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of the
Paul L. Smeal, Secretary-Treasurer

Southern Region - American Society for Horticultural Science

Emeritus Professor of Horticulture

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Blacksburg, Virginia

February, 1999

A History of the Southern Region - American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) was written and published by W. S. Anderson, Professor of Horticulture Emeritus, Mississippi State University, Past Chairman and Past Secretary-Treasurer, Southern Region, A.S.H.S. in 1982.
The information in this publication is to update the Southern Region, A.S.H.S. history, and to share with our members the names of those who have contributed to the Southern Region and those recognized for their accomplishments. Thanks to Dr. James N. Moore, Emeritus Professor, University of Arkansas and Dr. James E. Motes, Emeritus Professor, Oklahoma State University for their help in editing and encouragement.
Notes on the Early History, Horticultural Section, Association

Southern Agricultural Workers 3

Historical Table of the Association of Southern Agricultural Workers 4

Officers of the Southern Region, A.S.H.S., Organized in 1920 8

Membership: 1951-1998 10

Twenty Year Summary of Papers Presented Annual Meetings 11

Membership, Registration and Paper Presentations at Annual Meetings 12

Section Chairmen (from 1950) 13

Award Committee Chairs 15

The L. M. Ware Distinguished Teacher Award Recipients 17

The L. M. Ware Distinguished Research Award Recipients 18

The Henry M. Covington Extension Award Recipients 20

John E. Hutchison Extension Award for Young Professionals Recipients 21

Leadership and Administration Award Recipients 22

Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research and

Writing (Krezdorn Award) Recipients 23

Miller Graduate Student Award, Anderson Graduate Student Award

and Norman Childers Graduate Student Award Recipients 25

Joseph B. Edmond Undergraduate Student Award Recipients 27

Association of Collegiate Branches (ACB) Outstanding Club Award Recipients 30

Association of Collegiate Branches (ACB) Hammett Memorial Award

for Outstanding ACB Member Recipients 33

List of Blue Ribbon Winners, Extension Publications 34

Historical Meeting Sites 48

Constitution and By-Laws of the Southern Region of the

American Society for Horticultural Science 49


G. H. Blackmon
When one looks back into the history of the Horticultural Section of the Association of Southern Agricultural Workers, one can realize the extensive changes that have come about in southern horticulture. The Section, in those days, was not affiliated with the American Society for Horticultural Science, and was considered solely as a Division of the Association of Southern Agricultural Workers as indicated. The programs consisted of general topics and the meetings were held in one room. Frequently there would not be over 25 or 30 attending the Horticultural Section, although occasionally it might reach as many as 40 interested in horticulture.

In 1928, a typical program included a discussion on extensive landscape work; applications of physiological studies to horticultural problems; more economic direction in horticultural workers; horticultural investigation by the U. S. Department of Agriculture; pruning apply trees; fertilizing fruit trees; fruit bud differentiation in the tung oil tree; economic fire heated hot bed, and certified Irish potato seed. These general subjects were carried in two afternoon of February 1 and 2, 1928, and the meetings were held in Atlanta.

In 1931 there were discussions on fruit freezing; peach pruning, certain type of injury to peach and apple; apple pollination; moisture relation to horticultural plants; peach situation; selection of native blueberry; tung-oil; four papers on pecans, including test planting, terminal growth and blooming; variation of performance and general pecan studies; records on home and market gardens; amount of formaldehyde treatments; teaching landscape by the sand-box method; road beautification; transmitting horticultural information; Fordhook bush lima bean; growth of asparagus, and one general address.

During this early period, some of the horticulturists were active that are now even on the retired list, or have passed on. Professor J. C. C. Price was Chairman the first session I attended in Atlanta in 1925. Then, Dr. T. H. McHatten was Chairman in 1927. Dr. J. R. Cooper was Chairman in 1930. There have been many of these old-timers who have held an important place in southern horticulture and have contributed to the development and growth of the industry through the region. They have been influential both from the standpoint of research as well as disseminating information, training and direction of horticultural students who have gone through the classrooms.

