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IF SMOKE IS ENCOUNTERED during the inspection, immediately immerse the round completely in water!

a. Markings are legible, correct, and match

those on the packaging materials. See illustration, above, for marking scheme.

b. Cartridges must not be visibly distorted or out of round.

c. Cartridge must not be loose, cracked, split, or dented.

d. Assure ignition cartridge is present, and that the primer is below flush to the ignition cartridge.

e. Inspect for missing, inverted, protruding, or cocked primer.
f. Inspect primer for presence of lacquer sealant.

g. Assure plastic increment support (shown below) is present and serviceable.

h. Assure all four (4) propellant increments are present and intact.

i. Assure increment external surfaces are not delaminating, cracked, or split.

j. Check increments for discoloration. If discoloration is present, check to assure physical integrity of the increment (not turning sticky, coming apart, etc.).
k. Assure increment residue is not blocking ignition flash holes on boom assembly.

l. Assure fins are present and not distorted, cracked, or otherwise damaged

m. Assure fins are tightly assembled to the boom assembly.
n. Assure boom assembly is tightly assembled to the boattail,
o. Assure plastic obturating ring is present aft of the bourrelet, and is not broken.

p. Assure plastic obturator ring is at or below flush with the bourrelet.

q. Assure cartridge body is free of dirt, glue, and/or other foreign material which cannot be removed.

r. Inspect to assure markings are not incorrect,

illegible, or missing. Markings MUST include: WARNING statement

60 MM


CTG – M720[A1]

[Lot number]

s. Assure there is a metal “horseshoe” packing stop assembled to the cartridge just aft of the fuze.

t. Fuze must not be cracked, split, or dented.
u. Fuze must be fully seated against the cartridge, and not be loose relative to the body.

v. Assure fuze pseudo-setting markings are present, and legible.

a. (I) The WP cartridge is light green with red markings and a yellow circumferential band. Use of a different color scheme is a CRITICAL defect.

a. (I) Missing or illegible WARNING label is a CRITICAL defect.
a. (I) Missing or illegible lot number is a CRITICAL defect.
b. (I) Cartridge visibly out-of-round is a major defect.
c. (I) Any crack or split in the body is a CRITICAL defect. A dented round is a major defect.
d. (I) High primer is a CRTITICAL defect. Missing ignition cartridge is a major defect.

e. (I) These are major defects.

f. (I) Missing sealant is a minor defect.
g. (I) Missing or improperly assembled propellant charge support/cover assembly is

considered to be a CRITICAL defect.
NOTE: If this condition is the result of unit handling, and is not a manufacturing defect, it is a major defect.

h. (I) An increment damaged to the point of propellant leaking is a CRITICAL defect. Other damage which does not involve leaking propellant is a major defect.

h. (I) A missing increment is a major defect.
h. (M) It is permissible to replace a missing increment, but ONLY with another increment OF THE SAME LOT as the others on the ctg.
i. (I) Any condition which might admit moisture is a major defect.
j. (Info) As propellant deteriorates, the external cover changes color, from pale yellow, to darker yellow, to light green.
j. (I) If propellant increments remain hard/rigid, discoloration is not a defect. If increments show signs of physical deterioration (e.g., softness), it is a major defect.
k. (I) Increment residue in the flash holes is a major defect.
l. (Info) Fin tips are slightly canted, pointing counterclockwise (as viewed from the primer end).
l. (I) Missing, distorted, or damaged fins is a CRITICAL defect.
m. (I) Loose fins are a major defect.

n. (I) A loose boom is a major defect.

o. (I) A missing or broken ring is a CRITICAL defect. (The diagonal joint in the band looks like a hairline crack, but is not a defect.)
o. (I) Small cuts, dents, dings, and other damage to the obturating ring is a major defect.
p. (I) Obturator above flush is a major defect.

q. (I) Foreign material which cannot be easily removed is a major defect.

r. (O) See illustration at top of ITEM section for markings.

r. (I) Missing or illegible WARNING statement is a CRITICAL defect. (See illustration, below.)

r. (I) Missing or illegible lot number is a CRITICAL defect.

t. (I) Any crack or split is a major defect.

u. (I) Apply light hand pressure to twist the fuze. A loose fuze (relative to the ctg) is a major defect.
v. (Info) Markings on the M745 fuze are there “for laughs”. There is no setting this fuze; it operates in the PD mode, only.
v. (I) Missing or illegible markings are a minor defect.

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