. Mailing and website addresses

  3. Telephone and fax numbers, email address(es) and the name of the survey visit coordinator

  4. Name of President or Chief Executive Officer along with telephone number

  5. Name of Dean or Director along with telephone number

  6. Name of Program Head or equivalent along with telephone number

  7. Date program was established

  8. Provincial authority under which the institution operates

  9. Program length

  10. Name of the privacy officer and the position job description

0.2 List the Recommendations that resulted from the last accreditation survey report and describe how they were addressed.

0.3 If the CDAC accredited dental specialty program has established a Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Programs (DSATP) for dental specialists from non-accredited programs to be eligible for certification and licensure in Canada (either “on-site” or at an affiliated institution) the program must provide the documentation requested in Appendix A.


1.1 CDAC requires that an advanced or dental specialty program must be sponsored by a faculty/school/college of dentistry located within a university, which is properly chartered and licensed to operate and offer instruction leading to a degree, diploma or certificate. All other educational programs offered by the university eligible for accreditation by CDAC must be accredited. A hospital that provides a major component of an advanced dental education program must have its dental service accredited by CDAC. It is expected that the position of the program in the administrative structure will be consistent with that of other comparable programs within the institution. There must be provision for direct communication between the program and the parent institution regarding decisions that directly affect the program. Faculty members should have the opportunity to participate on university committees.
Documentation Required

  1. Attach as an appendix, the senior organizational chart of the university (include the names of the individuals currently holding these positions).

  2. Attach as an appendix, an organizational chart of the program.

  3. Attach as an appendix, the terms of reference for the decision making body that oversees the program.

  4. Attach as an appendix, a list of all educational programs, eligible for accreditation by CDAC.

  5. Attach as an appendix, a list of university committees in which faculty members participate.

1.2 The program must define its own mission statement, consistent with that of the parent institution, the faculty/school/college of dentistry or faculty of graduate studies.
Documentation Required
Provide a copy of the mission statement or equivalent for the parent institution and a copy of the mission statement or equivalent for the program.
1.3 Specific program objectives and outcomes must be consistent with the mission statement.
Documentation Required
Provide a copy of the program’s objectives and outcomes.
1.4 The parent institution must recognize the unique costs involved in dental education. Documentation must be submitted providing revenue and expense data for the program.
Documentation Required

  1. Describe the procedures used in determining the budget of the program.

  2. Attach as an appendix, a copy of the current program budget including details of revenues and expenditures.

  3. Describe any significant changes in the budget over the past five (5) years.

  4. Comment on the adequacy of the present budget.

  5. Describe the process for the replacement of old/or the purchase of new equipment and resources.

  6. Describe the process and rationale used to establish clinic fees, if applicable.

1.5 The program must establish structures and processes for ongoing planning, evaluation and improvement of the quality of the program. Membership and terms of reference for committees must be established and published, recognizing that the parent institution has ultimate responsibility and authority. Committees should include representatives from the specialty program, residents and, where appropriate, qualified individuals from the parent institution and the profession.
Documentation Required
Describe the committee structures and processes that provide for ongoing planning, evaluation and improvement of program quality. Attach as an appendix, the membership, terms of reference and frequency of meetings of these committees.
1.6 The program must evaluate the degree to which its objectives and outcomes are being met through a formal process. Results of this process must be used to improve program quality.
Documentation Required
Describe the process(es) used to evaluate the program relative to its stated objectives and outcomes and identify how this process is used to improve program quality.
1.7 The parent institution may seek financial support from external sources. External contracts must not compromise the programs’ stated objectives and outcomes or restrict the research requirements established by the parent institution. To eliminate any perception of bias or breach of ethics that may be a consequence of accepting and administering such funds, the parent institution must involve program administration and maintain transparency in relation to the process to seek external funding sources and any conditions attached to the acceptance of such funds. External funding must not determine the selection of residents, design and content of the curriculum, choice of techniques and materials used in teaching and the appointment of academic or administrative staff.
Documentation Required
Describe the impact of external funding on resident selection, program curriculum, the selection of teaching materials and academic appointments.

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