Dean E. J. Kyle, retired, Texas A & M College, who for many years was head of the Department of Horticulture at that College, took great interest in students in horticulture, and had much to do with popularizing horticulture in Texas which was felt throughout the southern region. C. L. Isbell, of Alabama, did an outstanding piece of work with reference to the growth and improvement of pecans. R. A. McGinty, of South Carolina, was noted for his interest in the field of vegetable research, teaching and administration. He did a great amount of work a few years before his death in connection with the Research and Marketing Act Regional Projects. Harold Mowry, in Florida, who worked in the field of horticulture for many years did outstanding research with tung-oil, citrus fruits, deciduous fruits and ornamentals. He did the first research work with minor elements on tung and citrus in Florida which changed the entire situation with reference to their growth and production. He later became Director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, now retired and is connected with the Point Four Program as Consulting Director to the Minister of Agriculture in Costa Rica. There are numerous other old-timers about whom we could write, but these few will give a very good idea as to the type of men who helped to build horticulture in the Southern Region and really put the industry on the map.

NOTE - The ? indicates missing information. Please see notes at the end of this table.

Meeting Place of President & Secretary & Attend-

Number Year Meeting Address Address

1st Oct. 24-27, Atlanta Leon Jastremski Royal Daniel 25

1899 Ga. Baton Rouge, La. Atlanta, Ga.

2nd Aug. 28-31, Raleigh, O. B. Stevens " 48

1900 N. C. Atlanta, Ga.

3rd Oct. 8-10, Hot Springs, Frank Hill B. W. Kilgore 20

1901 Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Raleigh, N. C. 4th Aug. 26-28, Nashville S. L. Paterson " 55

1902 Tenn. Raleigh, N. C.

5th Oct. 7-9, Montgomery, J. G. Lee, Sr. " 80

1903 Ala. Baton Rouge, La.

6th Oct. 13-15, Baton Rouge, R. R. Poole " 60

1904 La. Montgomery, Ala.

7th Oct. 13-15, Richmond G. W. Koiner " 70

1905 Va. Richmond, Va.

8th Nov. 22-14, Jacksonville W. W. Ogilvie " 40

1906 Fla. Nashville, Tenn.

9th Nov. 19-21, Columbia, E. J. Watson " 60

1907 S. C. Columbia, S. C.

10th Oct. 20-22, Nashville, T. G. Hudson " 65

1908 Tenn. Atlanta, Ga.

11th Nov. 16-18, Jackson, H. E. Blakeslee " 60

1909 Miss. Jackson, Miss.

12th Nov. 21-22, Atlanta, R. E. Rose " 65

1910 Ga. Tallahassee, Fla.

13th Oct. 11-13 Nashville Tait Butler " 55

1911 Tenn. Starkville, Miss.

14th Nov. Raleigh, ? ? ?

1912 N. C.

15th ? ? ? ? ?

16th ? ? ? ? ?


17th Nov. 10-12, Knoxville, B. W. Kilgore Dan T. Gray 100

1915 Tenn. Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. C.

(No Meeting held in 1916)

18th Jan. 24-26, New Orleans, W. M. Riggs " 150

1917 La. Clemson, S. C.

19th Jan. 30-Feb. 1, Atlanta, W. R. Dodson " ?

1918 Ga. Baton Rouge, La.

20th Feb. 26-28, Birmingham, J. F. Duggar " 150

1919 Alabama Auburn. Ala.
21th Feb. 24-26, Atlanta, Tait Butler " ?

1920 Ga. Memphis, Tenn.

22nd Feb. 15-17, Lexington, Dan T. Gray C. A. Mooers ?

1921 Ky. Raleigh, N. C. Knoxville, Tenn.

23rd Feb. 20-22, Atlanta, T. P. Cooper J. N. Harper ?

1922 Ga. Lexington, Ky. Atlanta, Ga.

24th Feb. 6-8, Memphis, C. H. Mooers J. N. Harper 600

1923 Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. Atlanta, Ga.

25th Jan. 10-12, Birmingham, C. C. Hull H. W. Barre ?

1924 Ala. Are. College, Miss. Clemson, S. C.

26th Feb. 3-4, Atlanta, J. N. Harper " ?

1925 Ga. Atlants, Ga.

27th Feb. 3-5, Atlanta, Clarence Ousley " ?

