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Abuse, Neglect, and Violence

Table of Contents

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Statistics 1

Signs of Possible Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation 3

Screening and Identification of Possible Victims 4

Sexual Violence 6

Child Abuse 9

Domestic Violence 14

Vulnerable Adult Abuse 18

Human Trafficking 24

Reporting Requirements 32

Rape Crisis Centers 35

Kentucky State Police Posts 39

Reporting Laws 40

Service Providers by ADD 47

Domestic Violence Personal Safety Plan Brochure 48

References 50

Abuse, Neglect, and Violence

Sexual Violence:

  • 1 of 6 women and 1 of 33 men in the U.S. have experienced “an attempted or completed rape”.

  • Most sexual violence, approximately 70%, is not reported to police, nor is medical treatment sought.

  • Only about 7% of all rapes included use of traditional weapons such as a gun or knife.

  • 65% of victims knew the offender either as a friend, acquaintance, intimate partner, or relative.

In Kentucky:

  • 1 in 9 adult women has been “forcibly raped” at some time in her life.

  • That totals more than 175,000 women.

  • This estimate does not include those rapes that occurred via alcohol or drug facilitation, attempted rape, or “statutory rape”.

  • Most offenders are men regardless of victim gender.

Child Abuse/Neglect:

  • Nationally, 3.5 million children received assessment or investigation in 2007.

  • 22.5% of those children were found to have been maltreated.

  • ¾ of those children had no prior history of victimization.

  • 31.9% of all victims of maltreatment were younger than 4 years old. An additional 23.8% were ages 4-7 and 19% ages 11-17.

  • National abuse breakdown: 7.6% Sexual, 10.8% Physical, 68.5% Neglect, and 4.2% Emotional/Psychological.

  • One in three adolescents tested for sexually transmitted infections and HIV have experienced domestic violence.

In Kentucky:

  • KY received 75,178 child protective services reports in SFY 09.

  • 20% of KY’s investigated cases were substantiated for child abuse and/or neglect.

  • 54.8% of the children had no prior history of substantiated abuse.

  • Nearly 50% of KY’s substantiated abuse cases involved children younger than 6 yrs. old and another 25% were ages 11-17.

  • KY abuse breakdown: 9% Sexual, 22% Physical, 68.5% Neglect, and <1% Emotional.

Spouse/Partner Abuse (Domestic Violence):

  • Approximately one in every three women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

  • An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.

  • Females who are 20-24 years of age are at the greatest risk of nonfatal intimate partner violence.

  • Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury among women ages 15-44.

  • Homicide is the second leading cause of traumatic death for pregnant and recently pregnant women in the U.S. accounting for 31% of maternal injury deaths.

  • Women experiencing abuse in the year prior to and/or during a recent pregnancy are 40-60% more likely than non-abused women to report high blood pressure, vaginal bleeding, severe nausea, kidney or urinary tract infections, or hospitalization during pregnancy.

In Kentucky:

  • Over 4,000 women and children sought shelter in spouse abuse centers in fiscal year 2009 (July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009).

  • The centers received over 32,600 domestic violence-related calls and another 67,000 information/referral calls in that same year.

  • On an average day during that year, there were 412 residents in the fifteen KDVA shelters throughout the state.

Vulnerable Adult Abuse:

  • Every year an estimated 2.1 million older Americans are victims of physical, psychological, or other forms of abuse and neglect.

  • Up to 90% of individuals with developmental disabilities are sexually abused at some time.

  • The risk of abuse for people with disabilities is 2-5 times higher than for the general population

  • For every case of elder abuse, neglect, exploitation, or self-neglect that is reported to authorities, it is estimated that as many as five (5) additional cases are not reported.

  • 90% of elder abuse and neglect incidents are by known perpetrators, usually family members, of which the vast majority are adult children or spouses.

  • The eldest of seniors, those 80 years and older, are abused and neglected at 2-3 times the proportion of all other senior citizens.

In Kentucky:

  • In 2008, 54,701 reports of adult abuse were received, of those 11,000 were for persons over the age of 60.

    • 39% of these were abused by someone other than a spouse or partner.

    • 24% were caretaker neglect.

    • 19% were abused by a spouse or partner.

    • 16% was financial exploitation.

  • Over 874,000 Kentucky residents have disabilities of various types.

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