A revised Version of Little Red Ridding Hood Instruction

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A Revised Version of Little Red Ridding Hood
Instruction: Use the words from the word bank to identify the muscles used in the story. Remember some words may be used more than once!!!

Sternocleidomastoid Trapezius Rectus abdominus Flexor digitorum

Biceps brachii Abdominal obliques Quadriceps femoris Orbicularis oculi

Sternocleidomastoid Frontalis Orbicularis Oris Diaphragmn/intercostals

Buccinator Masseter Pectoralis Major Gluuteus Maximus

Deltoid Zygomaticus Frontalis Triceps Surae

Pectoralis Major Latissiumus dorsi Triceps brachii Extensor Carpi

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Little Red Riding Hood (so named after the little red cape & hood her beloved grandmother had made for her). One day her grandmother fell ill. “Little Red Riding Hood,” her mother said, “your grandmother is ill. I’ve prepared a basket for you to take to her. Don’t waste time in the forest, & don’t talk to any strangers along the way!” her mother warned. “Yes, mother,” replied Little Red Riding Hood, 1. nodding her head ( ) in affirmation. “And don’t slump, child!” 2Pull those shoulders back ( ) before you ruin your posture.”

Soon, the little girl was running through the forest to grandma’s house. She stopped briefly to 3. breath in deeply ( ) & admire the smells of the forest & beautiful flowers. “I know exclaimed Red, I shall pick some of these lovely flowers for dear, sick grandmamma.” 4. Turning her head from side to side, ( ) she spied many colorful species. 5. Bending forward @ the waist, ( ) she reached for a cluster of blue flowers. 6.Closing her fingers ( ) around the flower stems, she picked a fragrant bouquet. “How lovely!” she murmured, 7. flexing her forearm (_______ ) so that she might smell the newly picked flowers. Noticing a nearby brook, Red decided to take off her shoes & socks & cool her legs in the water. 8. Bending to first one side then the other, ( ) she unbuckled each shoe. Her feet & toes free, Red 9. extended first one leg, ( ) then another as she stepped into the water. Red 10. closed her eyes ( ) & pretended that magical forest fairies surrounded her. Hearing an unexpected crackle of branches, her eyes flew open & she timidly called out, “Who is there-show yourself…” Hoping for a fairy friend, she saw instead, the head of a large hairy wolf peaking from behind a rather large tree! “YIKES!” screeched Little Red, 11eyebrows raised ( _) in alarm over side eyes. “Don’t be afraid, Red,” the wolf coaxed, w/his most sincere 12smile ( ).

“My mother told me not to talk to strangers,” Red firmly told him as she quickly 13tiptoed (___________ across the forest floor to retrieve her shoes & basket. “Yes, & quite right,” agreed the wolf. “But… I’m not a stranger. My no!” he reasoned while 14adducting his arms across his chest ( __ in a submissive fashion. “I know your name, don’t I? A stranger wouldn’t know your name,” he laughed. “Besides, I’ve come to keep you company. Here, let me help you w/that heavy load,” wolfie suggested as he 15abducted an arm ( ) in the direction of the food basket. Snatching the basket, Red immediately 16put her arm behind her back ( ), attempting to hide & protect her foods. “This is for my sick granny who lives on the other side of the woods,” she righteously exclaimed. The wolf called out cunningly as Red Riding Hood hurried off, “Well, now-you wouldn’t want to forget these flowers. I’m sure granny will love them.”

The wolf called out cunningly as Red Riding Hood hurried off, “Well, now-you wouldn’t want to forget these flowers. I’m sure granny will love them.” Hesitantly, Red turned around. “Thank you,” she said as she 17extended her elbow ( ) & 18hand ( ______ toward the bouquet. “Certainly,” responded the wolf in his most formal manner. “Have a nice walk.”

Red was a little anxious after her chance meeting w/the wolf & decided to go directly to grandma’s house. Unbeknownst to her, the wolf took a shortcut to grandma’s.

“Grandma, Grandma, it’s me-Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve come w/food & flowers,” she called out.

“Yes, dear-come to granny’s room. I’m not feeling well,” grandma replied in a deep throaty voice.

“Oh, grandma,” Red said 19wrinkling her forehead ( ) in concern. “Your eyes-they look so big.” “Better to see you with, my dear.”

Red 20opened her astonished mouth ( ) as she once again remarked, “But grandma, your ears-they look so enormous & … hairy!” “Better to hear your with, my dear.”

“But grandma, your mouth-it looks so big!” “Better to eat you with!” shouted the drooling wolf as he threw off grandma’s night bonnet & blankets while leaping @ the young girl.

Red ran to grandma’s yard & 21blew ( ) the bullhorn for help. The mean spirited wolf chased Red around the yard, 22snaping shut his jaw ( __ in happy anticipation of tasting her epithelium. Soon a hunter from the forest arrived. 23Adducting his arm across his chest ( ), he raised his gun @ ocular level & shot the sly, arrogant wolf in the 24hinney muscle ( ).

“I will cut his dermis off & hang it in the forest for all to see,” the hunter promised. “Let this be a warning to all wolves who would eat us for dinner!” As the hunter cut the wolf’s abdomen, however, out popped grandma! In the wolf’s hurry to devour her, he had swallowed her whole. What a happy reunion she & Little Red had as they ran towards each other, 25arms extended ( ) & big 26smiles ( ) spreading across their faces.

The End

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Little Red Riding Hood Key

1. Sternocleidomastoid

14. Pectoralis Major

2. Trapezius

15. Deltoid

3. Diaphragm/Intercostals

16. Latissimus Dorsi

4. Sternocleidomastoid

17. Triceps Brachii

5. Rectus Abdominus

18. Extensor Carpi

6. Flexor Digitorum

19. Frontalis

7. Biceps Brachii

20. Orbicularis Oris

8. Abdominal Oblique

21. Buccinator

9. Quadriceps Femoris

22. Masseter

10. Orbicularis Oculi

23. Pectoralis Major

11. Frontalis

24. Gluteus Maximus

12. Zygomaticus

25. Latissimus Dorsi & Deltoid

13. Triceps Surae

26. Zygomaticus

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