A guided Tour of Our Website

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A Guided Tour of Our Website
We’d like to introduce you to our web site on the Internet, https://www.homeschool-life.com/wi/teach/ There are two main parts to the website, a public section and a members-only section. Anyone can browse the public pages, so feel free to give our web address to friends or family members who’d like to learn more about our association or homeschooling in general.

The following links are available to the public:

Publications/Articles: General information about homeschooling in Wisconsin, forms for joining TEACH (needed before prospective members can join the website). Additional information will be added later.
Links: Here we list (or will list) links to some of our favorite homeschool websites, organizations, etc. Each link includes a brief description. More will be added later.
Request Membership: You’ll need to use this link to request access to the members-only areas. The site is fully password protected so that features such as the member directory, and calendar are available only to TEACH members. Current members’ request for access will be approved quickly, usually within 24 hours or less.
Login: When you receive your welcome email, you’ll click on this link from the home page to log in with your user ID and password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to the private side of the website where you’ll have a lot more choices available to you.
Home: On the right side of the page you’ll find upcoming events from the calendar. If you click on an event, the details will show in a new window. Clicking on the Home link returns you to the members-only home page. (To return to the public home page, simply log out.)
Calendar: If you select the Calendar from the main menu and click on an event, you’ll see complete details, including a map to the location, contact information, and more. Events marked with an “S” will allow you to sign up online and even tell you how many spots are left. (The “S” stands for “signup.”) You can choose the traditional calendar view, or you may choose a printable “list view” that shows details for every event for any month.
Contact Information: This section lists e-mail addresses for TEACH committee members.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questins): This section only has a few items in it right now, but as we get more questions, we’ll post the answers.
Forum: We know this will get a lot of use as members ask questions and toss around ideas on a wide range of topics (called “threads” in forum lingo). Please be careful to post new messages in the appropriate category. An online forum has some advantages:
Start a new topic at any time

Option to receive individual emails

Option to receive daily digest email

Option to receive daily digest email

Option to receive no forum emails (view all online)

Option to assign threads to a category

Go directly to the online thread from the email

Entire thread shown in each email

Browse threads by category

Search threads by keyword

Search in only one category

Sort results by date posted or alphabetically

Free of advertisements
As you can see, the Forum offers a lot of flexibility for easy, subject-specific communication among our members. Come to the Forum, and let’s talk!

Links: Categorized links with detailed descriptions make this section particularly useful. You can view all links or only those in a particular category (Field Trip Ideas, Curriculum, Organizations, etc.) Your suggestions for links or new categories are welcome.

Homeschooling Teens: pages of information specifically targeted towards schooling teenagers.
Schooling with Toddlers: Ever wonder how you’ll manage schooing with younger sibs as part of the mix? This sections provides some information and encouragement.
Especially for Dads: Dads are homeschoolers too!
Biblical Character: resources and articles pertaining to teaching character issues
Family Website: Each family in the member directory can create its own website! You start with a home page, a photo gallery page, and a links page. You can make these very simple, or you can add HTML code for fancy programming if you know how. You can also add custom pages for anything you’d like. For example, you could give each child a special page for photos, artwork, creative writing, etc. BONUS: You can create a special user ID and password to give to your friends and relatives that will allow them to view your family web pages without having access to the other areas of the site. (To create this special user ID, just Edit My Profile.) Don’t give out your main user ID and password to anyone else, out of respect for your fellow members.

How to Create Your Own Website: Click the Member Families link from the menu on the left side of any page. Find your family in the list and click “Edit Web Site” next to your name. (You may also choose the Edit My Profile link and choose the “Edit Family Web Site” link near the top of the page.)

Suggestion: Turn your kids loose on your family website. You might be surprised what they can accomplish! The Help Manual near the bottom of the menu has instructions to get you started.
Publications / Articles: Newsletters and other articles will be posted here.
Public Pages: These are the same pages that are available on the public side in case you need them.
Edit My Profile: Go here to edit your family website. You may also change your personal information, forum email settings, user name or password, and privacy setting for the directory. This is also the place to go to set up a user name and password for “outside users” (friends or family).
Log Out: This will end your session on the members’ side and return you to the public home page.
Help Manual: There are detailed instructions for most areas of the site. You can view or print these from this link.


Weekly Email: If you checked the “weekly email” option when you filled out the online form for site access, you’ll receive a weekly email each weekend detailing ALL new additions to the website in the previous week. This will be a great way to learn about new events posted on the calendar, new forum topics, new classified ads, and other website changes. We highly recommend that you say “YES” to the weekly email option! The alternative would be for you to check back often.
How to get started: Go to https://www.homeschool-life.com/wi/teach/ and click on the “New User / Member” link on the home page. If you are a paid member of TEACH, we will authorize your access quickly by email. Then LOG IN to the members’ section of the site.
Thanks for taking the website tour! We look forward to seeing you online soon, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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