1926 Ga. Ft. Worth, Texas

28th Feb. 2-4, Atlanta, A. M. Soule W. E. Hinds 300

1927 Ga. Athens, Ga. Baton Rouge, La.

29th Feb. 1-3, Memphis, H. W. Barre " 250

1928 Tenn. Clemson, S. C.

30th Feb. 5-6, Houston, H. A. Morgan J. C. Pridmore 1,500

1929 Tex. Knoxville, Tenn. Atlanta, Ga.

31st Feb. 5-7, Jackson, Wilmon Newell J. C. Pridmore 700

1930 Miss. Gainesville, Fla. New York, N. Y.

32nd Feb. 4-6, Atlanta, Bradford Knapp J. Phil Campbell ?

1931 Ga. Auburn, Ala. Athens, Ga.

33rd Feb. 2-4, Birmingham, E. C. Brooks " ?

1932 Ala. Raleigh, N. C.

34th Feb. 1-3, New Orleans, Miss Lois P. Dowdle L. R. Neel 550

1933 La. Birmingham, Ala. Nashville, Tenn.

35th Jan. 31-Feb. 2, Memphis, C. P. Blackwell " 400

1934 Tenn. Stillwater, Okla.

36th Jan. 30-Feb. 1, Atlanta, J. Phil Campbell Ward H. Sachs 900

1935 Ga. Washington, D. C. Atlanta, Ga.

37th Feb. 5-7, Jackson, J. R. Ricks Ward H. Sachs 1,000

1936 Miss. State College, Miss.

38th Feb. 3-5, Nashville, L. R. Neel E. S. Center 850

1937 Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Atlanta, Ga.

39th Feb. 2-4, Atlanta, J. A. Evans David D. Long 1,100

1938 Ga. Athens, Ga. Atlanta, Ga.

40th Feb. 1-3, New Orleans, H. P. Cooper Fred E. Miller 1,200

1939 La. Clemson, S. C. Raleigh, N. C.

41st Feb. 7-9, Birmingham, J. W. Bateman " 850

1940 Ala. Baton Rouge, La.

42th Feb. 5-7, Atlanta, I. O. Schaub " 1,075

1941 Ga. Raleigh, N. C.

43rd Feb. 4-6, Memphis, Clarence Dorman " 730

1942 Tenn. State College, Miss.


44th Jan. 15-17, Biloxi, W. C. Lassetter " 1,500

1947 Miss. Memphis, Tenn.

45th Feb. 12-14, Washington, M. J. Funchess B. B. Jones 700

1948 D. C. Auburn, Ala. Acting Secretary
46th Jan. 31-Feb. 2, Baton Rouge, R. F. Poole B. B. Jones 1,100

1949 La. Clemson, S. C. New Orleans, La.

47th Feb. 9-1,1 Biloxi, J. G. Lee, Jr. " 975

1950 Miss. Baton Rouge, La.

48th Feb. 5-7, Memphis F. S. Chance " 850

1951 Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn.

49th Feb. 4-6, Atlanta, P. O. Davis " 1,300

1952 Ga. Auburn. Ala.

50th Feb. 9-11, New Orleans, C. N. Shepardson " 1,350

1953 La. College Station, Texas

51st Feb. 1-3, Dallas, F. J. Welch " 1,300

1954 Texas Kexington, Ky.

52nd Feb. 7-9, Louisville, C. C. Murray " 1,200

1954 Ky. Athens, Ga. C. E. Kemmerly, Jr., Asst.

Baton Rouge, La.

53rd Feb. 6-8, Atlanta, H. C. Sanders C. E. Kemmerly, Jr. 1,250

1955 Ga. Baton Rouge, La. Baton Rouge, La.

54th Feb. 4-6, Birmingham, W. M. Fifield " 1,250

1956 Ala. Gainesville, Fla.

55th Feb. 3-5, Little Rock, Lippert S. Ellis " 1,275

1957 Ark. Fayetteville, Ark.

56th Feb. 2-4, Memphis, L. B. Dietrick, C. E. Kemmerly, Jr., ?

