Accepted Students Panel Monday, April 01, 2013

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Accepted Students Panel

Monday, April 01, 2013

7:05 PM



Where you guys in terms of applications at this point (April)?

  • Contact references early

    • Get it while school is in session

    • Austell: long process to get recommendation from Austell (4 months before policy)

  • Personal statement already written

    • Write a draft of your personal statement

    • Writing a novel about your life

    • You can use interfolio to upload recommendation and you can have the professor send it early to AADSAS

  • Went through AADSAS application

  • Work, research, extracirrucular

  • Get transcript as soon as you can

Do you have to send an official transcript?

  • Yes

X factor that helped you get in

  • Location, came from middle of nowhere

  • Worked through dental school in pediatric department

    • "I heard you worked with Dr. Roberts, tell me about that"

  • Stick with what you are passionate about

    • Sports

  • Tutor for A&P

  • Language: ability to communicate (spanish, english, french)

  • Public health tieing into dentistry

    • Should medicine and dentistry be combined into one

  • Being in DDS for so long

    • Important to interview well: just want to get to know you as a person

How was interview process at the different schools

  • UNC: more stressful because it was worth 40%, had good breakfast foods. You are interviewing with 60 other students; UNC was really welcoming and friendly and put you at ease. They have a welcome dinner

  • Iowa: throughout the day, knew that she didn't want to Iowa

  • ECU: (for Erica) had two faculty at once and one lady was energetic and other guy had his head down the whole day so sometimes that may make you nervous

  • Depends on who you are interviewing with

  • Tufts: 10 min, 1 perosn interview at Tufts (Daniel); Sharon (professor kept throwing negative comments at Sharon but student was nice)

  • Interviewed at 8 schools and had speed dating

    • Michigan/Ohio State: michigan was 10 mins with one person. Blow whistle, then take time on you and they start talking to you as a person. Ohio State and Michigan had a cool interview process because of the whistles

  • Average amount of schools

  • 8, 8, 10, 8, 4, 9 (expensive)

Apply to California schools?

  • Daniel rejected from 1 of the California schools

  • "sorry, we don't accept east coast students"

  • Indiana only takes 1 out of school studnets

  • Out of state students

    • Look at what states they take from if out of state

Is the supplemental different for each school?

  • Varies from everywhere

  • Other schools send you through a screen and you don’t have to pay the $80

  • It varies because UNC had an extensive

  • Columbia: give me a check

  • Other supplements: what is your demographics

  • Florida: had to write a different personal statement

Where di you interview

Erica: UNC ECU tufts


NOVA MUSC UNC MI, VCU Tufts, MD (didn’t go)

UNC Marquett MIC OS Iowa, Midwetrestern BC Arizona

Ken UNC ECU VCU (Midewst, MD)

Maryland, Stonybrook, Kent
ECU, UNC (and Texas but didn’t go)


MD: 20 people, graduate center is really cool right near the interharbor

  • 1 faculty and 1 student

    Who did you go to to check your personal statements, etc

  • PI,

  • Kin: parents and dentist

  • : sister

  • :mom and roommate

  • : english professor and mom

Hours for shadowing and volunteering?

  • Yes

  • Put down things that you really care about (don’t put a dentist you only shadowed for half day)

  • Shadowed abroad: yes you can put that

  • How many hours per week

  • Still with shadowing

  • They have a set number of things you can put down

    • They can see that you are committed to doing something and that you are passionate

When did you take the DAT?

  • After sophomore year (Sharon)

  • Whenever you finish organic 2!

  • After sophomore year!

  • If you have to retake it, then you have time

  • You can take it right before you apply (May 30th)--the earlier, the better

Did anyone want to take a gap year?

  • Erica & Sharon: no

  • Kinsey: Maybe

  • Daniel: let schools decide what was going to happen: if got in, then go..if not get in, then no gap year; going to Europe; backpacking

  • Jordan: maybe thought be more dedicated to school but got in

Do dental schools care if you underload?

  • No, they don’t think so

How do you tell what is science or not?

  • There is a PDF that tells you (psyschology isn't considered)

How many hours did you shadown with each dentist?

  • Sharon didn't shadow a specialist

  • Gen den: 80 hours total

  • 80-100 is good

  • Jordan shadowed gen den for 40 hours


  • "What did you learn from a specialist that was different from regular dentist?"

What other activities did you do?

  • Daniel: Website for Habitat for Humanitt, Bridging the Gap, intership with HPM major, research

  • Sharon: DDS, research in biology and dental, horseback riding, piano player since she was 5

  • Kins: sports (swimming), leadership programs,

  • Eagle/boy scrouts, basketball soccer couch for youth leages

  • Jason: hospital volunteer, hispanic immigrant populations

  • Jorgan: interned in human anatomy lab, dental brigade, research, church


  • Erica: Columbia SMDEP: took 2 classes and you get talks from different specialists, pay you to go, NYC for 6 weeks--summer after freshman or sophomore year only

Was it hard to find a research job?

  • Summer before junior year, read through peoples research, compiled a list of 20 or 30 research jobs. Emails saying Im interested. Only 3 out of 20 respond, then he got 1.

  • Sharon emailed 30 people and didn’t get a single relpy. But when talked with a professor she liked, she got yes

    • With dental school, she interviewed for research

  • Flyer in the bio dept asking for bio undergrads to apply and Jordan got it

    • Went to colorado to study birds

General stuff to

  • Try your best to have a 4.0 and 30 on the DAT

  • Don’t know if you are accepted until 6 months

  • Don’t be scared…

  • Don’t go to SDN

  • Don’t get freaked out!

  • 80% of people were all freaking out at 8am, Jason couldn’t stand it

  • Don't browse outside of student doctor network

  • Sharon didn't get weird questions

  • If your spouse was dying there was a pharmacy that was locked, would you break in to save your husband? Would you break the law to save your loved ones life?

  • Name three strengths and three weaknesses

  • One word to descirbe yourself: need another word

    • Michigan gives tough ethical interviews

GPA DAT cutoff?

  • If you have a "low" GPA, then make it  up with your DAT

  • Its okay to get a C or 2

  • UNC supplemental: talk about your academica performance

  • Erica did a mock interview at career services; Sharon did one with her dentist

Tips on studying for DAT?

  • Flashcards per chapter

  • Overall, Kaplan book and DAT destroyer

  • Crack the PAT: computer software: harder that you expect--most like the test

  • Reading comprehension

  • TOPSCORE pro: practice test everyday to get used to it

    • Erica did 5 practice tests

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