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Herb Crosby
A special thanks to our wonderful Executive Director, Sherry Davis, and dozens of dedicated volunteers for making 2017 an outstanding year at the museum.
In March, our display at the Eastern Maine Sportsmen's Show won the ‘Best in Show Award,’ a great start for the year! Our Lombard steam log hauler was featured on a television episode of ‘Impossible Engineering.’ Maine inventor Alvin Lombard was recognized for his ingenious invention of the continuous lagged track. Filmmakers were impressed with our beautiful location.
Hundreds of school children visited Leonard's Mills in May to learn how our ancestors lived 200 years ago in seemingly simpler times. Self- sufficiency skills were essential. Students also enjoyed seeing thousands of alewives returning to Blackman Stream.
Our Alewife Cross Country Run was held in May in the Penobscot Experimental Forest. July Heavy Metal Day featured four Lombard log haulers. They included 2 steam Lombards, a rare gas Lombard loaned by the Breton family, and an amazing 1/12 size live steam working model of our Lombard built by Chris Rueby. We also ran the sawmills and Grady Machine Shop. Visitors of all ages were able to work at one of the portable forges set up and get a feel for blacksmithing.
The Tuesday volunteer crew worked during the summer restoring our water-powered sawmill. It must be one of the most scenic sawmills in the county. Several weddings were held there this summer.
Living History Days were our most popular event, with dozens of volunteers operating every display at the museum. Volunteers also conducted Thursdays in the Woods programs in the summer and fall.
A major windstorm struck the museum in October, felling dozens of old growth pines and destroying 2 small buildings. Volunteers started a major cleanup on the grounds. Trees are still being skidded out of the woods, some for sale and some to be sawn at the museum. We hope to rebuild the lost buildings.
Funding is a challenge for our nonprofit museum. A special thanks to our members, corporate sponsors, and generous donors who have left bequests to our museum. Our 58- year-old museum continues only with your generous support. Help us get ready for a grand 60th celebration in 2020!

The water-powered sawmill is ready to get to work!

New roof, foundation work, saw sharpening. A new sluice for pond drainage to keep water from leaking into the mill foundation. New cribwork for the ramp in the pond--every time Rod Stanhope brings his backhoe to the grounds the guys have fun--you find out just how muddy the bottom of the pond really is. The mill is in good shape for the coming season. Many thanks to the crew on the mill project: Charlie, Ed, Bob, Byron, Lew and Rod (pictured), the rest of the Tuesday crew, and UM students. Funding from the Davis Family Foundation, Dow Shingle and many other
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