1958 Tenn. Blacksburg, Va. Baton Rouge, La.

Note 1 - If you can supply any information where there is a "?" please send it to the association's secretary.
Note 2 - The attendance figures are not actual registration figures but a combination of actual registration and the estimated attendance in the various sections of those who did not officially register. In orher words, it represents the total number of indiciduals participating in the annual meetings to one extent or another.
Note 3 - During the years 1899-1904 the association was known as the Cotton States Association of Commissioners of Agriculture.
During the years 1905-1906 the association was kown as the Southern States Association of Commissioners of Agriculture.
During the years 1907-1910 the association was known as the Southern States Association of Commissioners of Agriculture and Other Agricultural Workers.
Since 1911 the name has been the Association of Southern Agricultural Workers.
Note 4 - Bound copies of the Association's printed proceedings are in the secretary's office for the years 1902 through 1911 and for the years 1927 through 1949. Copies of the printed proceedings are missing for the years 1899 through 1901 and for the years 1012 through 1926. If you have copies for any of the missing years which you can give to the association, please send them to the secretary. Also if you have any copies of old annual meeting programs we will be glad to get them for out permanent file.
Notes from Paul L. Smeal, Secretary-Treasurer, Soutern Region, ASHS.
Association of Southern Agricultural Workers, Inc. was changed to Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Inc. February 6, 1963.
Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Inc. (SAAS) has provided section archival service to the sections by utilizing the library at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia.
All the archival material or history of the Southern Region - American Society for Horticultural Science has been given to ASHS Headquarters.


Officers of the Southern Region, A.S.H.S. Organized in 1920.
1920 GA G. C. Starcher T. H. McHattan

1920-21 KY H. P. Stuckey C. D. Matthews

1921-22 GA C. D. Matthews M. Hull

1922-23 TN M. Hull C. T. Dering

1923-24 AL C. T. Dearing T. H. McHattan
1924-25 GA J. C. C. Price C. L. Isbell

1925-26 TX C. D. Matthews E. L. Lord

1926-27 GA C. F. Williams T. H. McHattan

1927-28 NC C. F. Williams H. M. McKay

1928-29 AL C. L. Isbell J. R. Cooper
1929-30 AR J. R. Cooper J. C. Price

1930-31 FL G. H. Blackmon R. A. McGinty

1931-32 SC R. A. McGinty J. H. Geaumont

1932-33 LA J. C. Miller J. G. Woodroof

1933-34 GA J. G. Woodroof R. V. Lott
1934-35 MS R. V. Lott A. M. Musser

1935-36 SC A. M. Musser W. D. Kimbrough

1936-37 LA W. D. Kimbrough L. M. Ware

1937-38 AL L. M. Ware J. B. Edmond

1938-39 FL F. S. Jamison G. W. Ware J. B. Edmond
1939-40 NC R. Schmidt H. L. Cochran J. B. Edmond

1940-41 GA H. L. Cochran S. H. Yarnell J. B. Edmond

1941-42 TX S. H. Yarnell W. S. Anderson J. B. Edmond

1942-46 MS W. S. Anderson B. L. Wade J. B. Edmond

1946-47 SC B. L. Wade Otis Woodard J. B. Edmond
1947-48 GA Otis Woodard J. B. Edmond J. B. Edmond

1948-49 MS J. B. Edmond J. H. Weinberger J. S. Bowers

1949-50 GA J. H. Weinberger F. F. Cowart J. B. Edmond

1950-51 GA F. F. Cowart E. W. McElwee J. B. Edmond

1951-52 FL E. W. McElwee L. O. Van Blaricom J. B. Edmond
1952-53 SC L. O. Van Blaricom F. D. Cochran J. B. Edmond

1953-54 NC F. D. Cochran G. W. Adriance J. B. Edmond

1954-55 TX G. W. Adriance J. A. Cox J. B. Edmond

1955-56 LA J. A Cox T. B. Hagler J. B. Edmond

1956-57 SC T. B. Hagler G. F. Potter J. B. Edmond

Officers of the Southern Region, A.S.H.S. Since 1927 (con't)
1957-58 LA G. F. Potter R. D. Dickey J. B. Edmond

1958-59 FL R. D. Dickey H. B. Cordner J. B. Edmond

1959-60 OK H. B. Cordner R. K. Showalter J. J. Mikell

1960-61 FL R. K. Showalter T. L. Senn J. J. Mikell

1961-62 SC T. L. Senn J. P. Overcash J. J. Mikell
1962-63 MS J. P. Overcash J. J. Mikell W. S. Anderson

