A wrinkle in Time Character Matching Match the following characters to the correct descriptions

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A Wrinkle in Time

Character Matching

Match the following characters to the correct descriptions

1. Mrs. Who

2. Mrs. Whatsit

3. Mrs. Which

4. Mr. Murry

5. Aunt Beast

6. Mrs. Murry

7. It

8. The Black Thing

9. Charles

10. Calvin O’Keefe

11. Meg Murry

12.Sandy and Dennys

13.Happy Medium

14. Man with the Red Eyes

15. Mr. Jenkins 

  1. a brilliant scientist and a loving mother who cooks meals for her family on her Bunsen burner. She also writes loving letters to her absent husband every night.

  2. She usually speaks in quotations from famous thinkers and writers because she finds it too difficult to craft her own sentences.

  3. Comes from a large family that does not really care about him, but he nonetheless demonstrates a strong capacity for love and affection

  4. Her unconventional speech is usually rendered in capitalized words, with the first consonants repeated several times and has difficulty materializing and is usually just seen as a shimmering gleam.

  5. The disembodied brain that controls all the inhabitants of Camazotz with its revolting, pulsing rhythm.

  6. Meg's cold and unfeeling high-school principal who calls her "belligerent and uncooperative"

  7. A robot-like inhabitant of Camazotz who tries to hypnotize Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building.

  8. This tall, furry, many-tentacled inhabitant of the planet Ixchel cares lovingly for Meg after she is nearly destroyed by the Black Thing.

  9. A physicist who works for a top-secret government agency on experiments with travel through space and time.

  10. A jolly, clairvoyant woman in a silk turban and satin gown who shows the children a vision of Earth through her crystal ball.

  11. Athletic and socially successful ten-year-old twins who encourage Meg to let them fight off the bullies who make fun of Charles Wallace.

  12. Meg's extraordinarily intelligent five-year-old younger brother who is capable of reading minds.

  13. A cold and dark shadow that symbolizes the evil forces that Meg, Calvin, and Charles

Wallace must fight against in order to rescue their father.

  1. The book's heroine and protagonist, a homely, awkward, but loving high school student

who is sent on an adventure through time and space.

O. The tramp who stole bed-sheets from their neighbors and then sought shelter from a storm in the Murrys' warm kitchen

Multiple Choice

Choose the correct answer for each question

16. In Camazotz, what did Meg compare all the women who opened the doors to?

A.TV moms

B. her mom

C. cartoons

D. paper dolls

17. In the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building, what subject did the man they talked to teach?





18. What did the man with the red eyes try to get the kids to say with him in order to take control of their minds?


B.times tables

C.nursery rhymes

D.the Alphabet

19. What is the Murry's dog's name?





20. What was Meg's best subject in school?





21. What sense did Aunt Beast lack?





22. What enabled Meg to rescue her father?

A.Mrs. Who's spectacles

B.Mrs. Whatsit's hat

C.The Mrs. W's love

D.Mrs. Which's aura

23.Where did they land when they returned home?

A.the roof

B.the star-watching rock

C.the road

D.the twins' vegetable garden

24. What dimension is a tesseract?

A.4th dimension

B.5th dimension

C.2nd dimension

D.3rd dimension

25. What play does Mrs. Who often quote from?

A.The Tempest

B.Twelfth Night

C.Much Ado About Nothing

D.A Midsummer Night's Dream
26. What has Meg and Charles Wallace's father been trapped in?

A.A Swirling Room

B.A Transparent Column

C.An Floating Window

D.A Dreary Dungeon

27. What causes Charles Wallace to get caught up in IT?

A.he is not very big

B.he is bad on the planet

C.he is too lazy to resist

D.he is too proud

28. What was it that Meg had that IT did not have?





29. On what planet does the novel end?





30. Which family member was missing at the beginning of the book?



C.Mrs. Murry

Mr. Murry

31. Though dressed as Halloween witches and living in a haunted house, in actuality, what kind of beings were the mysterious three ladies?





32. What scientific concept did Mrs. Whatsit mention that upset Mrs. Murry?

A.Einstein's Theory



D.The Tesseract

33. Which character came home from school with a black eye?





34. Whose mind became possessed by 'It'?

A.Charles Wallace




35. What almost killed Meg?

A.Being in 'It's' presence

B.Kissing Calvin

C.Punching the man with red eyes

D.Tessering through the Black Thing

Quote Identification

Who said the following quotes?

36. "I have to go on. We have to make our own decisions, and we can't make them if they're based on fear."
37.”Like and equal are not the same thing at all!”
38. “Differences create problems”
39. “only a fool is not afraid”
40. “Beware of pride and arrogance, Charles, for they may betray you.”

Essay Question (worth 20 points) Write a 3 paragraph (Introduction, Body Paragraph, and Conclusion) essay in proper format.

Topic: Analyze the character Meg from a Wrinkle in Time and explain how the author constructs her character. Which methods of characterization does the author best use to reveal Meg’s personality? Be sure to provide examples of when in the book such methods of characterization are used.

Methods of Characterization:






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