1963-64 LA J. J. Mikell G. D. Oberle W. S. Anderson

1964-65 VA G. D. Oberle J. L. Bowers W. S. Anderson

1965-66 AR J. L. Bowers H. C. Mohr W. S. Anderson

1966-67 KY H. C. Mohr S. A Harmon W. S. Anderson
1967-68 GA S. A. Harmon Henry P. Orr W. S. Anderson

1968-69 AL Henry P. Orr M. W. Hoover W. S. Anderson

1969-70 NC M. W. Hoover H. D. Swingle W. S. Anderson

1970-71 TN H. D. Swingle D. R. Patterson W. S. Anderson

1971-72 TX D. R. Patteraon A. H. Krezdorn W. S. Anderson
1972-73 FL A. H. Krezdorn Teme P. Hernandez W. S. Anderson

1973-74 LA Teme P. Hernandez Dan T. Pope W. S. Anderson

1974-75 NC Dan T. Pope C. C. Singletary W. S. Anderson

1975-76 MS C. C. Singletary Joe McFerran H. L. Hammett

1976-77 AR Joe McFerran A. H. Dempsey H. L. Hammett
1977-78 GA A. H. Dempsey Paul L. Smeal H. L. Hammett

1978-79 VA Paul L. Smeal J. Benton Storey H. L. Hammett

1979-80 TX J. Benton Storey Dean E. Knavel H. L. Hammett

1980-81 KY Dean E. Knavel Donald Y. Perkins H. L. Hammett

1981-82 AL Donald Y. Perkins M. LeRon Robbins H. L. Hammett
1982-83 SC M. LeRon Robbins James N. Moore H. L. Hammett

1983-84 AR James N. Moore Grant Vest H. L. Hammett

1984-85 TX Grant Vest Max Austin Milo Burnham

1985-86 GA Max E. Austin Joe Love Milo Burnham

1986-87 NC Joe Love Donald Hegwood Milo Burnham
1987-88 MD Donald Hegwood Jim Motes Milo Burnham

1988-89 OK Jim Motes Roysell Constantin Milo Burnham

1989-90 LA Roysell Constantin A. J. Lewis, III Milo Burnham

1990-91 GA A. J. Lewis, III G. Douglas Crater Paul L. Smeal

1991-92 TN G. Douglas Crater J. Creighton Miller, Jr. Paul L. Smeal
1992-93 TX J. Creighton Miller, Jr. Mary L. Witt Paul L. Smeal

1993-94 KY Mary L. Witt Glenn G. Taylor Paul L. Smeal

1994-95 OK Glenn G. Taylor Doug Sanders Paul L. Smeal

1995-96 NC Doug Sanders Donald N. Maynard Paul L. Smeal

1996-97 FL Donald N. Maynard Arlie A. Powell Paul L. Smeal
1997-98 AL Arlie A. Powell D. C. Coston Paul L. Smeal

1998-99 OK D. C. Coston Tom Crocker Paul L. Smeal

1999-00 GA Tom Crocker Dewayne Ingram Paul L. Smeal


MEMBERSHIP: 1951 - 1998
1951-52 245 1976-77 412

1952-53 346 1977-78 466

1953-54 374 1978-79 474

1954-55 400 1979-80 504

1955-56 409 1980-82 508
1956-57 400 1982-83 485

1957-58 427 1983-84 437

1958-59 438 1984-85 406

1959-60 306 1985-86 404

1960-61 314 1986-87 425
1961-62 No record. 1987-88 411

1962-63 " 1988-89 414

1963-64 " 1989-90 419

1964-65 " 1990-91 380

1965-66 " 1991-92 457
1966-67 " 1992-93 439

1967-68 " 1993-94 455

1969-69 " 1994-95 478

1969-70 341 1995-96 560

1970-71 338 1996-97 572
1971-72 344 1997-98 539

1972-73 392 1998-99 558

1973-74 369

1974-75 384

1975-76 413


Twenty Year Summary of Papers Presented at Meetings
Year Extension Fruit Vegetables Flor. & Education Post- Posters

Orns. harvest
1999 1 14 17*** 16 3 9 30

1998 3 19 22*** 13 2 9 31

1997 7 16 12 20 4 4 41

1996 10 18 25 22 15 7 31

(The 1996 meeting was held in Greensboro, NC and severe ice storm prevented many papers from being presented,

but the abstracts were published for several of the papers.)

1995 0 17 18 13 0 15 38
1994 0 14 25 7 0 8 15

1993 0 14 37 28 4 6 29

1992 0 41 37 29 0 4 33

1991 6 15 40 16 0 4 28

1990 3 17 40 33 20 8 34
1989* 6 32 47 26 5 9 23

1988 5 16 48 22 5 0 22

1987 10 33 36 21 9 5 36

1986 4 28 32 15 4 11 20

1985** 7 33 32 19 5 12 17
1984 20 30 29 21 ? 8 28

1983 0 25 22 17 5 9 16

1982 4 17 30 19 4 3 28

1981 12 21 38 19 4 0 39

1980 ? 31 42 21 8 9 --

*Also special joint session: Information Exchange Groups for Professionals in Small-Scale Agriculture - 4 papers.

**Also special joint session: Food Science, Agricultural Engineering, Postharvest Handling and Quality - 9 papers.
***Joint session with Southern Region - Plant Pathology Society.



Location SR-ASHS Meeting Attendance Papers

Year Members Total Prof. Grad. Under- Oral Poster Grad. Under-

graduates graduates

Memphis 558 253 135 39 80 60 30 12 7

Little Rock 539 244 154 29 61 68 30 4 7

Birmingham 572 263 162 30 71 66 41 8 5

Greensboro 569 142 107 11 24 97 41 10 8

1996 (Ice Storm)
New Orleans 478 259 171 33 55 65 39 12 6

Nashville 455 242 167 29 45 54 19 13 5

Tulsa 439 229 161 40 28 69 29 9 2

Lexington 457 228 158 33 33 72 33 14 10

Ft. Worth 380 215 142 34 41 66 41 8 4



1950 W. T. Brightwell F. D. Cochran E. W. McElwee L. O. Van Blaricom

1951 J. P. Overcash J. B. Cordner A. F. DeWerth I. D. Jones

1952 G. D. Oberle J. M. Jenkins R. D. Dickey Hubert Harris

1953 E. B. Morrow V. F. Nettles R. H. Hanchey J. J. Powers

1954 T. B. Hagler W. H. Brittingham R. P. Ealy H. F. Burke
1955 G. W. Schneider A. H. Dempsey H. P. Orr R. K. Showalter

1956 R. H. Sharpe J. J. Mikell J. B. Gartner J. C. Woodroof

1957 E. F. Savage E. M. Emmert W. D. Kimbrough M. W. Hoover

1958 N. H. Loomis J. L. Bowers Tok Furuta L. J. Kushman

1959 P. L. Hawthorne E. L. Moore J. A. Foret W. R. Kays
1960 Herman Hinrichs P. H. Massey, Jr. C. O. Box C. B. Hall

1961 E. N. O'Rourke S. A. Harmon T. J. Sheehan A. A. Kattan

1962 H. J. Sefick D. T. Pope J. H. Tinga R. A. Dennison

1963 F. E. Correll W. L. Ogle G. E. Smith D. W. Newson

1964 A. H. Krezdorn Joe McFerran T. F. Cannon E. E. Burns
1965 C. B. Shear S. T. Jones J. P. Fulmer R. A. Baumgardner

1966 R. C. Rom H. T. Blackhurst J. B. Kelley T. S. Boggess

1967 J. Benton Storey Teme P. Hernandez Jasper N. Joiner W. A Sistrunk

1968 W. D. Armstrong A. P. Lorz Roy A. Larson D. D. Gull

1969 Ray E. Worley H. D. Swingle R. J. Stadtherr G. R. Ammerman
1970 J. N. Moore Geo. M. Campbell L. P. Stoltz R. J. Constantin

1971 W. A Young C. H. Miller K. C. Sanderson L. E. Scott

1972 H. H. Bowen J. D. Norton Paul L. Smeal H. M. Vines

1973 R. A. Mullenax D. A. Hegwood J. L. Pointer John Love

1974 W. B. Sherman B. B. Brantley A. E. Einert E. T. Sims, Jr. Joe McFerran Justin Morris

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